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Honestly The Curse of the Colonel is one of my favorite Japanese urban legends…

Basically the Hanshin Tigers baseball team had a major victory in 1985 and fans went WILD and stood on a bridge chanting the player’s names, and every time they said a name a fan that resembled the player whose name was said would jump into the canal

BUT there was an american player on the team named Randy Bass and the crowd wanted to include someone who looked like him too, but there were no white people around so they snatched a Colonel Sanders statue and tossed it into the water as an effigy

after this the Hanshin Tigers won nothing for 18 years! The rumor began to circulate that throwing the statue into the canal had angered Colonel Sanders and he had cursed them and wouldn’t allow them to win until they retrieved the statue. Obviously many attempts were made to find it, but no one was successful.

In 2009 the uper body, lower body, and right hand of the statue were found when police thought it was a dead body, but the left hand and his glasses are missing and the Hanshin Tigers still have not won anything. It is said they will continue to lose until they find the last pieces. Here’s the colonel though!

My champion (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Warnings : Sad Zach, make out sesh, (mentions of sex ?), also English is still not my native language.
Word count: 2283.

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A/N: I posted my first imagine a few days ago (about my love, Montgomery, you can read it here) and you guys were just so nice, I received so many kind comments. I know I said it would be my first and last imagine, but I decided to continue writing. I hope you all like this one too xx.

Looking up at the clock, Zach sighed. They had less than fifteen seconds to go, and were ten points behind the other team. There was no way on earth that they could win this time. He turned his attention back to the game, watching as Justin ran towards the basket while dribbling the ball. The crowd cheered as he scored, giving the boys hope to continue the match. The bleachers were filled with cheering teenagers and some parents who came to see their sons play. Most of them were from Liberty High, as they were playing there, but a good third were supporters of the other team. Liberty High managed to score once more before the horn went off, signalling the end of the game. But it wasn’t enough.

Zach groaned, crouching down and letting his head fall into his open hands. Someone tapped his back in a comforting manner, probably Justin, be he did not look up. Instead, he stayed there, with his head hanging low, trying to catch his breath after the intense game. The season has just started and it was the very first match they lost, so he knew it wasn’t the end of the world. But God, was it frustrating. Zach hated losing, failing. He hated when his team would lose a game, he hated when he would fail a test. It did not only make him feel like a failure, but also a disappointment. A disappointment to his friends, to his family, to his girlfriend.

Loud laughs and screams from the other team filled the emptying gymnasium as they celebrated their victory. Zach could hear a few boys snickering as they passed him, heading to the locker room, but he decided to ignore it. He wasn’t one to pick fights.

Y/N stood on the bleachers, her eyes focused on her boyfriend who was still crouching in the middle of the hall. Her heart ached at how defeated he looked at that moment. She knew that Zach would beat himself up, he always did even though she had told him times and times again that it wasn’t his fault; that their team couldn’t win every single game and that the most important thing was to give their best. All she wanted to do was to run up to him and hug him, hold him close to her and rub his back, whispering that they’ll do better next time. But she knew better than to do just that. Y/N knew that Zach needed time after a defeat, so she decided to give it to him. She waited as the gymnasium emptied itself, and then left herself. She decided to wait for her boyfriend and their friends in the parking lot, near Zach’s car.

Jessica and Justin got there first, making their way over Y/N holding hands. Y/N smiled at them and embraced them quickly. She could tell that Justin wasn’t happy with himself either. His eyebrows were in a permanent frown and his lips in a thin line. He was trying not to show how crushed he was, but Y/N had known him for over five years and knew him all too well.

“We’re going to hang out at Bryce’s with the others, you wanna join?” Jessica asked, intertwining her fingers with her boyfriend’s. Y/N thought about the offer, it wouldn’t be too bad, right? Usually they had parties at Bryce’s place after the Tigers won a game, but a get together with a few friends might actually cheer her boyfriend up. She was going to accept and say that they’ll be there in a few, until she saw Zach exiting the high school building.

“Uh, I think we will pass this time. But you have fun, guys.” She patted Justin’s shoulder and hugged Jess again before the couple left, heading to Jess’s car. One look at her boyfriend was enough for her to know that he wasn’t in a partying mood tonight. His eyes missed their usual spark, his grip on his sports bag was so tight his knuckles turned white. Zach took his time making his way over to his girlfriend, his steps long but slow.

“Hey there.” Y/N said softly, putting her arms around his neck and embracing him tightly once he was standing right in front of her. Zach’s head landed on her shoulder and she could feel him let out a long sigh. Her brows furrowed and she bit her bottom lip in concern, pulling away from him as he didn’t hug her back and looked straight into his chocolate brown eyes, waiting for an answer.

“What are you still doing here?” He mumbled, making eye contact for the first time since the end of the game. He didn’t mean to sound rude, though, and she knew it. He was sad and probably a bit ashamed. The boys had spent so much time practicing for this match, as they knew that the team they were playing against was really good. But it was all for nothing, or at least that’s what he thought.

 “Waiting for you.” Y/N said, taking his sports bag from him and putting it in his car’s trunk, ignoring his eye roll.

“I want to be alone, Y/N.” Zach pinched the bridge of his nose as he watched his girlfriend. She turned around to face him, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

“No, you don’t.” She took a step toward him, putting her hands on his chest. “You always say you do, but you don’t.” It was true, he knew it. He’d always push her away when he felt like this, but he’d run back to her only a couple of hours later because she was the only one who could make him feel better. A small smile appeared on his face, which made Y/N let out a sigh of relief before she continued. “So, how about we go to Rosie’s, then head back to my place?” She questioned, her eyes sprinkling with hope. Y/N’s enthusiastic expression made Zach’s heart melt. He chuckled as she got on her tiptoes to press her lips to his for a quick but sweet kiss and she knew that he couldn’t resist her now.

“Fine.” Zach put his hands on her hips as she pulled away and leaned in for another kiss, making her giggle. It was crazy how much calmer he was already. Minutes ago he was planning to go home, give the punching ball that he had installed in the basement a few hits, and go to bed – ready to forget about this awful evening. But now all he wanted was to cuddle his girlfriend the whole night while eating some take out from Rosie’s.

Pushing her hair behind her ears, Y/N made her way to the passenger seat, immediately plugging her phone to the radio and blasting her favourite song of the moment. Zach shook his head in amusement, a smirk playing on his lips at the sight of his girl singing along to the music. He started the engine and drove off, soon joining her as they both sang at the top of their lungs. As the couple approached the little restaurant, Y/N was a giggling mess. She looked at her boyfriend as he tried to rap along an Eminem song. He was doing great at first, but then the pace accelerated and she couldn’t hold her laugh in anymore. Y/N unplugged the device from the radio as Zach parked the car, her Y/E/C still looking at him lovingly.

She couldn’t believe that she actually had him. After all these years of crushing on him, he was finally hers. Zach Dempsey was one of the kindest guys at Liberty High, with no doubt. He was everything she has ever wanted, and more. Smart, charming, funny, and extremely good looking. He made her feel things she had never felt before. She felt safe, loved and cherished. She felt like the luckiest girl on the entire planet with him. Y/N didn’t understand what Zach was doing with a simple girl like her, but she wasn’t going to complain, right?

“Let’s go.” Zach’s soft voice brought her back to reality. He winked at her and gave her his famous smile, making her blush before getting out of the car and opening the passenger door for her. Y/N bit the inside of her cheek in an attempt to stop herself from laughing, but cracked a big smile at him nonetheless.

Taking her fragile hand in his significantly larger one, the brown-haired boy led his girlfriend to the little restaurant. They sat in their usual booth at the back as they waited for their order.

“We really sucked, huh?” Zach whispered, his mood suddenly changing from joyful to defeated once again. This wasn’t a surprise to Y/N though, she knew that cheering him up wasn’t going to be an easy task. She sighed, placing her hands on his across the table. She gave them a quick squeeze and a sent a reassuring smile in his direction.

“You didn’t. You were all great. You, Justin, all of you!” She was hoping to get a reaction out of him, a smile, a hum, a simple nod would have sufficed – but she got none of that. Instead, Zach was just staring at their hands as Y/N started drawing circles on them with her thumbs in a soothing manner. “Babe, look at me.” She demanded and he slowly obliged.

“We fucked up, that’s all.” He mumbled stubbornly, making Y/N scoff, which caused him to quirk an eyebrow at her.

“You lost the game, yes. But it’s not a big deal. You were good, but the other team was good too. You’ll do better next time. Stop beating yourself up. You’re always going to be my champion.” Zach nodded at her words, smiling as the word champion left her mouth. She would always call him that, whether they won or not. “Now let’s go home.” She said as the waiter brought two plastic bags filled with food to their table. Zach paid for the order before Y/N could even take her wallet out of her pocket, making her groan and him chuckle. They made their way out hand in hand, quickly getting into Zach’s car and driving to Y/N’s house.

Y/N’s parents adored her boyfriend, so they did not mind him spending time at their house. Her mother was so fond of the young boy, always telling her daughter that she should hold him. It took a bit more for her father to appreciate him, but after three months of them dating he understood that Zach’s intentions were good.

Making their way upstairs, Zach and Y/N waved to her parents who were sitting in the living room, watching a movie. Y/N shook her head at her mother, who was about to say something, probably ask how the game went. Her mother shoot her a knowing smile while nodding, then turned back to the TV.

Zach climbed onto Y/N’s bed after putting the take out on her desk. He watched as his girlfriend made her way over to him, lying down next to him and cuddling into his side.

 “So… Movie?” Y/N asked, her hand moving up to his chest as his arm made its way around her waist. Zach pressed his lips to her forehead, making her hum and snuggle closer to him. He cupped her face with his hand gently, tilting it up so he could kiss her properly.

 “Thank you so much for everything, babe.” He mumbled against her lips before kissing her again, but this time more forcefully, totally ignoring her question. Y/N internally rolled her eyes, but did not complain. In fact, she pulled him closer to her by his neck, deepening the kiss as she slipped her tongue into his mouth, making him groan. Zach swiftly moved them so he was hovering over her, his arms on either side of her body. Y/N’s fingers played with the little hairs at the base of his neck, which she knew was going to drive him crazy. She couldn’t help but giggle as Zach rolled his hips into hers, again and again.

 “What are you laughing at?” He broke the kiss, looking up at him with eyes filled with lust. Y/N bit her bottom lip at his appearance. His pupils dilated, his hair messy and his lips swollen from her kisses. She wanted to do so many things to him, but she knew she couldn’t. Not with her parents awake downstairs.

  “You know we can’t do that.” She said softly, her lips brushing against his. Zach groaned, his head falling into the crook of her neck, leaving a few kisses there. Once again, she was right. Y/N’s parents might be accepting of their relationship, but he knew they should not push things too far. The girl kissed his temple, her hands running up and down his back as they laid there for a few more seconds, just enjoying each other’s company.

“We should eat, the food is getting cold.” She pushed him off of her softly and got up to take the bags from the desk, bringing them to her bed. Zach was still lying there, facing the celling. “Come on, we can eat, watch a movie and then when they’re asleep, maybe…” She did not finish the sentence, she did not need to. The boy’s eyes widened, full of hope and lust once again. He smirked at her, making her roll her eyes as he moved to sit next to her. He smiled to himself, pecking her lips one more time. He couldn’t wait to see where the night was going to take them.

The end was terrible, I’m really sorry about that. This whole thing is a flop tbh.

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I actually have a few ideas for another Monty imagine, a Justin one and a Jeff one, but I don’t know if I should write them?? Anyways, let me know if you’d like that!

13RW Preferences; How They Ask You Out:

Authors Note: I feel as though these concepts are slowly going to turn into a series. P.S the boys’ dialogue is in italics :)

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Alex Standall:

During the weeks leading to Liberty High’s annual Winter Formal, you and Alex had been hanging around with each other regularly, and truthfully you were pleasantly surprised at how in sync the two of you were with each other. So when Alex asked you to be his date for the Winter Formal; you excitedly said yes! That night Alex arrived at your house in his car with a delicate collection of your favourite flowers in his hand. “Y/N, you look amazing!” “Thanks Alex, what about now though?.” you asked pulling the funniest face possible “Still beautiful to me”.

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Justin Foley:

After performing your cheer routine exceptionally at the team tryouts you were immediately awarded a spot on Liberty’s cheer team, which you and your friend, Justin, were really excited about. The truth is, you had always secretly hoped that you and Justin would become more than just friends; you both understood each other and Justin couldn’t help himself from being incredibly flirtatious whenever he found himself around you. So when the final game of the season came around and the Liberty Tigers won. School spirit was high and in the heat of the moment Justin found himself looking over to you with a smile (see gif) and instead of rushing over to celebrate with his team mates he made his way to you, lifting you into a hug with a huge smile on his face “Well played, Foley. There’s no way you’re not getting that scholarship now.” “Thanks, Y/L/N!” “You should probably get back to your team to get that trophy though” “I’d rather get the girl, if that’s cool with you?”.

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Clay Jenson:

Communications class wasn’t exactly your favourite subject, purely because you found the concept of the class as a whole a bit pointless. Clay Jenson was the only positive to your Communications class. The two of you got on fairly well, due to your mutual summer job working at the local theatre, and despite Clay being slightly awkward at times the two of you always had fun whenever you were together. One day during your Communications class you received a folded note with a question: Monet’s, after school with me? and two tick box answers: Yes or No. You could recognise the sharp lined handwriting that belonged to your co-worker and you knew this was his adorably awkward way of asking you out on a date. So you turned around with a smile to look at him (see gif) before turning back to the note to scribble down your own tick box answer: It’s a date, Jenson. 

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Jeff Atkins:

Since meeting Jeff Atkins a couple of weeks ago at a party, the two of you quickly became inseparable during school. It was as though the two of you had known each other for years. So when Jeff announced that he was throwing a party to celebrate his birthday and that you were invited, you were excited to spend more time with him, again, outside of the corridors of Liberty High. As soon as Jeff spotted you at his party he rushed over to greet you with a drink it was at this time you realised you had forgotten something quite important: Jeff’s present. “Hey, Y/N. So happy you could make it” Jeff said pulling you in for a hug “Hey birthday boy, of course I wouldn’t dare to miss it…” Your slight pause concerned Jeff “What’s up?” “I’m such a terrible person. I forgot to get you a birthday present, I’m so sorry.” Jeff laughed “I don’t mind, Y/N. To be honest you being here is kind of the best present you could’ve given, but if you’re really bothered by it you could always make it up to me by letting me take you on a date sometime.”.

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Zach Dempsey:

Valentine’s Day had always been a big cause for a social event at Liberty High, and this year had been no exception. You and Zach had only recently became acquainted due to a school project, but despite Zach managing to occasionally be a bit of an idiot, you kind of guessed that he always had good intentions. So when the two of you matched each other for the ‘Oh My Dollar Valentine’ you expected him to find the situation funny but he didn’t. “The thing is, you were the Valentine I was hoping for, Y/N.” (see gif) “So how do you feel about going on a date? Maybe we could end up being one of the first ‘Oh My Dollar Valentine’ success stories”. 

My name is Wonho. Foundation ‘Won’ and tiger ‘ho’. It means to courageously protect a team. It was a name that was made for me by the company during ‘No Mercy’. I am manly. I do things full heartedly. I protect the friends that have the same dreams of being a singer like me.
—  Wonho (Shin Hoseok ), Monsta X

Wonho does his name justice. He is a protector regardless of his often deceiving appearance I wouldn’t want to upset him.
His given name Hoseok roughly means bestowed sign he does that justice too.
source Trans credit:@sshownu
Mansae Interviews: Maniac

Maniac is a Korean-Hispanic American rapper who competed on Show Me the Money 6 and made it to the top 10 on Tiger JK and Bizzy’s team. Read the interview below to learn more about his rapping inspirations and Show Me the Money experiences.

Team Tiger JK and Bizzy from left to right: Maniac, Asol, Woo Won Jae, Ryno and P-Type

Show Me the Money 6 Experience 

Q: What is the most significant thing you have learned from competing on Show Me the Money?

A: That in most cases in life u get out what u put in but not with smtm , it involves a lot of luck as well 

Q: How did you find out about the show and what made you decide to audition? 

A: found out thru a lot of previous rappers that have been on the program, looking at my family and all the work i put into the rap game made me go out

Q: Are the judges what you were expecting?

A: yes judges were as fair as they could be I believe 

Q: Who do you consider your top competitor? 

A: I didn’t look at anybody as a competitor but I seen who the media was hyping up vs  who came with some heat that didn’t make it   

Top left to right: Maniac, Tyno, Mike Choe. Bottom left to right: Los, Asol, Ryno

About Maniac

Q: Where are you from? 

A: military brat lived all over the globe   if I had to choose I would say Gary Indiana 

Q: When and why did you start rapping? 

A: 96  my father was a musician and started a rap group for me 

Q: Who is your favorite artist? 

A:at this moment J cole Joe budden  Meek mill 

Q: Who/What is your inspiration? 

A: my father 

Q: Do you have any upcoming shows or singles? 

A:yes  ill keep them posted on my sns 

Q: After Show Me the Money, do you plan on coming back to the U.S. to promote or will you continue to pursue music in Korea? 

A: For now I will stay in Korea 

Q: Finally, please say something to Mansae viewers and fans that are cheering for you: 

 A:Thanks a lot to everyone that is cheering for me  it means more than I can show each individual person and I feel blessed 

To keep up with Maniac and his music follow him on Instagram (https://instagram.com/maniac1shot) and subscribe to his Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi7oInD9i8WG-96O1q5v3ng). 

Sebastian Michaelis is a powerful demon
  • Sebastian: On my way to corrupt Ciel's soul with my evilness
  • Sebastian: *develops a fetish for cats, saves kittens, prances around with a deerhead, prances around in a unicorn costume, has a thousand catchphrases, uses puns whenever he can, has way too much fun at dressup parties, has way too much fun looking for Easter eggs, invents a curry bun for kiddies to eat, poledances, thinks the only way to get info from straight women is to be a manwhore, hires the derpiest staff known to mankind, pretends to be killed by a firepoker, gets his head nommed by tigers, literally won a fight because Ciel believed in him, actually listens to William when they're roomies, internal monologue always complaining*
  • Ciel: Look in the mirror, loser
Lost (Liam)

So @irish-nlessing and I made a bet about baseball. Our teams the Detroit Tigers (hers) and the San Francisco Giants (mine) played each other this week and the bet was that if the Giants won the series, she would have to write a super hot smutty story about Liam, wherein he was not allowed to cry or be a baby man or anything else unsexy. If the Tigers won the series, though, I had to write a Liam smut where Liam’s chain hits his lady in the face while he’s fucking her and he cries in the shower afterwards. Sadly, I lost. However, I think I found some loopholes and still came up with something kinda hot. 

Liam sat in the car watching her silhouette in the lighted window as the rain fell heavily around him. He knew he shouldn’t be there, he should leave, but he couldn’t. Inside that warm house, she was waiting for him. She would greet him with open arms and open legs and he wouldn’t resist.

“Fuck,” he muttered, slamming his hand on the wheel. Giving up all pretense of resistance, he flipped the hood of his sweatshirt up before opening the door of the car and sliding out. He ran up the drive, his head down to protect his face from the storm. At the door, he raised his tattooed hand to knock but before he could, it opened. And there she was. She radiated heat, her dark blue eyes lighting a spark inside of him. They stared at each other, already breathing heavily, the air thick between them.

Without a word, he stepped inside, cupping her face and leaning down to taste her red lips, to open them with his tongue and relieve the craving that had been haunting him for the weeks since he had last had her. They didn’t need to talk, their bodies said everything that needed to be said.

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I would love to see a fic with Beka and Yurio going to an amusement park (Bekas idea lol) That morning, yurio wakes up feeling bad but doesn't say anything bc he knows Otabek is looking forward to the park. Yurio feels bad all day, but manages to make it through until Beka takes yurio on a roller coaster and Yurio pukes and then Otabek is like "awww poor thing got Motion sick" and then yurio has to explain that he has a stomach flu

I really love this scenario! Thanks for sending me a request!

Otabek glances fondly over at Yuri, who is sound asleep in the passenger seat, before he gently shakes him awake. “We’re here,” he announces.

Yuri blinks awake, groggy and disoriented, and slowly unbuckles his seat belt, moving to get out of the car. He’d woken up with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, but had hoped that a little more sleep would fix the problem. But there’s still nausea lingering in his belly as he and Otabek walk to the entrance of the amusement park.

They buy their tickets, and Yuri braces himself. He’s not about to let a little stomachache ruin this. He rarely gets to see his friend outside of skating competitions, so he’s determined to make the most of this outing. Otabek loves theme parks; he’s been talking excitedly about this trip for weeks.

Trying to give his stomach a chance to settle down, Yuri suggests that they wander around and get an idea of the layout of the park before going on any rides. Otabek agrees cheerfully, and they start to walk, occasionally getting sidetracked by one of the game booths or souvenir shops.

The pain in Yuri’s abdomen only continues to worsen as the day progresses. At one point it cramps so hard that he’s tempted to double over right there on the sidewalk; instead, he grits his teeth and forces himself to breathe evenly.

If Otabek has noticed that Yuri is unusually quiet this morning, he doesn’t mention it. He’s actually pretty talkative today, which spares Yuri the effort of trying to make conversation. He just nods along to what his friend is saying.

By mid morning, Yuri is barely holding it together. He’s swallowing convulsively now, and shivering, and sweating. Still, he insists on pressing on. But when Otabek comes to a sudden stop, staring at what is easily the largest roller coaster in the park, Yuri knows that he’s doomed.

He gets on line with Otabek anyway. By the time they reach the front, Yuri is having to muffle wet burps into his hand every few minutes. As he gets into one of the cars near the front (at Otabek’s insistence), he swallows hard. He’s the Ice Tiger of Russia. He won the Grand Prix Final in his senior debut, and he’s perfectly capable of riding a roller coaster without puking.

The ride starts up, and Yuri squeezes his eyes shut, focusing only on breathing and keeping his stomach in place. Each drop is jarring, every twist making him even more dizzy; he keeps himself from vomiting by sheer willpower alone. By the time they finish, Yuri can taste acid in his mouth. He knows that he’s going to lose it, but he refuses to throw up until they’re off the ride.

As soon as the safety belts are off, Yuri is up and stumbling out the exit. Otabek is trailing worriedly after him, but Yuri is too preoccupied to answer any of the questions his friend is asking. He searches desperately for the nearest trash can, but his stomach has other plans. They just make it past the start of line before Yuri’s stomach gives one final, ominous twist and he gags violently, spewing all over the ground.

He continues to heave for what feels like an eternity, until his stomach is well past empty. When he’s finally reduced to nothing but dry heaves, he notices that Otabek is crouched beside him, rubbing his back soothingly.

“Relax, Yura,” his friend urges. His dark eyes are full of worry.

Yuri spits one last time to get the taste out of his mouth, and runs a shaky hand across his lips to wipe away any residual vomit. Otabek takes this as a cue to help his friend carefully to his feet. “Sorry,” Yuri mumbles when he gets his breath back. Tears sting at his eyes from the embarrassment, and he determinedly blinks them away.

“I should be the one apologizing. I didn’t realize that you got motion sick. I never should have dragged you on that ride.” Otabek continues to ramble nervously before Yuri cuts him off.

“I don’t get motion sick,” he corrects Otabek, before sighing and deciding to own up to what’s been obvious all morning. “I wasn’t feeling well before we got on the ride.”

“Do you think that you’re sick?” Otabek asks, scrutinizing his younger friend carefully.

“Probably,” Yuri admits reluctantly, staring at his feet. “Sorry for ruining this for you.”

“Yuri.” Otabek lifts his chin so that their eyes meet. “Did you really think that I’d enjoy myself while you’re feeling miserable? Let’s get you home. You look terrible.”

“I’m sorry,” Yuri says again, feeling overwhelmingly guilty.

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault that you’re sick,” Otabek replies. Yuri shoots him a weak smile and follows him to the exit. He’s lucky to have such a great friend.

this tiger is not glass.

Bind me to find tigers cannot be caged.

Soon you will realize I will not be played.

Try not to panic when faced with this rage.

Darling, a tiger will not be swayed.

A tiger is lovely but darling, recall:

in the jungle your hubris will be your downfall.

I’ve earned every stripe, I’m immune to your thrall.

Darling, a tiger won’t come when you call.

I’ve realized you’re looking for glass figurines

for the shelf in the kingdom where you reign as queen,

but you’re hunting the jungle, I suggest that you leave.

For darling, on tigers you have no lien.


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question for everyone: Favorite animals? Also I absolutely love Pascal!

Clowns tend to have strong connections to animals, with some of them being able to communicate with them, like Quinn, Daisy, Charlie and Penelope. 

Anyway, favorite animals. Kingston likes rabbits (magician, duh.), Quinn has always loved tigers, Leo (you won’t believe it) likes lions, Claudette likes elephants, Daisy talks to and trains pigeons, Red loves chickens, and Will likes seals. 

Pascal and Fred don’t really care for animals, though Pascal did find a rat he liked once. He named it Ben. Even wrote a cute song about it. :p 

Cupcake…is afraid of most animals. 

You’ll never guess Penelope Pavlov the dog trainer’s favorite animal (or Charlie’s). 

And Ron is king of the dolphins.