tigers won!

DA2 Code Names
  • Hawke: Okay, so I think we should have code-names, everyone!
  • Hawke: I'm "Eagle One"...
  • Hawke: Anders is "Been there, done that"
  • Anders: Hey!
  • Hawke: Fenris is "Currently doing that"
  • Fenris: ...really, Hawke?
  • Hawke: Varric is..."It happened in a dream, once"
  • Varric: Shhh! Bianca, baby, don't listen to Hawke, he's just jealous...
  • Hawke: Isabela is "If I had to pick a girl"
  • Isabela: *blows kiss* Anytime, Tiger.
  • Hawke: Sebastian is "Won't be doing that"
  • Sebastian: *sighs* Maker preserve us.
  • Hawke: And Aveline is...
  • Aveline: *death glare*
  • Hawke: ..."Eagle Two."
  • Aveline: Good call.
  • -
  • Merrill: *overhears this discussion* Ooh! Ooh, what about me?
  • Hawke: You...you are..."The Kitten" of course
  • Merrill: *pouts* Aww. I was hoping for something dirty.
  • -
  • Carver: *rolling his eyes as he listens* Well, thank you for leaving me out of this nonsense.
  • Hawke: No, no. You're "Eagle Jr."
  • Carver: DAMMIT

Summer festival

The Signs as Japanese Proverbs

Aries: 良薬口に苦し (eng. advice most needed is the least heeded)
Taurus: 愚公山を移す (eng. faith can move mountains)
Gemini: 鳥なき里の蝙蝠 (eng. in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)
Cancer: 七転び八起き (eng. fall down seven times, get up eight times)
Leo: 亀の甲より年の功 (eng. years know more than books)
Virgo: 継続は力なり (eng. persevere and never fear)
Libra: 角を矯めて牛を殺す (eng. the remedy is often worse than the disease)
Scorpio: 早い者勝ち (eng. first come, first served)
Sagittarius: 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず (eng. if you don’t enter the tiger’s cave, you won’t catch its cub)
Capricorn: 苦あれば楽あり (eng. after rain comes fair weather)
Aquarius: 能ある鷹は爪を隠す (eng. the talented hawk hides its claws)
Pisces: 艱難にあって初めて真友を知る (eng. friends are known first in hardships)

if you also have stretchmarks and u feel bad about them sometime just think: you look like you fought a sick ass tiger and WON and what the fuck is more beautiful than someone who can fight a tiger and win

The Hunt for the Tiger

The tiger has, in fact, won. 

There goes the fifth episode of the Soviet series, the infamous reunion that remains satisfying on any time of day. I cannot claim things now, but during my pre-marathon times, I’ve secretly considered this episode my favorite, simply because there are so many great moments. Whenever this is still or never was true, I will find out later. 

So, let’s talk about a thing that nobody wants to talk about: timeline.

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I really hope that redeemed!Jasper becomes quietly associated with tigers the same way Peridot became associated with little green aliens. Like, no one ever mentions it, no one ever explains it, it just sort of happens. Slowly, but surely.

Maybe it starts with Jasper reading a book about tigers. Again, no one calls it out–it just quietly happens in the background, without comment. Then the next time we see Jasper, she’s watching a tiger documentary on television. She marks the inside of her favorite book with her name and crudely drawn tiger. Her contact icon on Steven’s phone is a tiger emoji.

And before we know it, Jasper is fawning over the stuffed tiger that she won at Funland.

What da fucking fuck?

No hold your horses with this one…Beth won’t take over Ezekiel’s story or parts of it.

-Owning a tiger, bear or anything else? NO

-The print we saw in the Finale was by a HORSE..

-“Ennie meenie miny mow catch a tiger by it’s toe” was because of a simple rhyme game (and mabe forshadowing Shiva)

-There won t be bears in twd bc ..animating a tiger is enough work

-Shiva won’t last long (read here why)

-“Beth knows how to take care of injured animals because Hershel was a vet “ - My father is a truck driver, driving all across europe. that  does not mean that i as his son know how to handle 40 fucking tons of steel (you know she maybe knows how to take care of a pig, but a pig is not a tiger

It s like we would say “Oh look Rick and Morgan walked across GREEN GRASS in the finale just like Beth and Daryl did back in the days and since Morgan wasn t  seen a long time…..”

Beth woudln t even be able to tame this kind of animals, she will not pull off a DiCaprio, fighting a bear , surviving and go back to her people. Shiva is tame only towards Ezekiel and why? Because he knew her since she was born, used to spend time every day with her (AND NO that doesn’t mean Shiva is the animal Version of Baby Judith)

Come on people you can do better 

Once, there was a Girl Explorer, and she met a Tiger. They won’t walk together for very long. She likes to wander alone, and the Tiger has many Tiger things to do(being a Tiger and all). But for now, the sky is a bit overcast, they’ve packed some snacks for the afternoon, and it is a good day for an adventure. 

A bit more saccharine than my usual fare, to be sure, but it feels good to paint something utterly self indulgent for a bit, 

England Lost...

whatever- we have the newest team in the Six Nations and we almost beat Wales who were ever so confident that they’d easily beat us. I’m not caring right now, we’re still getting comfortable and sorted, as this is the team we’ll have for years to come and it has real potential! But- I’m very please/ proud of the Tigers boys today as they beat the Falcons, and now we’re third in the Premiership! Think of where we were 4 months ago- pretty much at the bottom of the board! So congratulations Tigers and keep on fighting England: Swing Low…<3

P.S I’m very proud to be English, the country where rugby was created

It would be an understatement for me to say that the @refinery29 panel honoring @mskelseymiller’s new book “Big Girl” was a pretty early 2016 highlight. But honestly, that’s not why this experience was great.

The people in this photo are real- they have tangible hang ups, war wounds, and plenty of hard won tiger stripes. The fact that they live shamelessly, unafraid to be honest about who they are and what they want, THAT’S the true fount of inspiration.

I am in awe of all of you- it is the gift of my life that we’re able to stand together and change the body language conversation together. @ceceolisa, @tessholliday, @thebalancedblonde, & @mskelseymiller- this is the kind of dialogue that moves mountains and changes lives.

You can watch a livestream of last night’s panel on my periscope (I’m @jessnotjazz) and catch BTS action on my snapchat (I’m @mynameisjessamy).

Photo by @skorchmagazine, but shamelessly stolen from my mom’s crush @tessholiday 💋 (at Refinery29 New York)

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