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Psych-ic Friends

I can’t help it, I want a friendship like

The one between Shawn and Gus on Psych.

I’d totally be the Gus in that pair…

But of course with lady parts; pale skin; and hair!

This Gus is looking for a Shawn type–

A dynamic duo who banters and gripes

With mad love and unswerving loyalty;

I just long for someone to look at me

With that telepathic look, so knowing;

That unbreakable bond always showing.

**Image and characters from Psych are the rights of the USA Network

The Mutual Friend

So who IS this ominous mutual friend then?

Thinking about it, I remembered some cuts in the filming earlier this episode which I found quite startling

directly followed by this

even later

and just a few moments later in direct cuts

So this implies a quite tight connection between Mycroft and Culverton, doesn’t it?? Why would they cut it like this otherwise???

And Mycroft and Eurus - have ever been close!

So? Did he? Why? Why would he tell such intimate information about his baby brother he wants to protect - especially to his murderous manipulative psychopath-sister? Friends, are you?

And what about the note?

Also interesting cuts here

directly followed by this question of the therapist/Eurus

And the question was, how did this note come back to 221B?

Oh, I know how!! Why did it otherwise appear exactly at this moment? During Mycrofts drugs bust while Sherlock is in hospital? Did someone bring it with him, because…

Family? Why family and not “your brother”??? Is he looking after other parts of his family maybe?? There is a sister, he is looking after for quite a while… and

No Mycroft….probably not…

Maybe it’s all just a ‘Great Game’…. who knows…

(this was actually meant to be an addition to the Mycroft posts of @ebaeschnbliah, but I decided it earned an own post!)

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Find Her

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Pairing: Dean x Demon!Reader
Word count: 1,012
Warnings: Swearing, angst

Part 6 of One Drunken Night

After realizing what you had, you just stared at the phone in your hands, not even really seeing it. You jerked from your thoughts when Dean texted back.

You don’t think I don’t have the right to hear what my son’s name would have been?

You read it, over and over. Part of you didn’t want to even reply- to turn the phone off, and only turn it on when you needed to reach him. However, a big part of you wanted to hold on tight to whatever connection the pair of you were making. Swallowing, you moved to your bedroom to lay down and text him back.

Dean was mid-bite when you replied. Sam looked shocked. “Wow. I guess she really wants to talk.” He teased. “You sure there isn’t more between you two?”

“We didn’t talk for over a month, Sam.” He pointed out, rolling his eyes. “How could there be something more?”

“You’re jumping to write back. Since we left her apartment? You haven’t had a single one night stand, which, in that time span? Is more than shocking. It’s surpassed unbelievable.” Sam told him with a shrug. “It’s obvious that her claims are affecting you more than you’re letting on.”

Dean furrowed his brows at his brother. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He asked, reading your reply.

How do I know you don’t plan to take it for your son with someone else? ;)

He laughed to himself, shaking his head. Sam licked his lips. “Dude, your face lights up the second that damn phone goes off.” He pointed out, getting up and tossing his garbage. “What if she’s born, and it’s obvious that she isn’t yours?” Sam asked. It wasn’t that he was trying to rain on this very strange parade, but he was trying to be realistic.

“I’m not planning on being some daddy figure, Sammy.” Dean sighed. “This is purely to keep them safe.”

“You keep telling yourself that.” He shot back. “I know you. I can tell you already want to go back.”

“And what? What would I do there? Sleep on her damn couch, get a real job, and be the fucking Brady Bunch?”

Sam opted not to bother answering. It was turning into a fight, when that wasn’t his intentions. Sighing, he moved to the bathroom to grab a shower before crashing for the night.

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Always.  The predominant reading of Always is that either Dumbledore was oblivious to Snape’s patronus, or oblivious to the deeper meaning behind it – but I think this is curious. 

“So the boy…the boy must die?” asked Snape quite calmly.

“And Voldemort himself must do it, Severus. That is essential.”

Another long silence. Then Snape said, “I thought…all those years…that we were protecting him for her. For Lily.”

“We have protected him because it has been essential to teach him, to raise him, to let him try his strength,” said Dumbledore, his eyes still tight shut. “Meanwhile, the connection between them grows ever stronger, a parasitic growth. Sometimes I have thought he suspects it himself. If I know him, he will have arranged matters so that when he does set out to meet his death, it will truly mean the end of Voldemort.”

Dumbledore opened his eyes. Snape looked horrified.

“You have kept him alive so that he can die at the right moment?”

“Don’t be shocked, Severus. How many men and women have you watched die?”

“Lately, only those whom I could not save,” said Snape. He stood up. “You have used me.”


“I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter – ”

“But this is touching, Severus,” said Dumbledore seriously. “Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?”

“For him?” shouted Snape. “Expecto Patronum!”

From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

“After all this time?”

“Always,” said Snape.  And the scene shifted. Now, Harry saw Snape talking to the portrait of Dumbledore behind his desk.

And here we have two men with opposing viewpoints:

Dumbledore cares for Harry but understands that Harry must die in order for Voldemort to die.

Snape doesn’t care for Harry, but he cares that Lily’s son lives on.  He is appalled to learn that Harry needs to die. 

“Hide them all, then,” he croaked. “Keep her – them – safe. Please.”

“And what will you give me in return, Severus?”

“In – in return?” Snape gaped at Dumbledore, and Harry expected him to protest, but after a long moment he said, “Anything.”


“Her boy survives,” said Dumbledore.

With a tiny jerk of the head, Snape seemed to flick off an irksome fly.

“Her son lives. He has her eyes, precisely her eyes. You remember the shape and color of Lily Evans’s eyes, I am sure?”

“DON’T!” bellowed Snape. “Gone…dead…”

“Is this remorse, Severus?”

“I wish…I wish I were dead…”

“And what use would that be to anyone?” said Dumbledore coldly. “If you loved Lily Evans, if you truly loved her, then your way forward is clear.”

Snape seemed to peer through a haze of pain, and Dumbledore’s words appeared to take a long time to reach him.

“What – what do you mean?”

“You know how and why she died. Make sure it was not in vain. Help me protect Lily’s son.”

“He does not need protection. The Dark Lord has gone – ”

“The Dark Lord will return, and Harry Potter will be in terrible danger when he does.”

There was a long pause, and slowly Snape regained control of himself, mastered his own breathing. At last he said, “Very well. Very well.”

Snape pledged his entire adult life away to two causes:  the first being Lily’s survival, which didn’t occur, and the second being Harry’s survival…and now that’s on the rocks too. 

But the interesting thing about the Always scene isn’t Snape’s grand proclamation of, “For him?” – and then revealing that Lily was his true motivation…oh no.  The defining moment of Always…?

…is Dumbledore’s tears.

And that’s because I don’t think Dumbledore’s tears are because Snape still loves Lily.  I think Dumbledore’s tears are because Dumbledore recognises the trajectory that Snape is on, and he knows that Snape is fighting against Voldemort for all of the right reasons, and yet, Snape either hasn’t realised it, or hasn’t accepted it. 

Eventually, Snape does realise it – he continues Dumbledore’s plan, despite knowing Harry has to die.  Perhaps you believe Snape was a bad guy all along, only staying true because Dumbledore’s word was keeping him from Azkaban…but everything changes once he murders Dumbledore.

The Ministry has fallen, he’s gifted Hogwarts and he’s a ‘free’ man – if he wanted to re-join the dark side, there’s nothing to stop him.  Yet, he continues a one man campaign.  He doesn’t revert to his so-called friends…he doesn’t hitch his wagon to the Dark Lord.  He fights subversively…he fights alongside those who hate and revile him – and he does so knowing that his quest for Lily has been utterly fruitless because Harry HAS TO DIE. 

In behaving like this, Snape proves that he’s changed.

And I think Dumbledore’s tears are because he realises that Snape runs deeper than Snape realised himself.  Snape runs deeper than perhaps Dumbledore first thought – I think he couldn’t believe he had a willing Death Eater fall into his lap…let alone a Death Eater who spies successfully, keeps himself alive…and willingly returns to the fold when required. 

I think Dumbledore went through a similar revelation in his youth - I think he genuinely believed that wizards should subjugate Muggles, and the horrors of Grindelwald’s actions brought him around - and I don’t think this was a quick process after his sister’s death…I think it took him years to realise that Grindelwald was completely wrong. Similarly, I think Snape genuinely believed that wizards should subjugate Muggles, but seeing how Voldemort and his followers extended that hatred to talented wizards and witches of Muggle stock, he realised the error of his ways.

At some point, Snape must admit to himself that he is doing it for more than just Lily, or Lily’s blood. I imagine he drank a lot of firewhiskey the night he was told that Harry must die, and he probably spent a lot of time shouting at a mirror - but to follow through with the murder of Dumbledore and then stay true…I think Snape had grown more as a person than even he himself realised.

Going back to the thought that Dumbledore was ‘surprised’ by Snape’s patronus…  I think Snape used his patronus for Order business; there’s certainly implication that he used it in OotP.  So Dumbledore can’t be shocked at the sight of a doe, or even Lily’s doe (incidentally, I think that if Snape’s patronus altered…it lends weight to the credibility of his strength of feeling for Lily, which would perhaps help Dumbledore to be so certain about Snape’s loyalties). 

But I do think that Dumbledore was taken aback that 15 years on, Snape hadn’t realised that he was fighting for reasons other than Lily.

So it wasn’t that Dumbledore was shocked that Snape’s patronus represented Lily, but that he was shocked that Snape still thought of her as his sole motivation - and that’s why he wept.

“After all this time.” 


My first love.

Was a beautiful soul and one of my most prized possessions.
He committed suicide.
This girl that once dated him, is the one that called me and let me know everything from beginning to end that day what was true what wasn’t everything while it was happening.
I use to hate that girl, she hated me too and all because we both loved someone then and even years later.
From that day forward though, that she called me.
We’ve been tight. We clicked connected and got to know one another. It took us years to get to this point.
This goes back to eighth grade. Lololo
But she’s coming tomorrow and I haven’t seen her in 10 years and I know I’m going to be a mess.
I love her so much and cherish her, who she is individually and what we built.
I’m excited y'all.
She’s different, more mature, and such good people. I can’t wait to formally meet her bf and tell her I love her to her face.
We’ll cry.
And hug.
And 10 years of pain and happiness will flow.
But just like these past 10 years, if we can get thru those things, the next 10 we can get thru anything.

Major dua request

Hello, I truly hope the reader of this is well

Something I really want right now is for anyone who reads this to please make duaa for my older brother and that he gains a very tight connection with Allah and that he does not go astray. One of the reasons is because he lives in a place where there are barley any Muslims and I don’t want him to forget about his religion

If you even take a second to make duaa for him, wallahi from the bottom of my heart I hope that Allah (SWT) fulfills ALL you wishes weather it be good grades, a new car, or for health of a loved one

Severing Ties Banishment Spell

I needed a banishing spell quick, but I didn’t like the idea of any of the spells offered so I decided to do my own.

What You Need:

  • String
  • Paper
  • A candle (preferably black)
  • (optional) Cleansing Smoke (Cedar is what I used)

Take your string and cut it into three pieces. Tie all three pieces back together (add extra string for more people. In this picture I’m severing the tie to one person from a family so i connect the whole family to one end from the person they are being separated from)
Write the names of who you want separated on the opposing ends of the string. Tie them to the strings. 

Now your ready for the candle magick. Holding the middle connecting string tight move the dead center into the flame and say:
“Though fate had had connected us, I now sever these ties. With this fire I break our connection for the rest of time. No longer shall you bother me. No longer shall you come near. Forever out of sight and mind. Stay away from here.”

Burn the middle string with fire. After this you may choose a different way to discard the offending persons paper. I choose to burn it. First I burned the connecting knot for extra release. Then I burned the Paper with their name. 

For an extra protection method pass the name of yourself (or whom your separating) through cleansing smoke to purify any trace of negativity they have left on you.

To everyone who says Athelnar is one-sided in season 3 because Ragnar said ‘I love you’ and Athelstan didn’t.
Actually, what you should think about is the symbolism behind the depiction of Ragnar, which supposedly is a descendant of Odin and has been seen many times with a raven on his shoulder (symbolism); and the tight connection between the belief that Athelstan feels towards the pagan gods and his belief for Ragnar. Ragnar represents Odin, especially in the eyes and the mind and the heart of Athelstan.

This said, remember that in 3x02, speaking with Ecbert, Lagertha and Judith, Athelstan says “I love Odin”?

Yeah, this is why Athelnar is not one-sided at all, and has never been. 

“I was raised with a very very tight connection to my great grandfather, who always made me laugh when I was going through a rough time because I am autistic. When he died, I felt so lonely without him, and the only thing that reminds me of him is the Great Ancestor from Mulan. I watch the scene with him and Mushu on a loop, because it makes it easy to believe my great grandpa is still around, watching me and making jokes”

We are educated to reach for possessions and to collect things. Rarely we meet the true teacher who will teach us to think. American government has tight connection with market and all they need is not the civic society but a herd of consumers. Intelligent person never looses her/his assets and never depends on greedy market and cynical state. Think!