tiggler and brunch

phantompalace  asked:

what if u wrote u x barnaby fanfic

Barnaby stepped out onto the veranda moodily. “What’s wrong?” I asked, already being on the veranda. “Oh nothing I’m just not in the partying mood” the blond said because we were at a party. “Ok” We stood in silence for a few moments. Barnaby suddenly turned to me and whispered “Hey Domo do you like potatoes?” I nodded quicky, the intense unnameable emotion ablaze in his emerald green eyes worried me. “Then take a look at thESE TATER TOTS!” The jacketed man pulled said jacket and also his shirt off to reveal a shimmering 86-pack! Wowie zowie!!! “Let’s do it.” Barnaby whisped huskily. “Do what???” I asked inquisitively, heart aflutter. “Go find Kotetsu so I can show him my hot young bod what did you think I meant you rapscallion what are you like 5 that’s illegal and I’m a man of justice.” At the time the explanation was reasonable and I grabbed onto his arm as he flew!!! Into the air!!! Off the veranda!!! To find Kotetsu!!! But when the ordeal was over there was a sense of longing left deep within my heart and I realized that I longed for the man with feathered piss-yellow hair and stoplight-green eyes. This is the story of how Barnaby Brooks Junior broke my heart. ~fin