Second wave: 

Screaming Females
Downtown Boys
Self Defense Family
The Ukiah Drag

This is probably my fav GALAX Z FAIR to date, but i’m still not certain.

Thank you so much for all the support. Four years into this and this is still the best festival in South Texas. www.galaxzfair.com for tickets

It is with great pleasure to announce that English legends of 1960s psychedelia and pop, the Zombies, have confirmed to perform in McAllen on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. This is an impossibly meaningful show for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this booked at the Historic Cine El Rey for a very special, intimate performance.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 31st at Melhart’s Music Center in McAllen and online at ticketfly.com. For those who may not be familiar with the sounds of these legends, please sample their amazing catalogue here:


The legendary psychedelic pop group are often seen as being the widely overlooked, and definitely the darkest, of the British Invasion acts of the 1960s that included the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Kinks, amongst others. Led by pianist Rod Argent and vocalist Colin Blunstone, the Zombies have maintained a massive cultural presence, not only amongst a generation of ecstatic fans in the 1960s with their Billboard topping hits, “Time of the Season” and “Tell Her No”, but also with  a generation of younger audiences and musicians. Younger fans may even remember having first heard their re-birthed  music in Wes Anderson’s cult masterpiece, the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. But regardless of how fans may have discovered the Zombies, one thing is certain: their influence has been deep and strong on an international, generation spanning realm.

Please stay tuned for more updates such as supporting groups. Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 31st via ticketfly.com and at Melhart’s Music in McAllen.


There will always be someone for you. Whether or not you meet this person, is, well, not certain, but it helps to know.

Also, the most excellent and honorable WARM SODA (Oakland CA) will make their South Texas / McAllen TX debut JULY 18 - venue tba - very very psyched to have this.

Proud to announce: FRANKIE ROSE - Thursday, February 13th at Cine El Rey’s Balcony realm - an all ages show!

This Brooklyn based artist will headline a very special, ‘fall in crush’ themed evening that I am currently working on with fellow promoter, George Dean.

For those unfamiliar with the dreamy, reverb lathered indie-pop of Frankie Rose, please click here. Not only is Rose’s creative output held to heavenly levels on a critical realm, but her fixture in Brooklyn has also painted her with quite the resume: she is also known for downplaying her hugely definitive roles in being in the earliest lineups for Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Dum Dum Girls. 

Score another brilliant artist of the contemporary realm for South Texas, folks. More info coming soon!

Ps - I’ve been wanting to work with Rose’s project for YEARS. Holy shit. My ears and cheeks are very red right now.

One of my favorite things of the past year was facilitating an interview between Glass Candy’s IDA NO and Isabella Soto, a very cool tastemaker and high school junior at the Science Academy of South Texas. I strongly believe No is perhaps one of the most widely overlooked contemporary front women in recent times, and still find it hard to believe there aren’t more expansive profiles and interviews on this powerful mind. Regardless, she’s a hero to many, myself included, so it meant much to know that Soto, a fellow fan out of South Texas, was granted this very cool interview opportunity. Here it is, taken from the original article published on tigersblood.org, conducted and transcribed by Isabella Soto. Enjoy :) 


Back in July of 2012, McAllen got its first taste of Glass Candy, the electronic duo comprised of producer Johnny Jewel and frontwoman Ida No.  What we experienced was a fresh, fun, energetic show full of the lush and bubbly Italo-disco music that has become synonymous with their name.  And on November 10th, we’re going to bust out our dancing shoes once again and head out to Cine El Rey for their show with fellow Italians Do It Better label-mates, Chromatics.  Recently, I had the chance to ask Ida No a few questions on her life and on Glass Candy.  Here is our conversation:

I was reading that you were born on September 28, the same day as Brigitte Bardot, and that you have the same blood type as Marilyn Monroe. Do you feel a certain connection to either of these two iconic women in any aspects of your life? Do you try to establish yourself as an icon as well?

Ida No:  I certainly wouldn’t ever think of myself as being iconic at their level, but I do really like the idea of the female icon. I’ve been very inspired by strong, outspoken women in my life. Siouxsie Sioux, Debbie Harry, and Nina Hagen were my obsessions when I was a teenager and probably my biggest influence in deciding to cast off my shyness and be the front woman of a band. All three of them have a very strong presence and let their unique perspectives on life come through in their lyrics. Those are the main themes I focus on in Glass Candy. Iconic ideas. I am very happy to hold up my little candle to their giant stars because these women have given me a lot.

There’s a line in “Beatific” that says, “People’s rules and what they do are often different things.” As a musician, do you have rules that you have to set for yourself while making music? If you do, are they more to steer you in the direction of what you want to achieve, or to keep you from doing a particular thing?

IN:  The only rule is there are no rules. That’s the reason Glass Candy has remained fiercely independent. For me it would be nothing without all the exploration that leads to revelation.

The music of Glass Candy has been used in fashion shows for designers such as Chloe, Balenciaga, and Chanel. Does fashion play a large role in your life, in the image of Glass Candy?

IN:  That’s a really good question and one that I still can’t quite figure out. I really love personal style, but that’s different than fashion. I love fashion, but I am not sure I really understand it. I enjoy it more in the way that I enjoy a beautiful painting, or a film, or an extravagant multi-tiered cake, but I don’t understand how you would wear any of those.

In times where you aren’t touring of making music, what do you like to do?

IN:  I just started taking ballet again, and I’m training with classical piano and voice.

From what I understand you and Johnny Jewel are almost opposites, but you balance each other out. In what ways is he different from you, and you from him?  How do you play off of each other’s differences?

IN:  John is the nucleus and I’m the electron. John has two feet firmly on the ground and I’m out circling the stratosphere. It’s like how the flower needs the root and vice versa. How nature sustains and the world goes around because of the dynamic tension between opposites. That’s Glass Candy.

What artists do you consider to be some of Glass Candy’s primary influences? Are there any artists that you particularly identify with?

IN:  Our influences range from Kraftwerk to 70’s neon punk like the Sex Pistols, 60’s girl groups like the Shangri-Las and The Ronettes, 80’s synth music like Gary Numan, Dark Day and Suicide, and a huge dose of disco music as well as hip hop, The Velvet Underground, opera, film soundtracks and vintage TV theme songs. We love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can’t say I identify with any particular artist. I just admire them through the glass.

What’s the writing and recording process like? As opposed to conventional recording, is there anything that is done differently?

IN:  I don’t know how conventional recording is done but I’m pretty sure that’s not how we’re doing it. John is the only person I have ever recorded with. We do our creating separately in different cities, and then fuse it together in a “big bang” kind of moment and boom…. there’s a song where previously there was a void. As for the actual process of this music being committed onto some form of physical media, I couldn’t tell you a thing. As many years as I’ve sat there in the studio and stared at John while he’s mixing and cutting Glass Candy tracks, I still have no idea what he’s doing over there because I’m a Libra and it’s way too complicated. He’s Gemini with a Libra moon, so we find our way.

Are you reading anything at the moment? Who are some of your favorite authors?

IN:  I like to read Yogic philosophy. I love Sri Aurobindo. There’s a really great book by his disciple Satprem called “The Adventure Of Consciousness” that is one of my all time favorites. Another book I revisit a lot is “The Mark” by Maurice Nicoll. I love the poetry of Sylvia Plath, and anything by J.D. Salinger.

The first time you played in McAllen was in July of last year. Had you heard about McAllen before coming down and playing here? Did what you heard before and what you experienced after differ?

IN:  I had never heard of McAllen before, but I think it’s the cutest and most mysterious place ever. I always keep a list of cities that intrigue me. I told John I wanted to come back next time we were in Texas.

As a band that has been together for over 15 years, how do you believe your sound has developed over time? In achieving the sound you have now, was it a sudden change, or did it just come naturally as a result of both yourself and Johnny maturing?

IN:  It has grown as we have grown. It would feel unnatural to never change.

It seems as though Alberto Rossini is the director of choice not only for Glass Candy’s videos, but for the videos of almost all the groups signed to Italians Do It Better. Is there a reason as to why you enjoy working with him so much?

Yeah, it seems like he’s just one of us. He always knows how to please us. It’s like he shares a brain with us. His films are not narrative. Just mood, and we of course love that.

What should we expect at the show come November 10? 

IN:  Glass Candy has a surprise addition to its act, and I think both bands will be extra excited because now McAllen is a nostalgic place for us to come back to.

Isabella Soto is a contributing writer for tigersblood.org, and is a junior at the Science Academy of South Texas in Mercedes, TX. You may follow her excellent twitter account at @westernfeelings

Hey, thanks.

South Texas is blanketed with a deep, cultural magic. It keeps us warm, sometimes, too warm, but that is not to say it’s not life giving. Whether or not GALAX Z FAIR disturbs this fabric, accentuates it, or colors it is unsure, but this does not mean I am not proud of the annual event and everyone who has and continues to support it. That said, I want to take this time to thank everyone who made the bike ride, flight, drive, or bus trip - either regionally or literally from different parts of this country (and world wow) to attend - it means the cosmos to me. 

I’d also like to thank all the artists who performed on both days this year. It was a genuine honor to have every single one of you, whether wielding a paint brush or guitar pic, from Canada or Brownsville, present, mingling amongst one another, and gifting everyone with expression over the past week.

And then there’s my friends who really came through and just really proved to be there for this. I hate listing, but you know who you are - whether you twisted your muscles helping a band load-in for 3 hours or made a diy instagram promo vid; whether you lent a keyboard stand or huge guitar amp or ran errands or published stories or retweeted and reblogged or opened a restaurant for your favorite band or stood in the dark as a volunteer admission’s clerk during Perfect Pussy’s ear-drum slicing set or provided a homie discount or created a harrowing environmental zine in time for this or believed enough to support to have a stage named after your own vision or made buttons or diy gzf designs or opened up your venue or housed a band or simply told a friend about this lil disturbance of a dance with the universe we have every year with music - thank you, so, so much. This is all you, this is all us, as we’re all wrapped in this cultural fabric, together. 

Here’s a pic of Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, closing out day 2 of Galax Z Fair III this past Thursday. Here’s to the future, here’s to us - :cheers:


2013 in shows

Here is a list of bands I booked in McAllen TX this year. It’s been a lot of work, risk, and reward. Surreal. At least ¼ performed at GALAX Z FAIR II, which was kind of like the Empire Strikes Back of my festivals for me- misunderstood, riddled with tension, but was ultimately beautiful in retrospect and as it was happening by those ‘who just knew’.

I can’t choose a favorite experience, although I will say Ryan of D-Unit eating glass was wild. And talking life with Carson of Merchandise. And King Khan doing dmt in my apartment. And kissing Johnny Jewel. Wtf the Thermals how did they finally respond to 4 years of incessant emails? I don’t know how I still have a ‘regular’ job. I want to book Ellen. Ok, I’ll stop. Here we are:

Deep Time
Daniel Francis Doyle
Mac DeMarco
The Coathangers
Marnie Stern
Cloud Nothings
Nu Sensae
White Lung
Merchandise (2)
Audacity (2)
Part Time
Deer Tick
The King Khan & BBQ Show
Jungle Bodies
A Giant Dog
The Thermals
eets FEATS (2)
Obn IIIs
Destruction Unit
Milk Music
Mannequin Pussy
Lust-Cats of the Gutters
The Young Maths
Ghetto Ghouls
Glass Candy
Jesika Cueta
The Sad Campers
Pinky Swear
Colleen Green
The Collective Unconscious
Neon Indian (DJ)

Cool! Can’t wait to keep this going in 2014.

You’ve got a lot to give, don’t throw it away!



*WIDOWSPEAK* - October 8th at Simon Sez in McAllen TX <3