I love this so much! 

Level 9 & 10 Stages Completed! - :D

Alright, just haven’t really felt the need to post anything in the past two days, but hey, I got some news! :D 

So, I have been fiddling with my schedule for next semester and this is what we’re looking at.

The pinned ones are for-sure. The only one that’s not pinned is because I’m still waiting for confirmation that it will count towards my credits. Can’t be wasting time here. 

I’m super fucking excited. Now, I can began work on my third language! :D Along with Spanish in the summer, technically it’ll be my forth but, whatever. 

Basically me right now. Jello and all. 

Alright, I’m gonna go jump around some more. Have a jiggly good day folks! :D


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1. Why’d I pick this URL? 

Originally my tumblr user name was askcarvontartor. I was one of those fantroll ask blogs. Then I just changed it to menameh my go to internet name.

2. Middle Name? 

Lewis, named after my grandfather.

3. Fairytale pet? 

I would want a miniature chimera…I will call him Tiggles

4. Favorite color? 

Crimson red, Shadow black, and Pretty silver

5. Song of the moment? 

My current favorite is You’ll Play Your Part from the season 4 finale of My Little Pony

6. Top 3 Fandoms? 

MLP, SU, Furry

7. Reason I like tumblr?

My friends are on it

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