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Some of my top picks are being slept on SO BADLY!! Individuals include Yeo Hwanwoong, Woo Jinyoung, Byun Hyunmin, Kim Donghan, Hong Eunki. All are really talented in their craft but are being overshadowed so badly. There is a list of the supposed Top 35 and most or all of who I mentioned didn’t make it. It’s really heartbreaking…

The History of Furby

(This article is from FurbyFrenzy.com, a furby fansite that I run. I thought I’d post it here for the furby fandom to see.)

In February of 1997, Dave Hampton went to the American International Toy Fair, where he saw the tamagochi for the first time.

He wasn’t too impressed by it, and has said that he found it to be too sterile and “flat.” Soon after, he started designing the children’s toy the tamagochi inspired: the furby.

It took Hampton and partner Caleb Chung nine months to create the first furby prototype, and after they invited fellow toy and game inventor Richard C. Levy to help sell it, Levy brought furby to Tiger Electronics, a toy company which had just been bought by Hasbro in June of that same year.

When the first furby prototype was shown to Alan G. Hassenfeld, chairman of Tiger, there were apparently some problems getting it to start, as the halogen lightbulbs in the room it was in were interfering with the signals being sent along a wire between the furby and the concealed black emulator box that contained its machinery.

Tin foil was wrapped around the wire to shield it from the radiation, and after the furby did turn on and Hassenfeld saw it working, he reported to Roger Shiffman, the president of Tiger, that it was the coolest thing he’d seen in 25 years in the business.

Not long after, Shiffman bought the rights to the furby, and production began with the goal of making it available in time for Christmas of 1998. Shiffman acknowledged the risk of rushing production, but said it was “too exciting not to try.”

Furbies began flying off the shelves as soon as they were released in stores on October 2nd, 1998. Some stores were so worried about the frenzy that they wouldn’t even let buyers get it directly from the shelf—anyone who wanted to purchase a furby had to get a ticket and give that to a store associate, who would then give you the furby.

It was the year’s hottest toy.

In December though, rumor of a potential lawsuit by Warner Bros. took off, as the similarities between furbies and mogwai (the creatures that morphed into gremlins in the movie by the same name) were not lost on them or anyone else.

Another rumor appeared immediately after that a seven figure settlement had taken place. The rumors were disputed by Warner Bros. spokesperson Barbara Brogliatto, who said, “There was not a lawsuit and there’s no settlement. We have a good working relationship with Hasbro.”

Warner Bros. even partnered with Tiger to bring the Gizmo furby to consumers, and those and other furbies continued to enjoy the same popularity well into the next year.c In 1999 Tiger released furby babies, which were smaller furbies with different voices and easter eggs, and furby buddies, which were also extremely popular, and in 1999 and 2000 they partnered with McDonald’s to give away little furby figures and furby keychains, respectively, and even those were considered highly collectible.

The hype could only last for so long though, because Tiger started releasing so many different variations of the furby and furby babies that the market became oversaturated and sales started dwindling. The company stopped selling furbies in 2000, and instead started focusing on a furby offshoot called shelby, which was released in 2001.

Shelbies were clam-like creatures that could open and close, speak Shelbish, and were decidedly grouchier than furbies. In 2002, those too were retired from the Tiger line.

So what became of Tiger’s Furby? Today they are still bought and sold on auction sites, relics of a bygone era with a fanbase that will not let go of them.

In April 1944, the LSSAH’s Tiger Company was transferred to the SS Heavy Panzer Battalion 101. This battalion was assigned to the I SS Panzer Corps as a corps asset, and was never permanently attached to any division or regiment. By this point, Wittmann was in command of the battalion’s second company and held the rank of SS-Obersturmführer (first lieutenant). On 7 June, following the Allied Invasion of Normandy, the battalion was ordered to move from Beauvais to Normandy. The move, covering roughly 165 kilometres or 103 miles, took five days to complete.

Due to the Anglo-American advance south, from Gold and Omaha Beach, the German 352nd Infantry Division began to buckle. As the division withdrew south, it opened up a 7.5-mile (12.1 km) wide gap in the front line near Caumont-l'Éventé. Sepp Dietrich ordered the Heavy SS-Panzer Battalion 101, his only reserve, to position itself behind the Panzer-Lehr-Division and 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend. This position would protect the open left flank, which was developing. Anticipating the importance the British would assign to the high ground near Villers-Bocage, Wittmann’s company was positioned near the town. Late on the 12th, Wittmann’s company arrived in the area of Villers-Bocage. Nominally composed of 12 tanks, Wittmann’s company was 50 per cent understrength due to losses and mechanical failures. During the night, the area came under heavy naval artillery fire. Fearing his force had been spotted, Wittman relocated his company three times.

The following morning, the lead elements of the British 7th Armoured Division entered Villers-Bocage. They had been given the objective of exploiting the gap in the front line, seizing Villers-Bocage, and capturing the nearby ridge (Point 213) to attempt to force a German withdrawal. The British arrival surprised Wittmann, as he had not expected them so soon. He later stated:

“I had no time to assemble my company; instead I had to act quickly, as I had to assume that the enemy had already spotted me and would destroy me where I stood. I set off with one tank and passed the order to the others not to retreat a single step but to hold their ground.”

At approximately 09:00 Wittmann’s Tiger emerged from cover onto the main road, Route Nationale 175, and engaged the rearmost British tanks positioned on Point 213, destroying them. Wittmann then moved towards Villers-Bocage engaging several transport vehicles parked along the roadside, the carriers bursting into flames as their fuel tanks were ruptured by machine gun and high explosive fire. Moving into the eastern end of the town he engaged a number of light tanks followed by several medium tanks.[30] Alerted to Wittmann’s actions, light tanks in the middle of the town quickly got off the road while medium tanks were brought forward. Wittmann, meanwhile, had accounted for a further British tank, two artillery observation post (OP) tanks followed by a scout car and a half-track. Accounts differ as to what happened next. Historians record that, following the destruction of the OP tanks, Wittmann briefly dueled without success against a Sherman Firefly before withdrawing. The Tiger is then reported to have continued eastwards to the outskirts of the town before being disabled by an anti-tank gun. Wittmann’s own account, however, contradicts this; he states that his tank was disabled by an anti-tank gun in the town centre. In less than 15 minutes, 13–14 tanks, two anti-tank guns and 13–15 transport vehicles had been destroyed by the Heavy SS-Panzer Battalion 101, the vast majority attributed to Wittmann. Wittmann would however play no further role in the Battle of Villers-Bocage. For his actions during the battle, Wittmann was promoted to SS-Hauptsturmführer (captain) and awarded Swords to his Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. Several destroyed vehicles line the side of a tree and hedge lined road. A destroyed gun, twisted metal and debris occupy the foreground. The wreckage of the British transport column, and an anti-tank gun, that Wittmann engaged.

Historians and Wittmann’s superiors are generally impressed by his achievements on the day. Historian Stephen Badsey has stated that the ambush Wittmann launched has cast a shadow over the period between D-Day and 13 June in historical accounts. However, German tank commander and historian Wolfgang Schneider is not as impressed. In analyzing Wittmann’s actions at Villers-Bocage, he called into question Wittmann’s tactical ability. Schneider claims “a competent tank company commander does not accumulate so many serious mistakes”. He highlights how Wittmann dispersed his forces in a sunken lane with a broken down tank at the head of the column thereby hampering the mobility of his unit. The solitary advance into Villers-Bocage, was heavily criticized as it breached “all the rules”. No intelligence was gathered, and there was no “centre of gravity” or “concentration of forces” in the attack. Schneider argues that due to Wittmann’s rash actions, “the bulk of the 2nd Company and Mobius 1st Company came up against an enemy who had gone onto the defensive”. He calls Wittman’s “carefree” advance into British-occupied positions “pure folly”, and states that “such over hastiness was uncalled for”. He concludes that, had a properly prepared assault, involving the rest of his company and the 1st Company, been launched far greater results could have been achieved. Finally, Schneider, comments that “thoughtlessness of this kind was to cost [Wittmann] his life … during an attack casually launched in open country with an exposed flank.

Besides the many Christmas presents all over the floor making Emma write a mental note to ask Henry to put them somewhere else later, another thing catches her attention.

- What’s up with the Santa hat, Killian?

- Henry said it was tradition in this realm, Swan.

- Oh, did he?

Emma makes a huge effort not to laugh at her pirate, but he looks so cute, it’s impossible not to smile at how adorably clueless he is. And why not make up for the little prank her son pulled on him…

- And did he also told you about mistletoe?

- Mistle… what?

- That little plant over our heads. Well, it’s common knowledge that if two people stand together under the mistletoe they must kiss.

While Killian looks up at the ceiling, Emma pulls him to herself and they share a loving kiss and before it gets out of hand, Emma breaks the kiss.

- Easy, tiger, we got company… for now.

Emma winks at him, while he stands there smiling at her.

- I quite like that tradition, love.

- Oh, if you like that, wait until you see your present.

They press their foreheads together, enjoying their quiet moment.

Meanwhile, Henry and Violet are too immersed in their own conversation, not even noticing the two silly adults who look more like teenagers than themselves.

Merry Christmas to all my followers, friends and shipmates. May this be a blessed Christmas to all. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful day!

1944 01 Cold Front - Nicolas Trudgian

The bitter Russian winter of 1943/44 was matched by some of the toughest fighting of the ground war. Between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dnieper River elements of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler reinforced their fearsome reputation. Panthers of SS Pz.Rgt. 1 move forward to engage Soviet armour, passing a Tiger of the 13th Heavy Company LAH. Overhead, Fw190A’s of Hptm Erich Rudorffer’s II/JG54 lend support by hunting for Soviet ground attack aircraft ahead of the panzer spearhead.


[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Aladdin ~

↳Set in Ancient Lebanon with Joelle Behlock as Jasmine, the beautiful princess who lives in the palace, and Omar Borkan al Gala as Aladdin, the falconer that falls in love with her. Jasmine, determined to see how her people live and tired of her sheltered palace life with only her pet tiger for company, sneaks out dressed as a commoner one day and ends up in the bazaar. She gets in trouble when a merchant thinks she’s but a vagabond trying to steal his wares and Aladdin quickly runs to her aid. They spend the day together and by nightfall they’ve fallen in love. Knowing that her father won’t approve of marriage with a commoner, Jasmine sneaks out every day to spend the day with Aladdin till one lucky day when they find a magic lamp in the abandoned house they’ve sneaked into. The genie grants the lovers their wish of Aladdin becoming a prince with enough riches to tempt Jasmine’s father and he presents himself to the sultan who quickly approves seeing how in love they are.



Starting off the year with a bang, a big Artpiece for my amigos here on Tumblr.

It was only in September that I started posting Art here on Tumblr, and only in October did I start making Gemsonas and RPing with others. From there i’ve met so many Artists, Writers and other friendly people, all special in their own way and love the wonderful show Rebecca Sugar blessed us with. Over these few months i managed to make friends with most of them, RPing and chatting to learning and improving on my own Art style from their influence. For that, I am eternally grateful for them as well as everyone else who has followed me over the short period of time and I am happy that I could put a smile on your face, even if it was for the smallest moment! 

*raises glass* 

And I hope we all stay smiling, for years to come! Let’s all create awesome Art, make new friends, develop our Gemsonas and have a great New Year!!!


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