Second-Hand Corset Round-Up! (Episode 2)

Again, I’ve scoured the interwebs for your benefit - corsets, even of a top brand name, can be within financial reach of almost everyone, and buying second-hand is often the best way to achieve this. The list here is not exhaustive, but perhaps it would be helpful as you wonder how to get the most cinched-up joy for your money’s worth.  Please also note that I cannot speak personally for the suitability of these individual corsets.  Be certain to direct any questions toward the seller.

Versatile Fashions - 26" overbust - green silk brocade (pictured left)

Orchard Corset - 40" overbust - maroon brocade (pictured center)

Versatile Corsets - 26" Scarlett overbust - black satin (pictured right)

Playgirl White Label - 22" underbust - black cotton/polyester

Velda Lauder - 22" underbust - black PVC

Timeless Trends - 30" underbust - black and teal silk brocade

Dark Garden Corsetry - 24" underbust cincher - black brocade

Orchard Corset - 22" CS-426 underbust - black

Morgana Femme Couture - 24" M1315 cupped overbust - red French lace

Versatile Corsets - 28" cupped overbust - black/silver brocade

Dark Garden Corsetry - 22" underbust - red satin

Versatile Fashions - 26" overbust - green silk brocade - with mermaid dress

Marquis de Sade - 22" underbust - black leather with zipper closure

Orchard Corset - 40" CS-426 underbust - ice blue satin

Hearts Delight Clothiers - 24" underbust - ivy green and leaves patterned

Versatile Corsets - 22" (appears to be underbust waistcoat style) - bronze dragon and floral design, silk polyester

Vollers - 20" overbust - black satin

Orchard Corset - 28" CS-426 underbust - maroon satin

Timeless Trends - 20" overbust - green brocade

Gore Couture - 24" underbust - black coutil with hand-printed design (sample)

Aranea Black - 24" underbust - red satin coutil with lace embelishments (sample)

Totally Waisted - 22" underbust - pink silk (sample)

Ooh La Latex - 20" underbust - black and white latex (sample)

Artifice Clothing - 28" underbust cincher - black PVC (sample)

Gore Couture - 2" underbust - white coutil with hand-printed design (sample)

Idiorhythmic - 24" “Jayne" underbust cincher - magenta brocade (sample)

And, as before, I’ll wrap this up by recommending you stop by straitlaceddame.com for tips on "Living Right While Cinched In Tight”.

Calling for more posts!

Our queue is down to 8, and most of what we’ve received lately has been related to a piece of ongoing drama. Not cool.

Help me add some variation to the blog, and send in your corset confessions! As an added incentive, I’ll make the next three I get image posts! (And after that, 1 out of 5. ♥)

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My tightlacing corset is coming in the mail tomorrow (happy dance!)

I’m trying to think of sarcastic responses I can say to people when they ask why I’m wearing a corset.

You know like when people ask why I dyed my hair purple and I’ll say “Because purple represents royalty and I’m a fucking Queen.”

I want something like that
 gimme somethin’ good

Plan for Week 2

I’m hoping that if I tell you lot my plans, I’m more likely to stick to them!

  • Film a couple of videos. I have a spring favs and a tea vlog I would like to do.
  • Finish a structured corset dress I’ve been working on
  • Get the boning channels sewn, and the busk inserted on the purple satin
  • Order and cut fashion layer for the sari corset
  • Finish seasoning the pinstripe and try to get a decent picture of it!

I think that’ll do for the moment, though I’m going to try and do more than what is on that list as well. Have a great week!!!