tigers in a tub

The First-Timer (Chapter Two Pt. 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Romance / Smut

Status: On-Going

Previous Chapter: https://aplagueuponthesehoes.tumblr.com/post/164945098785/the-first-timer-chapter-one 

Author’s Note: All editing issues that can be addressed are finished. As per usual, if you click on the “keep reading” tab, the errors that are still available will disappear! This section actually includes smut, as well, so there’s that. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it!

     “I’ve never been in a penthouse before, so I have zero expectations. Is there something I should look out for? Jacuzzi tub? A tiger chained up in your bedroom? The aforementioned icepick?”

     “You’ve got a solid one out of three.” A soft ding, the doors opening in almost complete silence. “Not that I’m going to tell you which one, of course.” He steps through the opening and makes a left, heading towards the farthest end of the hallway. Of course, there isn’t much else up here, save for a single door with a gold plate reading, “Utilities.” Nothing too exciting going on in there.

     The entrance to the penthouse is actually understated, not that I’d expected a red carpet or men with trumpets. It’s a single door–with multiple security measures, I might add–beneath a minimalist, hanging lamp, and a mailbox has been built into the wall beside the door hinges. Jongdae unlatches the first lock with a physical key before sliding the card through another security mechanism, and the door opens with a faint beep. He uses his shoulder to press against it, and that is when I realize that, despite the simplistic design of the entryway, the door is actually thick as hell.

     “Damn. That thing bulletproof?”

     “Better be, after the amount I paid for it,” he says, careful to check that I am inside the apartment before shutting it behind me. We take our shoes off in unison, and the brief reprieve from tension abruptly concludes. After all, I’m in his apartment. There’s not much more stalling I can do, unless I actually do manage to find a tiger in the bedroom.

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Old bath to worm farm

Managed to get an old plastic bath and quickly transformed it into a large worm farm.

With gravel placed in the bottom for drainage and hessian liner, layer upon layer of organic matter (straw, manure, leaves, shredded paper) was added with a final top layer of kitchen scraps. Then a whole lot of tiger worms were introduced before bedding them in with a good thick layer of paper shreddings. A bucket is placed below the plug to collect the ‘worm juice’.

  • me, taking my cat to the zoo to look at the tigers: those are your ancestors..n you sit on the edge of the tub screaming at me when i pee..
  • me, taking my cat to the zoo to look at the tigers: those are your ancestors..n you sit on the edge of the tub screaming at me when i pee..