tigers nigga

Social Distortion (ft. MF DOOM)
Prince Po
Social Distortion (ft. MF DOOM)

is that so!?
the first hip hop chat show
whoever talk slick get they lip popped by fatso
(whu-pop!) bum, feel the sting linger
wrote this humdinger with a dislocated bling finger
still king of the hill, it’s the DOOM hour
when he came and spit more gibberish than Boomhauer, mang
wigs will bleed with the quick speed
drag ‘em back stage like the tiger nigga did Siegfried
caught a deal on a sawed off bought off soupy sales
and a hood chick just to ward off the groupie males
most will boast that his flows is coastal
hope he get on the mic and don’t go postal
keep it blissful–it’s wishful thinking
piss full of drinking–fistful of lincolns
pistol full of lead–with one in the head
and a fanbase that spread from the unborn to undead
dunce head, terror alert high
dress code when in stress mode–shirt and tie
a certain guy told her ignore the mask
a flirt in a skirt to make ya beg for the ass
baby got back maybe got black
in a stranger house Danger Mouse gave 'em hot tracks
asked him could he bark on the beat and spark cali
villain not the cat you wanna meet in a dark alley