This Machine Prints Brick Roads

Block paving (also known as brick paving) is an alternative to an asphalt road. It’s typically used for aesthetic purposes on roads where traffic is relatively slow. Unfortunately, the process of laying these roads is manually intensive and can by quite harsh on one’s back and knees. Dutch-company Vanku BV sought to address this issue with their Tiger Stone brick-laying machine.

The Tiger Stone is not automatic and still requires workers (2-3) to ‘feed’ the bricks, however their position is now upright and the actual laying of bricks is much more efficient, with the company claiming a team can lay about 300 square meters (3,230 sq ft) of brick road a day.

The machine can also lay various interlocking patterns simultaneously up to six meters wide (20 ft). The machine is simple to operate with virtually no mechanical/moving parts. The machine is electric drive reducing noise as well. To really get a sense of this machine in action, check out the video at the bottom of this post and you’ll understand why it appears that the Tiger Stone is literally printing roads!



My friend has been begging me to make a Gemsona, so I finally caved and decided to make one for my favorite stone, Tiger’s Eye. (I will try to color this later when I have the chance!)


Part of the Quartz family, Tiger’s Eyes are part of the military class in gem society. They are often cooked longer than their other counterparts, allowing them to achieve a smaller, more nimble build. This is done intentionally, making them the scouts of many Gem armies on Homeworld. Their task is that of the surveyor; they must quickly move ahead of the group and map out the surrounding area with great speed in order not to be seen.

This task has made many Tigers adapt an instinctive sense of their surroundings and a photographic memory over time. However, due to the dangerous duties of their job, Tigers are also known to be very blunt and serious, often lacking any sense of humor or leisure. Their weaker build also resonates with their fighting style, which is known to be quick and evasive. While an important player in many battles, Tigers are looked at as less important than other Quartzes, due to their weaker forms and lack of blunt strength.

professorbumblebee  asked:

It would be easy to say that Tarek would be the god of the sun... But I think he would also be the guardian of Those Who Still Believe in Good and The Light. I would leave marigolds and blackeye susan blossoms on his altar and tiger's eye stone when I can get it.

He’d like those very much, I think, and accept the with warm blessings.