tigers of wrath



Man, it’s been a while since I posted here huh? I’m using Tumblr way less now, but I’ve also been pretty busy last couple of months and facing a mean art block… Hopefully we can get back on track now.

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I was watching game play of a game I used to play as a kid. It was called Tai Fu Wrath of the tiger, it was a beat em up. I remember the tiger (main character) often said “Kick ass!”. I never got to beat it, it was too hard for me.

I’ve always wanted to animate kung fu - so I might use the character as a model for a SB Workshop demo. I did some pose studies while watching some video of a guy doing tiger stance kung fu.

Okay, so one of my favourite scenes from the 2012 TMNT is the one from ‘ The Wrath of Tiger Claw’ where Karai finds out that Splinter is her biological father then they discover that she’s led Tiger Claw back to their lair.

You just get her look of shocked realization, it’s a huge gut punch but what I really love is Splinter’s reaction.

Then this happens:

What I love about this part is it shows how much Splinter cared about her discovering the truth for herself. It was dangerous but it also demonstrates how much he trusts his sons and knows what they’re capable of.

This is a fantastic contrast to Shredder who hid the truth from her which prevented her from being able to make an informed decision. Splinter could have easily just told her that Shredder’s evil and she should stay away (and I don’t think anyone would have blamed him for saying that) but he respected her enough to let her decide.

This scene demonstrates what a wonderful parent Splinter is. Sure, he makes mistakes but at the end of the day he not only cares for his children, he respects them enough to let them make their own choices.

Bonus: have a happy Splinter! ^_^

TMNT 30 Day Challenge, Day 23: Your Favorite Battle






Ugh. I suppose I’ll do my best. *hyperventilates*

2007: My favorite battle from the 2007 movie is obviously the battle of power between Raphael and Leonardo. I love this scene because it showcases both of their personalities and how different they are so well. You get to see the cocky side of Leo, too, which is great. The animation is beautiful and I love how it’s all happening while it’s raining. It adds a really dramatic feeling to the scene. I think this scene was so well done and the emotional aspect hits me like a freaking truck every time.

2012, New Friend Old Enemy: This is one of my favorite battle scene from the 2012 show. I love this battle because it highlights the skills of the turtles, both physically and mentally (tricking them to follow them into the sewers). It’s also a really great moment for Mikey, who was just betrayed by someone he looked up to, someone who he thought accepted him despite the fact that he’s a mutant. Bradford broke Mikey’s heart, and ya know what he did? Mikey kicked his sorry butt. The moves that the turtles used were also great in this scene, and I love love love how in the beginning they come out of the shadows in stealth mode. I love it EVERY time they do that.

2012, The Gauntlet: Okay, so this is a freaking great scene. I mean, first battle with the Shredder? Come on, you KNOW that’s gonna be intense! And it was! We got to see how powerful and frightening the Shredder really is. And despite the fact that they got pretty beat up, the brothers fought hard and stuck it out, even when it seemed that they were going to be destroyed. They stuck together too, and we got to see some great brotherly, loving moments.

2012, Slash and Destroy: Oh, man. This one. This one gives me the feels. What a beautifully tragic scene. I love seeing Raoh passionate like he is in this scene. He’s having to battle his lifelong pal, a friend he confided in, a partner in crime. Spike loses his mind, hurts his brothers, and what does he do? The only thing he can: sacrifice himself and risk his life trying to save his brothers. He shows great character development here and it’s a great bonding moment. And I love the end, when Spike falls, and Raph still reaches for him, because he can’t stand letting his best friend fall to his death (which ends up not actually being his death but Raph didn’t know that).

2012, The Wrath of Tiger Claw: GREAT SCEEENNEEE. Great great great scene. The turtles go full badass in this battle against Tiger Claw. I also love this battle because Karai fiNALlY joins the turtles and fights against evil instead of with it. There’s a lot of stealth action going on, great fighting techniques, beautiful animation, and tight brotherhood. Love it, love it, love it. 

2012, The Invasion: Oh, man. Here we go.

Quite possible my favorite battle scene ever, maybe… I say that with caution. I really can’t even get over this scene. Still. To this day. This scene just… I really don’t even have words to describe it. At this point, we’re assuming Leo is 16, about to turn 17. He is a teenager, kid.And he’s out there, alone, fighting dozens, if not a hundred Foot bots, totally unaware of the whereabouts of his team or his Sensei. He is fueled by anger and hatred for the Shredder and everything he’s done. He’s still hung up over not finding Karai and her mutation. He’s fed up with the Shredder for constantly trying to destroy himself and everyone he loves. He fights with every ounce of strength, and even after every blow, he doesn’t stop for the sake of his family. His fighting is beautiful and all the while the Shredder and his henchman are watching him suffer. When Tiger Claw, Rahzar, and Fishface finally attack, he is beaten down at first, but then he just explodes. He loses it, after all of this time. He beats down his opponents and for one short moment, stands triumphant. But he’s weak, exhausted. And just when he thinks that maybe he’s won, Shredder comes up behind him. And even after that whole battle, after defeating the Foot bots and his henchman, after proving himself beyond anything we expected, he. still. loses. He STILL falls short of Shredder’s immense power. This scene shows the real vunerability and emotion in Leo, and I love every second of it.