Wasps are better than Dragons

During a long fight with a red dragon our party was in a spot of bother; very little health left between us and no sign of defeating the dragon.

Warlock - “I cast hunger of Hadar…so that’s like 14 damage”

DM - “Blood splashes across the floor”

Bard - “I send my one remaining wasp from Giant Insect into the sphere”
*Wasp takes 9 damage from Hunger of Hadar*
Bard - “So a 21 to hit…the dragon takes a pitiful 5 damage”

DM - “….It dies. Your giant kamikaze wasp killed a Red Dragon congrats”

*High fives all around*

People like to talk about what great dads some of the Dragon Age companions would be, but can we acknowledge the great mom potential?

We know Morrigan is a great mom. I think the others would be too.

Leliana would be the type of mom that never have need for a music player, because she is the music player. She’d be the type of mom that continues to sing lullabies long after the kid has fallen asleep. She’d be the type of mom that would enjoy shopping for back to school clothes more than the kid. She’d be the type of mom that would want to interview the parents of every friend before scheduling a play date. 

Isabela would be the type of mom that wouldn’t think she could ever be a mom until looking at her baby’s face for the first time, and realizing that it was hers to protect, and raise, and teach. She’d want to be everything her own mother wasn’t. She’d be the type of mom who when getting called into the principal’s office over a fight, ask who won. (Jokingly, of course. Well, half jokingly.) She’d be the type of mom that would tell everyone she’s a horrible one when really she’s great. She’d be the type of mom that would encourage no secrets between each other.

Merrill would be the type of mom that would read bedtime stories long past the age most parents consider “too old for such a thing.” She’d be the type of mom that regularly plans picnics in the park and camping trips in the backyard. She’d be the type of mom that would work hard to help the kid in school but never put pressure on them to do more than they can handle. 

Aveline would be such a Soccer Mom™. She’d be the type of mom that would want to get involved in every single thing her kid did, including coaching the team, volunteering at school, and attending every single band concert if it takes reversing time to do it. She’d be the type of mom that would offer advice to other moms, (if they ask for it or not.) She’d be the type of mom that would be 120% prepared for any possible thing that could go wrong, and carry around a giant bag of kid supplies everywhere she went.

Josephine would be the type of mom that would play with her kid for hours, putting on little plays with their toys and doing anything to make them giggle. She’d be the type of mom that would want to capture every single giggle on camera, too, with a stack of scrapbooks that just keeps building. She’d be the type of mom that would explain in detail why what they did was wrong with every punishment.

Cassandra would be the "I’m not angry, I’m disappointed” mom. She’d be the type of mom that would encourage independence, but not without making it clear the kid can come to her for anything. She’d be the type of mom that teachers would know to be on their best behaviour when they see her coming. She’d be the type of mom to leave sticky notes around the house with not so subtle hints that their bedroom needs to be cleaned. (All signed “With love, Mommy.”)

Vivienne would be the type of mom that would constantly tell everyone how proud she is of her kid, and would frame every single achievement, from participation award to science fair winner. She’d be the type of mom to put over the top effort into school play costumes, insisting they be made by hand and not just bought from a store. She’d be the type of mom that would make sure her kid got everything they ever wanted, but not without them earning it.

Sera would be the type of mom that would never send her kid to school without cookies cut in a different shape for every day of the week. She’d be the type of mom that’d disapprove of TV and approve of imagination and books, and would always be looking on Pinterest for ideas to keep them entertained. She’d be the type of mom who would encourage messy fun, jumping in mud puddles and dancing in the rain. 

More Banter

(Word of Mod Note: This mod was NOT made by the Word of Mod, but since banter is one of the most requested mods since the previous version broke, we thought we would highlight this mod from the Nexus)


Description (from the modder Jerrybullet @ Nexus)

The mod is now official. If you downloaded the “experimental” version, delete it and replace it with the new file. Enjoy the bantz.


The goal of this mod is to guarantee that you hear party banter more often. By default, the game has some sort of counter running in the background that activates somewhere between 10 - 20 minutes. When this happens, the game will either play banter (if available), or do nothing. This mod tells the game to ignore the random ‘yes or no’ chance of the counter, and play banter no matter what (unless you’re in a loading screen, in which case the banter should play afterward).


Q: Can you make the banter activate even sooner?

A: Not that I’m aware of. I’ve spent many long hours searching for this option, but have found nothing. The best I could do (assuming the mod works) is make it so banter is guaranteed to activate. 15-minute banter intervals should be pretty good, though, since companions will eventually run out of things to say. Having them say something every minute will leave you with repeated banter or nothing but silence.

Word of Mod Note: Be sure to check out their other mods on the Nexus, too! They’re a relatively new modder, but they’ve come out with some very cool mods!

*sneakily posts giveaway post on monday evening*

Some of you might remember that I said I was thinking about doing a romance type of giveaway for my last milestone and 1 year anniversary of this blog. Of course life got in the way and I completely forgot! But it’s here now:

The art nouveau couple painting giveaway!*

The prize: a painting in the style like the ones above! You can choose any couple you want (doesn’t have to be Dragon Age specific!), and you can also specify the flowers, colour scheme, background, title, if you like, or leave it up to me.

The rules: reblogs/ likes count as entries (no limit), you have to be following me (obviously new followers are welcome as well), no giveaway blogs.

(And by following me I mean either this blog, my personal blog or my art blog, any one of them.)

The winner: will be chosen randomly, by a number generator, and I will contact them within 24 hours of the giveaway ending. Please make sure you have your ask/ submit/ message open, one of three will be fine, but if I have no way to contact you I will have to choose another winner.

End Date: 1st Oct. 2016 (midnight, CEST)

I realise these kind of paintings are kind of a very specific thing, so I apologize if you would have liked to see another kind of prize, I just really want to do more of these! (I am working on a zevran/ warden one, maybe I’ll add it as an example to this post once it’s done!)

As this is such a specific prize, I don’t expect a large response, so for now there is just one prize, but if it does become popular I’ll add another, just to make it fair!

* Should’ve thought of a catchier title…

Sera likes books :)

Can we stop pretending Sera is not literate/doesn’t enjoy reading?

No matter who you romance her as is buy books to learn about the Inquisitor’s culture. (If they’re human she crosses it out and says ‘all books are human,’ and if they’re elf, she’ll cross it out and underneath write that she needs wine, indicating that it was painful for her.)

She gets books to teach her how to sew and weave when she wants to make something for the Inquisitor. 

If you approve of the Herald of Andraste title, she gets Chantry books. If you disapprove, she gets University books.

“- That book she reads. Why’s it good? Soooo long (scratched out).
- Stupid book. Didn’t cry.”
(Obviously cried.)

When Sera wants to know something, she goes to books. Sera likes books! :)