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Ok who in the highschool au who would be the person who un ironically likes crappy 80s music, who would secretly like kpop and jpop and try to hide it, and who would love boy bands.

  • 76 and reinhardt unironically likes 80s music like EYE OF THE TIGER IS THEIR JAM
  • symmetra acts like she’s too good for kpop and jpop and likes indie bands mostly but secretly she can appreciate a good kpop tune
  • mei and mercy and pharah all love one direction and zayn and are kind of insufferable about it
  • reaper… reaper loves jonas brothers so much and he’d rather people catch him listening to lovelive songs instead of finding out…
  • mccree thinks anime openings are really good he likes asian kungfu generation and FLOW and hanzo is like “no fuck you”

A segment from the NBC-TV special “Chicago and All That Jazz” hosted by Garry Moore, which originally aired on November 26th 1961.

First, the “New Orleans Band” perform “Original Jelly Roll Blues”, “Dr. Jazz”, “Cornet Chop Suey”, and “Heebie Jeebies” featuring Red Allen on trumpet, Kid Ory on trombone, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Lil Hardin-Armstrong on piano & vocals, Johnny St Cyr on six-string banjo, Milt Hinton on bass, Zutty Singleton on drums, and Mae Barnes on drums & vocals.

Later, they are joined for a free for all jam on “Tiger Rag” by the “Chicagoans,” comprised of Jimmy McPartland on trumpet, Jack Teagarden on trombone, Pee Wee Russell on clarinet, Bud Freeman on tenor sax, Joe Sullivan on piano, Eddie Condon on guitar, Bob Haggart on bass, Gene Krupa on drums, and Blossom Seeley on vocals.

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STUDENT SECTION SUCKS . We just got done with out show and we pump up the crowd afterwords with " tiger jam " and " shout it out ." So out bd counts off and some fucking idiot lets of RED CHALK PAINT . Our uniforms are red but they still have a lot of white . Our plumes RUINED uniforms RUINED . Our bd is taking it to the school board. We left it was only 3rd quarter and we left the game . What's worst we have a competition TOMORROW. Everyone is pissed at the student section. FUCK HARTSELLE CITY

All students sections suck tbh



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