tiger with baby pigs

Suka the Sumatran tiger cub by Debbie Beals | In the wild, a tiger mother could not kill enough prey to feed so many hungry cubs, so usually only two survive. At eight weeks old, cubs join their mother when hunting, and at six months they are ready to learn how to kill cattle, deer, and pigs.

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what's your opinion on the Cecil the lion situation, I'm so sad :(

My heart is in a constant state of aching for all the animals we senselessly kill, whether they be a lion, shark, pig, baby chick, cow, lamb, dog, cat, tiger, elephant, fish, dolphin, whale, rhino, snake, bear, octopus, horse or octopus.

Whether we kill to wear their skin as fashion, drape their skin on our floor or over our car seats, put their bodies on our plate with dinner, or simply display as a trophy. I am literally always in pain at the thought of what we do to these beautiful creatures, and knowing that I cannot save them. Cecil was another victim of our cruelty and most certainly not the last (we’ve already slaughtered millions since him). It’s awful for me to think about.