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None of the photos are mine. 

so those headcanons i talked about… >w> 
they might be a bit boring but?? what can u do?? 

Naruko Io

- Io is generally the more stable one out of the two of them. Financially, emotionally, mentally… basically in every way he’s more well off. 
- He’s very good at sticking to plans. 
- Drawn to money because he views that as success. More money=highly successful
- He’s a bit socially awkward, which is another reason he likes money. He can’t hold a conversation, as much as he’d like to. In a business transaction, however, he’s fine, because he’s talking about the money. But he can’t talk about himself to someone he wants to be friends with. Like he had said, “Money doesn’t betray.”
- Io is jealous of Ryuu because of his social abilities. 
- He typically keeps himself very busy, so he joined the “Earth Defense Club (lol)” so he’d be able to make time to do things he’d like… such as more business transactions. This kid is always fucking doing business one way or another. (But he separates things into “profitable/necessary” transactions and side transactions that he’d like to do. Either way he’s making money and working so I don’t see the need to separate…? Io ur weird.)

Zaou Ryuu

- Ryuu is the complete opposite of Io. His home life is falling apart bit by bit and his parents don’t see much in him anymore.
- Is a closeted bisexual, making things harder especially since his parents are homophobic as fuck (don’t even start him on the rampant biphobia as well).
- Things have gotten to the point where he sometimes doesn’t even like himself, so he’s created this fake image of “the guy who’s always got a date” to try and make himself more likable. He’s trying to fake it until he makes it, basically.
- He gets angry to hide the sadness that he feels, as he sees anger as more powerful than tears. Crying is weakness, anger is power. People will listen to you when you’re angry, no matter what you actually have to say, because they will fear you. Besides, boys don’t cry.
- Ryuu is (rightly so) jealous of Io because Io is more stable. He envies the stability that Io has not only created for himself but for that which he was given, via the loving parents that are so kind to him when he comes over (which is all the time by now).


- They hang out a LOT, especially because of Ryuu’s situation at home. Usually they’ll go to Io’s house or the club room after they both joined. Sometimes they go grab a bite to eat, or they go the the library together when they need to work on school stuff (or transactions…wait but Io does that everywhere anyway?? :p)
- Ryuu tells Io everything that goes on at home. Well… mostly everything. For the most part Io knows a good deal of what Ryuu is going through, but he doesn’t know the exact extent of his problems or how much they actually affect Ryuu…
- Ryuu does most of the talking when they’re together, Io is simply there to listen. Sometimes he interjects with an idea or advice, but usually he’s very quiet, and always respectful. 
- One thing Io can’t keep quiet about, however, is when something drastic happens to his funds. Io will babble on passionately about which stocks he sold for a ton of money or what bid he lost on that day, and though Ryuu doesn’t quite get it he’ll offer his two cents when appropriate. Sometimes being treated to a beef bowl is necessary. 

I believe that’s all for now… god im so worried i forgot something ;; 

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