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Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw (First Review!!!)

Hey everyone, so for my first review on here, I’ll be reviewing Tigers Jaw’s self-titled album, Tigers Jaw. Tigers Jaw is an indie rock album with some hints of emo. It is the band’s second full length album and was released on September 10, 2008. Some of the tracks are rerecorded versions of songs from the band’s debut Belongs to the Dead.

The first time I heard this album I fell in love. It’s full of catchy emo/pop punk tracks with relatable lyrics. Ben Walsh’s soft yet strong voice combined with Adam McIlwee’s raspier, almost off key, voice is just perfect. They’re like an emo Lennon-McCartney.

Although the song writing isn’t comparable to Lennon and McCartney’s, the lyrics are perfect for any angsty teenager or young adult. The songs are extremely catchy, really relatable, and fun to sing along with.

Maybe it’s just because I’m an angsty teen with a really biased opinion, or maybe (and most likely) the album is just really great, but I give this album a 5/5.  

Favorite tracks

The Sun

Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine

I Saw Water


Meals on Wheels

Least Favorite Tracks: 


Last few comments:

I would recommend this album to any teenagers or young adults.

Final Rating: 5/5

15th//Collection of an Artist// Tigers Jaw has been one of my favorite bands for years.

  • Split with Balance and Composure (Gold) /500 on Run For Cover Records
  • Belongs To The Dead (Black) /1000 on Run For Cover Records
  • Tigers Jaw (Red/Orange Starburst) /200 on Run For Cover Records
  • Hum (Orange/White) /900 on Run For Cover Records
  • Split with Self Defense/The World Is/Code Orange Kids (Clear Gold w/ Red Smoke) /1500 and (Rose) /2000 on Top Shelf Records and Run For Cover Records
  • Two Worlds (Light Blue) /400 on Run For Cover Records
  • Charmer (Translucent Green) /1050 on Run For Cover Records
  • Gypsy (Black) /800 on Run For Cover Records
  • 2008 Summer Tour EP (Black) /1000 on Run For Cover Records