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why do the mushrooms you reblogged grow in a circle? ;o

Those are best known as fairy rings. Mushrooms are actually the fruiting bodies of a much larger underground organism, an underground network called mycelium.  

The purpose of the mushrooms is to release spores (seeds), which will drift away in the wind and land on some dead plant material somewhere and a new colony of fungi gets its start. The first batch of mushrooms will be clustered in a tight, compact spot, not a ‘fairy ring.’ But eventually the fungi will run out of food, which means the mycelium has to constantly expand to find new nutrients. 

If all directions have a roughly equal distribution of nutrients the fungus will probably spread out in a circular pattern. There will not be any mushrooms in the center of the ring because the food there has been exhausted.

You can just imagine that this fairy ring just keeps getting larger and larger and larger, and some of these ‘fairy rings’ are actually so huge they span hundreds of miles. Scientists are of the opinion that this is one organism, the largest and most ancient organism on Earth! Scientists say ‘forget all that rubbish about bristlecone pine trees being the oldest living things on the planet.’ Giant redwood trees are just youths if you compare them to the age of the one fungi organism that comprises these large fairy rings.

In Plain Sight

This is a drabble going out to @cinensis as a thank you for his continued support. Sorry it took so long, and hope it is much enjoyed!

It starts with a kiss.

It’s still early on. Serizawa has become bolder, his fingers cupping Reigen’s cheeks without him even having to put them there. He had been keeping count of their kisses, but he’s lost track now. Because Reigen likes kissing, and he tends to pull Serizawa in when they pass each other in the halls of the office, when Serizawa gets ready to leave for the day, even when he’s just too close for too long.

This time, he’s walked him home after dinner. Serizawa has no idea how to ask Reigen if he can come in. Part of him wants more, or even the possibility of more, but even after a few weeks of dating, the end of the night is just that: the end.

Reigen opens his mouth a little, and Serizawa can feel his tongue. It’s touching his, and, encouraged, Serizawa moves his palms down to Reigen’s shoulders, to his chest.

He squeezes.

When Reigen pulls back with a gasp, his eyes are wide, but not in a particularly pleased way. He looks the way Serizawa does when he is on the verge of panic, and Serizawa is going to say something, but then…the moment ends. Reigen flicks his hair back, yanks Serizawa back in and kisses his forehead. “See ya at work, Seri,” he says, and Serizawa doesn’t even get the chance to say goodnight before the door is opened and closed, leaving him alone with the pinching, terrible awful that is thinking he has done something wrong.

Then, it’s a photo.

Reigen has tasked him with the work of going through boxes of old papers to be filed or thrown away, and at the bottom of one of the oldest and dustiest is a paperclip with several old photos. Most of them are people that Serizawa doesn’t recognize, but then he comes to one that stands out. A blonde girl with shoulder-length hair is smiling at the camera, holding a small chocolate heart, and she looks…so familiar.


Reigen doesn’t glance up from the magazine he is flipping through. “Hmm?”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“Nope. Only child. Why?”

Serizawa holds up the photos. “I found these while going through one of these boxes. She looked like she might be related to you. Are these family photos?”

That gets Reigen’s attention. He puts the magazine down and gets up, narrowing his eyes at the photo. He’s silent, pensive, glaring at the photo for a moment until he drops it into the discard pile. “Don’t know how that got in there. Nothing important.”

Serizawa swallows and doesn’t say anything until it’s time for lunch.

Finally, it’s an accident.

Serizawa makes Reigen tea. It’s hot, of course, and he warns him of such, but Reigen doesn’t listen. This time, though, a stack of papers on his desk serves to not only keep him from putting the cup down as he burns his mouth but also causes it to slip, spilling onto his shirt. His face contorts with pain as he staggers to standing, quickly removing his jacket to start unbuttoning the shirt.

“Arataka!” Serizawa cries out, his psychic power suddenly flaring in a bright rush. It clears off the desk entirely, papers flying, small items scattering to the floor. The cup and any remaining drops of tea that hadn’t already soaked into the dress shirt are flung into the wall, shattering.

They stare at one another.

“I’m so sorry,” Serizawa blurts, running to the bathroom. He soaks a rag in cold water before returning, and he is at Reigen’s side, pressing the compact against the red, swelling flesh.

Reigen seems to blink as the shock wears off, and his gaze wavers slightly. He puts his hands to Serizawa’s wrists. “It’s…it’s fine, Seri. It’s not your fault.”

Maybe it’s the movement of his arms, or maybe it’s because Serizawa is so close to him, but that’s the moment he sees the scarring on his chest. Twin marks on each pect. And it’s like a swarm of dust has been cleared between Serizawa’s ears.

“I’m the one who should be sorry,” Reigen whispers.

He looks up, and Serizawa knows that Reigen has seen him staring. Everything in his face is tight, compact, pained. Worried.

For maybe the first time since their relationship began, Serizawa takes a step and presses his lips to Reigen’s. They have shared other kisses, but Serizawa has never initiated one in the office. He makes it count, soft and still and tender.

“You never have to apologize to me,” he said finally, resting his forehead against Reigen’s. His mouth is dry, but he pushes on. “I love all of you. Even your impatience when it comes to tea, and your…fastidiousness about the office files…”

Reigen laughs softly at that.

“And I love everything about you that I don’t know yet. Nothing changes that. Nothing will change that.”

Reigen is silent until he pushes his head into Serizawa’s shoulder and lets out a long, deep breath.

Two nights later, when Serizawa walks him home, he invites him inside.




School Grade: 6th (11 years old)

This character is a combination of 糸 thread, and 宿 lodge, here working phonetically to express “arrange.” Together this gives to “arrange threads.” Some scholars see its present meaning as borrowed, while others view it as an extension of drawing together loose/slack threads and thus making them “tight” and “compact.”

Sunday Respite - Mechanical Catalogue of Clockwork Creations and Constructs

Sometimes, people will just refuse to do what you want them to do for free. It’s a dour reality of the up-and-coming tyrannical overlord who dumped his Charisma stats in preference for pure power and strength. So, I present a concept unto you; what if, instead of spending all of that effort in finding willing servants and minions, you just made your own? Smart, right? No more arguments over working conditions, sweat shops, poor pay (if any), or constant employee turn-over rates due to constant adventurer infestations. The time and resources you spend in thumbing through some old books and manuals and cobbling the constructs together is time you save on negotiating contracts and conducting interviews.

Here is a brief selection of some top-of-the-line, lovingly hand-crafted golems and machines for a discriminating customer of magical prowess such as yourself.


Banton stands, arms crossed, beside the entrance of his newest kitchen. He takes in a deep breath and admires the single, granite block sitting in the centre of the room. He exhales with a smile. Footsteps rap across the stonework in the hallway behind him. He turns and hurriedly steps aside, pulling the lower draping cloth of his crimson robe out of the way. Vento, his partner, is concerned before he even enters the cold, empty room. He peers through the doorway, his stretched neck nervously followed by his narrow frame. He gestures to Banton for an explanation as to how he spent upwards of 20,000 gold on an empty room and a solid stone cube. Banton presses a finger to Vento’s lips and shushes him. He pulls his sleeves far up to his elbows and stands square to the centre. With three, sharp claps, he relaxes his stance and leans back on the wall and onto Vento’s shoulder. The cube separates into a hundred expanding compartments and slots, all revealing jointed limbs of metal tubing and springs. Each twisting arm is adorned with a piece of cutlery or cooking utensil; silver whisks, a fan of differing volumed spoons, a crystalline stew pot, and a blue-flamed torch sparked into ignition. Fully unraveled, the tinkling machine is ready to fully prepare any of fourteen-thousand recipes and ingredients within the hour.

“How would you feel about some celebratory cake? I think you’ve deserved it.” Banton says with a creeping smile to his utterly astounded and wide-eyed partner, watching every whirling, polished contraption with absolute joy.


This thick, wooden door of glossed timber and black-metal supports has a single ringed handle on either side. If approached by an unrecognised guest, the wood will buckle and twist to form the grouchy face of a displeased, elderly man, snarling at the intruder. It will begin to interrogate the arrival, asking for pass-phrases, code-words, or messages that they would like to leave - even stretching its mouth into a letter box for postal services. However, if the intruder is belligerent and refuses to cooperate, the door employs several defence mechanisms. If the handle is grasped for, it slides around the door, away from the reaching hand like it was playing with a child, If force is applied, the door reinforces its face with a dozen vertical, iron bars. If the door is charged, it grows its face into a barbed nest of wicked spikes to welcome the attacker with the comfort they deserve.

Mirror Image

This human-height shape of flat glass is reflective an intensely polished. It stands like a cut-out of a featureless, humanoid design, with two legs, two arms, a torso and a head. It can be instructed by its creator to perform standard, incomplex maneuvers and motions, all of which are done within two dimensions, never bending its form beyond a flat sheet. However, if asked to, the mirror itself can copy its master’s form, creating an exact, two-dimensional replica of their appearance, which will act as they wish, go where they wish, and do what they wish. If one were to circle around the image, it’d move to always face the perceiver, but changing the image they see so that it remains consistent with their position. If they were to move round the back, the mirror would simply adjust its shape and reflection so that they would think they see the master’s back and sides, rather than just the reflective face of the mirror itself.

Armsman’s Corset

A tight, compact corset of black, metallic scales and gleaming buttons ties around the lower torso of the creator. Once fully strapped in, the corset shimmers for a moment and grows a second pair of elegantly lithe arms and hands up to the shoulder, These hands are not entirely under the creator’s control and act autonomously, often to continue work whilst they sleep or protect them from harm or danger that may approach within reach. They can also be given weapons or items to utilise as best as they can so as to assist their master. They will use a bow and arrows whilst hunting, a set of cutlery whilst the master is reading, or hold a book whilst the master is eating.

Walking Forge

This giant of a construct is made from rough-worn stone. It has gnarled rough limbs that resemble dangling stalactites, toeing pointed divots into the soil wherever it wanders. In the heart of its broad, hefty chest is the open mouth of a roaring forge, holding several lengths of metal, heated orange by the flames within, ready to become blades and plate alike. Its head is a dusty, rusted anvil, with its bright, pearly eyes shining out beneath heavy, creaking eyelids, which can be removed and laid upon the ground. It follows its master around wherever she may go, humming as they walk like an echo shaking down a cavern.


Pixie x

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i was just thinking about when Macdennis get together, Dennis being into Mac's butt, the way that Leslie Knope is into Ben's. "My two vices. Crack and your butt.""Good answer. Great body." "He's got a tight, compact little body. Like an Italian sports car." Like I'm not sure if it's in character, but the 25 plus years of pining could drive him to it.

i ADORE this concept and to be honest i see this going both ways! dennis and mac have both been shown to be SUPER into each other’s bodies, and i feel like they wouldn’t shut up about it to anyone as a couple… dennis would wax poetic about mac’s glamour muscles and mac would go on and on about how den has a “bird that won’t quit.” and even with each other i can just imagine them using pet names like “sexy,” “beautiful,” and “good-looking” :’)


So I decided to scribble down the first few bouquets! (please don’t take offense if I don’t draw yours, I’m just doing this as a bit of fun so it’s all very slapdash)

@thebeshimifangirl : your bouquet would be a cascade style! Small, in soft pinks to stand out against the kimono but to retain the gentle elegance. The pink lilies would be the kind with the dark pink striping to give a dash of punch.

@heart–blades : sorry if you were looking for more symbolism/language of flowers, in professional florist settings that kind of thing is pretty nonexistent. But your bouquet would be wildflower style! Loose and flowy, with whites and creams (since pink heather isn’t usually considered good luck) with a dark red ribbon to pop against all the white.

@musical-selfshipper : your bouquet would be tight and compact roses of shades of light pink so it wouldn’t interfere with your long and flowy dress. Black ribbon to show off the roses and give it a little drama.


What is it about Pinguicula that is so endearing, so enthralling, so addicting? They have such a wide array of form, size and color (and don’t even get me started on their flowers). Each butterwort offers up a juicy leaf, spotted with dew. Some are long and thin like slim fingers pointing to the sky, others are round and translucent, bending down to touch the soil while others form tiny, tight rosettes of compact leaves like something you’d see on a fancy cupcake. They range in color from pale white to soft green to purple to every shade of pink imaginable.

We find them beautiful even when their leaves are speckled with the bodies of the insects they’ve lured to their deaths. Like some sort of mythical Greek God who is all vengeance and crushing power but whose perfection and sleek allure we can’t help but worship.

For the person who falls in love with Pinguicula; there is almost no end to collecting. Each one is a spectacular little piece of art and we want every one we see. Thank goodness they are relatively small and it is easy to build up a nice collection. Plus, who needs all that furniture in their living room? Really, can’t we all just huddle around the terrariums and watch the Pings instead of the T.V.?

Connections (Victoria + Harry)

Victoria pulled a long drag on her cigarette as she leaned up against one of Chicago’s many imposing edifices. She couldn’t quite put a finger on how she felt about the city: on the one hand, it felt a little like New York, with the same tight compact feel, but on the other hand it didn’t have quite the same energy. It was a strange place to her, to be sure.

Of course, she wasn’t there to admire the sights. She wasn’t the kind of person to travel halfway across the continent just to snap some pictures. Victoria was here for business, business with… well that was one of many problems. The group she had been requested to meet with didn’t really have a name per se, nor a clear roster. She’d heard through some very interesting grapevines that the Good Witch Brigade had taken to calling them the Black Hats or Black Council or Black Thongs or something along those lines. Something with black, she was sure of that.

White Council calling the fuckers who don’t like them black, how fucking imaginative, she thought. Wizards had a lot of things going for them, but imagination wasn’t one of them.

But what else is new…

Of course, she didn’t quite look like the kind of person who would be working with the kind of organization that had been plaguing the wizards for years, at least not on that particular day. She wore a simple dark pantsuit with a violet blouse underneath, her normally wild hair tied into a pony tail and her feet bound up in heels that gave her a few inches on her fairly short frame. The only thing that may have tipped the observant off about her nature was a small necklace tucked under her shirt, studded with dark runestones and headed with a now rather hidden rat skull pendant. Whatever else she wore, that piece was always constantly about her neck. Even her undead wolf Lassie had been abandoned for this venture.

Subtlety. The secret to success in this business.

So she waited for her contact, her opportunity to extend a tendril of influence into the windy city, looking like a pale businesswoman just waiting for her intern to bring her a latte.


Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 6 TUMBLR- Lonewolfwriter

Jack got home at 5:55pm, clocking out of the ZPD at exactly 5:30pm and taking the 747 train, he did nothing on the train but stare out the window, moving only once when a fox had taken the seat across from him, he moved not out of fear but to get a vantage on the fox had he tired something, he never did.

Jack’s house was on the outskirts of Zootopia, He lived in a large penthouse bearing on the edge of the rainforest district and tundra town, a place he chose for one very specific reason. The small splashes of rain on the window kept his ever going mind in a state of peace. The place was immaculate, it looked more like a display home, as everything was in a need tidy order, a vision into Jacks rolling stone lifestyle. He had a bar that stretched the entire right wall and a television unit that came down from the ceiling like a home theatre system, his kitchen was fit for a king and the wooden floor sparkled, except for one dark and damp patch by the window.

He opened the window behind the couch, pushing the couch out of the way, to stop it getting wet and sat on the wooden floor, where it was damp to the touch, small splatters of water landing on his shoulder and back, blown in by the westerly winds of Tundra town, turning the usually warm water of the rainforest district into sharp dagger of freezing cold water, he sat cross legged as if meditating in the exact place the water was landing, He lay his phone, wallet, keys and badge on the coffee table in front of him “Ryan Goodfur, Vergil Thumpfoot, Steven hare, Ryan Goodfur, Vergil Thumpfoot, Steven Hare” he repeated the names to himself over and over again, until he was shaking cold, the water drenching his entire uniform.

Almost ten minutes had passed by the time he was soaked to the core and shaking like a dog. Usually he would spend hours in this location, a daily ritual, a punishment, but today was different his phone buzzed, he closed his eyes tight before opening them and getting up. As he walked to close the window his paws sludged and squelched in his shoes. He picked up the phone, his fur hung from his face completely saturated and he was like ice to touch. He flicked open his flip Phone, the bright light illuminating his face

“Hay Jack, are you picking me up or are we going to meet somewhere?”

Jack blatantly stared at the phone, the names recited taking most of his focus, he exhaled and his thumbs went to work

“I will pick you up at 7:00pm exactly, see you soon”

Jack threw his phone onto the couch and proceeded to take his top of jumping into the shower, the sudden change from icy cold to steaming hot felt good, his body was all scarred up. He stood in the shower one hand on the wall, his eyes starring at the drain, the names slowly creeping into his thoughts. “It happens to often” thought Jack when he realised that 15 minutes had gone by, in what felt like seconds. He turned the handles of the shower and stepped out wrapping a towel around himself, his body radiating steam as he stepped out into the cold of the appartment.

He walked into a walk-in wardrobe that was the size of a whole room and from top to bottom, shelves and coat racks were laden with the finest materials and clothes money could buy. He dressed in his best attire, he was a city rabbit by nature, he wore a long, Grey, pin-stripe button up top with black trousers. He held a tie to his neck then shrugged it off throwing it over the bedhead “to formal” he muttered, he tightened his cufflinks and spray on his cologne before he went and starred himself in the mirror “looking sharp Savage” he muttered pleased with himself. He got to his garage opening it up, inside sat a soft roof sports car that was gloss black with rims to match “Hello my darling” he smirked” have you missed me?” He clicked his car key and the door opened vertically, he jumped in repositioning the mirror. He looked to his watch, and realised he still had fifteen minutes “easy time” he laughed before kicking the car into first gear and speeding off.


Judy had knocked off exactly when Jack had at 5:30pm

They had been in the lockers together throwing there belt into their lockers. It was quiet and awkward but Judy spoke first “so…I’ll see you tonight” she stated punching his arm playfully, Jack had starred back at her his aquatic coloured eyes seemed to pierce Judy and make her weak at the knees, but something was off, each time he would look at her, it was as if a part continued through her and glared into a void that seemed to drain from his very being.

“Jack… do you like me?” was the last thing Judy had asked him blushing

He leaned in and had kissed her cheek softly “More then you could imagine”

“ARGH, Get a room you two!” blared Bogo who had been in the corner of the locker room changing his top. Both their faces going pale and embarrassed

“See you tonight” yipped Jack a little bashful, shutting his locker, exiting left

“Likewise sir” Judy replied, having gone completely red at the cheeks, closing hers and heading in the opposite direction.

Judy was waiting out the front of her house, she was a country gal by nature and that’s how she would dress, she had a simply Pink flannel shirt on, and blue denim jeans, a wallet residing in her back pocket. She raised her wrist to check her watch it read 6:59pm she looked up the road to see an extremely expensive car coming toward her and in typical Jack fashion he stopped in front of Judy at exactly 7:00pm sharp.

He pulled up beside Judy the window lowering with a slight humming noise, “Hello Ms.Hopps”.

“Hay Jack” she stifled a little nervous.

“Jack looked her up and down “absolutely stunning” is all he said before getting out of the car and offering his elbow “shall we?”

Judy wrapped her arm in his, she could feel his muscle it was tight and compact, extremely dense for someone of his size. Jack walked her to the opposing door of the car and opened it for her gesturing her in, she sat in the leather seats smiling up at Jack who looked like an angel faced god standing above her, Jack closed the door gently moving to the other side and jumping in the driver’s seat. They began down the street “umm, where are we going jack?” quizzed Judy.


Judy gasped “NOOO, the Manarottis, but that’s one of the nicest places in Zootopia!”

Jack smiled “I know, But you know….” He started scratching the back of his head nervously, nervousness was a very new feeling for Jack. “I really like you Judy” he explained, with a shrug of his shoulders. Judy, felt warm for a moment before she pursed her lips seriously, “don’t think I haven’t forgotten, you still owe me an explanation”

Jack who was driving and starring at her, sighed heavily, his eyes dropping to the centre console “Judy…it’s over now… can we just have a nice night? I don’t want to think of work”

Judy rolled her eyes “Fine, but I need you to calm down, you scare me when you get like you did today”.

Jack was taken aback, he felt horrible and mortified at his action “I’m sorry Miss Hopps, sometimes-“ He stated looking back at the road “sometimes I just can’t help it”.

When they arrived at Manarottis, the line was up the street, “We’ll never get in” stated Judy with a flick of her paw, Jack however didn’t cease in his advances, he drove into the valet parking and got out, being extra sure to go and open Judy’s door for her, she got out and felt instantly underdressed, Jack noticed her hesitation and leaned in whispering deep into her ear

“You’re still the most gorgeous one here” before removing his mouth from her and again offering her his arm, she took it happily and with a sudden confidence and they began their way to the front door, Jack flicking his keys last minute at the valet, a middle aged zebra dressed in the typical red valet uniform.

 Jack walked directly to the door at the front of the line “Darryl” he stated with a nod. The security guard, a gigantic Rhino, who was dealing with people complaining about getting in turned with a smile obviously recognising the voice before seeing who it belonged to.

“Jacky boy, where have you been?” he bellowed his voice deep and loud

Jack smirked again his confidence radiated “Busy, secret business, you know how it is?”

Darryl nodded in agreement “Indeed I do” Darryl noticed Judy by his side “and who is this beautiful young lady” he asked leaning down  

“Darryl, this is Judy, Judy this is Darryl an old secret service friend”.

Darryl shook Judy’s paw, and looked her over, “Hay you’re that cop from the news” he pointed out laughing loudly about recognising her.

Judy nodded a little nervous and replied with a simply but drawn out “yeah!”

Jack noticed Judy’s grip on his arm tighten, he knew she felt a little shy and continued straight to the point. “You got that table for me?” Jack questioned with a raise of his eyebrows

“Right this way Jack” stated Darryl walking them inside.

The night passed on Jack and Judy flung back and forth about work and their past, training as rabbits to be something other animals thought was impossible. Different missions Jack had been on, even divulging some of the missions he was sworn oath not to speak of.

By 11:00pm dinner was long out of the way and seven bottle of wine littered the table, Judy was flushed red and Jacks shirt had come unbuttoned they each held the others paw.

“Soo” hic* “So then I said, you’re not a rhi-NO, You’re a rhi –YES” Jack and Judy bursting into hysterics, as they had been all night. They were both crying at the joke, the laughter slowly subsiding before Jack looked to his watch “My, my, it’s almost 11: 30pm” he state a little shocked at how quickly time had passed. “You got somewhere to be tomorrow?” she teased.

“Uhhh work?” replied Jack as if she should have known

Judy suddenly began laughing hysterically on her own.

“And what’s so funny, officer Hopps?” he asked slurring a little.

Between gasping breathes of laughter she finally got out “Tomorrows, Saturday and we have the day off”

Jack sat stunned for a moment his intoxicated brain, trying to remember his size 11 font roster on the inside door of his locker, before he too burst into laughter. They were laughing and laughing, when an older Antelope walked by in a suit holding a wine bottle

“More wine Mr. Savage?”

Jack waved his paw “No, no, we must be getting on, it’s late you know” he and Judy both began laughing about the in joke they shared, The antelope simply bowing his head “yes sir, will you be wanting the bill”

Jack cleared his throat his laughter subsiding “On the card, Ralphy” he stated pulling out a platinum card “and give you and the boys a little extra, for the amazing service”

“You are most generous, Mr. Savage” stated the antelope taking his card to pay the bill.

Judy sighed “This was a good night. But Jack, how do you have all this money?”

Jack grinned “I’m honest and hardworking”


On the other side of town Nick sat in his dreary basement, he was meant to move out he had been saving for month, only three more pay checks and he could have rented the place just down the road from Judy, he was even planning on the getting the two bedroom unit they had on offer, because he knew Judy’s place was too small and was going to ask her to join him.

His head sat in his hands, he hadn’t moved for hours, when it became too much he looked up at the mantle where pictures of Judy and him resided, his collar beeped once then twice, his temperature on the rise, when he exploded “ArGhhh!” he shouted getting up and flinging his arm across the mantle knocking all the pictures to the floor before getting a shock, his shoulder shooting up like that would protect him.

He breathed heavily, knowing he needed to stay calm, his lips had pulled back in a snarl. All the pictures on the ground had shattered but as he starred at them longer and longer he was overcome by sadness, his lips slowly making their way over is teeth to hide them. He looked back up to the nearly empty mantel piece to see only one picture remained, he lifted it up, it was a picture of him and Judy side by side, the first day they had become partners, the first day Nick got his badge, he remembered it like it was yesterday, he couldn’t tell who was smiling more, himself or Judy, his proudest moment and when the picture had been developed he had walked up to Judy and asked her to sign it for him.

“You’re my hero Carrots” he had stated, “Sign this for me will ya” she had grabbed a thin permanent marker and had written in the corner “In Zootopia, anyone can be anything” with two X’s at the end. The quote was a play on the first time they had met “har-har, Carrots, reeaal original!”

Nick starred longingly at the two X’s and slung his head over the mantle, the picture dangling from his grasp. “In Zootopia, anyone can be anything” he murmured to himself, and like he was sent a sign, there was an open newspaper on the ground, the page was in the job section. He looked to the picture of him and Judy, then to the paper “anyone can be anything”.

Nick sighed out the frustration then took a deep breath, he had a plan, “Well okay” he stated positively.


Judy and Jack finished paying and made their way to the car, they stopped short and both looked at one another then at the car.

“I can’t drive” chuckled Jack. Holding the keys out for Judy who pushed them away with her paw.

“Well I can’t drive” responded Judy placing her other paw on her chest. They sat bedazzled on what to do when Judy huffed “Come on Savage you can crash at mine!”  

They went to walk away when Savage put his paw up, a symbol for Judy to stop “one second” he stated running back to the car and opening it, he then locked it and ran over to Judy with something in his arms, he got to her and slung a black suit coat over her “don’t want my partner getting sick now do I?”

The actions and the words caught Judy by surprise and her heart sunk as she remembered that once, after a long shift together, Nick had thrown his coat over her “Don’t want you to get sick now do I Carrots” he had stated holding her close and wrapping his fuzzy tail around her to add extra warmth finishing with a wink before walking her all the way home.

Judy leaned into the coat her eyes going moist, Jack who had his hands on the Jacket lifted her face realising she was almost in tears.

“Is something wrong Ms. Hopps? Did I do something?” he asked as sober as he could.  

Judy was confused “No Jack you didn’t…” she began losing her answer, she didn’t know what to say, or think anymore and so she grabbed Jacks unbuttoned shirt without warning and pulled him in kissing him, “I don’t want to think of you anymore Nick” she convinced herself trying to run the thought of Nick from her head so he wouldn’t ruin such a perfect evening.

The Kiss was long and made Jacks ears shot up and he blushed, before composing himself and returning the kiss, before Judy pulled away “Come on, It’s cold”.

They reached her apartment and opened the door, both of them made for the bed falling over onto the bed Jack all but passing out and Judy not far behind. She rolled into him in a hug “Thanks for a good night” she expressed snuggling in tight.

“You’re welcome” replied Jack wrapping his arm around the small of her neck and pulling her into his arm nook. The whole room was spinning before both of them fell asleep.   

Judy was comfortable and warm, “Goodnight Nick” she murmured unaware, before falling asleep also.

Date Night - Klaine [PG-13]

McKinley High’s resident skank Kurt Hummel decides to take his nerdy boyfriend out on a special date. (~3k / AO3 link)

Thanks to livwholikestv for betaing and everyone else who gave me their input and ideas on twitter. klainesupremist I hope this makes you smile because you deserve to smile always and at all times.

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Manly Monday: Beauty in Exile

There Are Two Types Of Rugby Players Whom I Find Incredibly Attractive…Locks And Scrum-Halves, Because Of The Height Of Each. Locks Are Often Well Over 6′5″, While Scrum-Halves Are Often 5′9″ Tall. Locks Are Lean And Strong, While Scrum-Halves Have Tight And Compact Physiques.

Matt Symons Of London Irish Is Incredibly Sexy. Standing 6′7″ Tall, He Is A Talented Egg Chaser In The Lineout, And He Possesses A Quiet Confidence, Not To Mention A Killer Smile.

Give Me Wood, Baby!

Halved [Ziall]

Summary: A talk between Zayn and Niall is long overdue.

A.N.: I’ve been wanting to write a sequel for Made Whole for ages and, seeing as I’m feeling awfully unmotivated again, there isn’t any time like the present! Hope you enjoy it!

The project is finished just in time and, for his individual mark, Zayn gets a 78 on it which is a higher mark than he could’ve ever hoped for and probably a greater mark than he deserves. But, when Danny texts him this week about the Friday night rager, almost begging him to come just for once, Zayn actually says yes, as a treat to himself. 

When Danny pulls up outside and honks the horn, Zayn bids his parents goodbye and they actually look a little happy that he’s going out? He doesn’t really think about it too much because it’s not like he never goes out. Well, actually.

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Retro Friday!

Kevin Walter Is Now With The Tennessee Titans, Although An Injury Sidelined Him For The Season. He Played Most Of His Career With Houston. And, Hot Damn, Baby! Not Much Came between Him And His Skin-Tight Uniform!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!


The Tight End To Watch!

Prediction: Andrew Luck Will Connect With Coby Fleener Tonight To Bring The Patriots Down!

Fleener Is the Man Who Will Be High, Tight, And Compact In Foxboro!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!




School Grade: Junior high school

This character is a combination of 臤 a non-general use character meaning both “hard” and “wise,” and 糸 thread. Here 臤 is a phonetic element expressing “entwine” while lending a meaning of “hard/compact.” Together with 糸 this gives “threads tangled in a tight not,” leading to the meanings of “tight/compact” in a broader sense. It can also be used figuratively to refer to a highly strung state of nerves. 


5x17 reaction fic. 

They start off together, bodies swaying and bouncing to the beat, Kurt closing his eyes and dancing and mouthing along to the song. When opens them again Blaine’s profile is lit up in flashing sweeps of green-purple-blue, green-purple-blue.

Kurt watches Blaine’s hips swivel, moves closer and matches him pivot for pivot and thrust for thrust. He turns his head to a heavy beat, turns back and Blaine is doing series of moves with mesh-shirt guy, spinning away, drifting off, but Kurt doesn't mind. Blaine always manages to stay in Kurt’s gravitational pull no matter how far away he wanders.

Kurt dances on the platform for a while, then in a big group with Rachel, just dancing with abandon, feeling young and hopeful and so happy for her, so happy for all of them, and it’s probably evident in every wild flail of his arms and shimmy of his shoulders, but no one there judges him. They whoop and laugh and dance around him in flashing rainbow lights and tight bodies and trailing hands.

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