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My Lay in Bed Playlist

1.   Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club

2.   Something Good - Alt-J

3.   Crystalised - The xx

4.   1901 - Phoenix

5.   Afraid - The Neighbourhood

6.   Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood

7.   Black Gold - Foals

8.   R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

9.   Hey Now - London Grammar

10.  What You Know-Two Door Cinema Club
11.  Pioneers -The Lighthouse and the Whaler

12.  Plane vs. Tank. vs. Submarine-Tigers Jaw

13.   Breathe Me - Sia

14.  Dead Wrong -Somos

15.  Often- The Weeknd

16.  Only Love - Ben Howard

17.  Heretic Pride - Mountain Goats

18.  Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

19. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother Fucker - Maroon 5

20.  Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine

Hope you guys like it :)

Bird!Kira for an art trade with @groovy-tiger, one of my favourite artists! ;_;


Fusion trade with @childofthecandycorn

This is Rhyolite, a fusion of my Lepidolite and their Tiger’s Eye. Rhyo is a very stable fusion because I can see Lepi and Tiger getting along. She seems like the badass big sister type. 

I’m so sorry I took so long but I hope it was worth the wait! Thanks for trading with me!! This was fun to do.


Art trade double feature! Top’s for thedorkychicken, bottom’s for ryry-lion ! Good thing I’ve been practicing my kiss poses! And I’m really happy for how Kaiser turned out, he’s been giving me the hardest time out of almost all the Punchy dudes (mostly because of his HAAAAIIIIRRRR).

Hope you guys like it! :)

Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder poses for a portrait before a game against the Philadelphia Phillies on May 17, 2007 in Philadelphia. Fielder, 32, played the last three seasons with the Texas Rangers after being acquired from the Tigers in a trade for Ian Kinsler, but his career “appears over” after undergoing neck surgery last month. The Rangers are expected to hold a press conference on Wednesday Aug. 10, 2016. Fielder was one of the best power hitters of his generation, hitting 50 home runs with the Brewers in 2007. He had six 30-homer seasons and hit 319 home runs in his career, coincidentally the same number as his father Cecil had. (Al Tielemans)

The tiger who adopted a litter of piglets (but is it a tale full of porkies?)


Last updated at 22:26 30 November 2007

On the heartwarming scale this rates as a positive scorcher.

A forlorn tigress, heartbroken because her own cubs have died, is fooled into adopting a litter of piglets when zoo officials in California wrap them in tiger skins.

Such a thing had never been tried before, according to the email which accompanied these pictures as they were sent around the world.

Unfortunately, there was a twist in the tiger’s tale.

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High on the hog: Five piglets in their tiger-skin coats doze peacefully across their surrogate mother at the zoo in Thailand. The tigress suckled and cared for the brood

Though the pictures have not been faked, an animal welfare pressure group investigated and discovered they were actually taken at a zoo in Thailand.

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo, an hour’s drive from Bangkok, has been accused of causing its exhibits unnecessary suffering, and of using stunts to gain publicity.

These pictures must have been part of such a set-up, say experts, because it was unnecessary to wrap the piglets in their cute little tiger-skin coats.

It is apparently common practice in Thailand for tigers to suckle pigs, and for pigs to adopt orphaned cubs.

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Pork scratching: A persistent piglet nuzzles up to the tigress as it tries to sleep

The tigress in these pictures was herself brought up by a sow, and sees pigs as family.

Though she had been given these babies to bring up, it is unclear whether she had lost a litter of her own, as the story claimed.

In another twist, the zoo has been investigated for allegedly breeding tigers for export to China - where tiger parts command high prices for use in traditional medicines.

Sommai Temsiripong, one of the zoo’s owners, was charged with breeding tigers without a licence. On another occasion 23 tigers died of bird flu after being fed infected raw chickens.

Critics say that behind the scenes tigers are bred in poor conditions and the the London Zoological Society has been critical of Sriracha’s animal husbandry.

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Piggy in the middle: One baby takes cover

Adam Roberts, an investigator with Animal Welfare International, the respected American pressure group which investigated the pictures, wrote in its quarterly magazine that the zoo - with more than 400 tigers, a handful of Asian elephants, of crocodiles, camels, snakes and other exotic animals - had many troubling exhibits.

It also houses a circus, he said, where he saw tigers leaping through rings of fire, walking across a double tightrope, parading around the ring on hind legs, and riding on the back of a horse.

“Up close, however, one could clearly see the animals’ debilitation and fear,” he added.

“All of the animals awaited their turn to perform in a gated tunnel, keepers constantly poking them with a steel pole through the iron mesh.”

Behind the scenes, bored elephants swayed at the end of 2ftlong chains anchored to the ground.

One had a long, deep scar across his ear - another was scarred across her trunk.

“After the show, the elephants stood in frot of the seats taking money from people with their trunks and passing it to the trainers astride their backs,” Mr Roberts reported.

The zoo denies any wrongdoing.

The Signs As Season 1 Steven Universe Episodes
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  • taurus: Coach Steven, House Guest, Space Race, Shirt Club,
  • gemini: Frybo, Lars and the Cool Kids, Joking Victim, Horror Club, Open Book,
  • cancer: So Many Birthdays, Rose's Room, Monster Buddies, Lion 3: Straight to Video, Story for Steven
  • leo: Steven's Lion, Steven and the Stevens, Watermelon Steven, The Return
  • political power,
  • virgo: Giant Woman, Arcade Mania, Fusion Cuisine, Warp Tour
  • libra: Cat fingers, Bubble Buddies, An Indirect Kiss, Winter Forecast,
  • scorpio: Together Breakfast, Tiger Millionarie, Onion Trade, Island Adventure, The Test,
  • sagittarius: Cheeseburger Backpack, Steven The Sword Fighter, Alone Together, Marble Madness
  • capricorn: Serious Steven, Ocean Gem, Future Vision, Rose's Scarab,
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