And because we coexist on a planet long defiled by habits opposite to love, it seems to me that the task of surviving and/or the task of providing for the survival of those who are not as strong as I am, is a political undertaking: Vast changes will have to be envisioned, and pursued, if any, let alone all, of us will survive the destructive traditions of our species. Enormous reversals and revisions of our thinking patterns will have to be achieved, somehow, and fast. And to accomplish such lifesaving alterations of society, we will have to deal with power: we will have to make love powerful. We will have to empower the people we love so that they can insist upon validity of their peculiar coloring or gender or ethnicity or accidental economic status, so that they can bloom in their own place and time like the tiger lilies growing beautiful and free.
—  June Jordan, “The Creative Spirit in Children’s Literature” (1977)