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“It could be the hidden side of you; I think making movies is a great way to release that. I think it is important to be honest with that, and have fun with it.”

Happy Birthday, Ang Lee!

I’d Carry Double The Scars If It Meant Protecting You (Spidey-pool

Peter Parker, the adopted son of hot shot Superhero Couple Captain America and Ironman, Peter finds himself falling into a hopeless depression after walking in on his boyfriend cheating on him with a cheerleader. With the pressure of a broken heart and the bigots that are attacking his parent’s marital status, he resorts to other outlooks. Suicide. The day he decides to jump he finds himself being saved by a very unexpected “hero”. None other than Deadpool. And soon finds himself very much in love. but how exactly did that happen?
[WeLl FiND oUt iN ThiS Fic YoU BozZos]

Rating: Mature to Explicit 

Relationships: Spider-Man/Deadpool, Steve Rogers/ Tony Stark, Background: Rocket/Groot

 Trigger warnings: Self harm, Cutting, Attempt of Suicide, Homophobia and Gay bashing, Gore and Violence, And Rape Non/con


Chapter One: Cheater 

This couldn’t have happened any worse than this. Tears spilled from his eyes as his books fell to the ground each thud sounding loud and slow like time had slowed down. Everything seemed so muffled and slow as embarrassment and shock ran to Peter’s face. There he was his boyfriend right there. Getting some popular cheerleader chick all “hot and bothered” down there. At first, he thought it couldn’t have been Flash, but that moment the jock pulled away with that oh so sexy smirk, the thick lightning bolt shaved into the side of his golden blond hair. Peter easily startled. He quickly scrambled to grab his books and get out of there, when Flash snapped his fingers. Peter froze as two jocks exposed their hiding places, grabbed Peter by the arms and twisted them behind him before they lifted him off the ground and back to Flash.

   “Huh oh Petey, Petey, Petey look, your baby blues are all puffy.” Flash smirked as he dragged a thick finger down the side of his face. Peter kept his face to the side and tried to keep it as far away as possible from Flash.

    “Don’t touch me! You cheater, y-you faggot!” Ouch Peter winced mentally that word was never really his favorite if anything he despised it.

    “Faggot?” Flash smirked Peter could easily see he was trying to hide the frustration on his face. Flash shook his head and opened his mouth slightly before he snorted and punched Peter hard to the gut. Making Peter fall to his knees in pain.” Faggot? NO, you see little Roger’s boy. I think you’re the queer here, your parents are a bunch of gays and face it.” Flash lowered himself, so he was staring at eye level with Peter.” I’m over you. You see my little phase is over.” Flash kicked him hard in the gut causing Peter to double over.” consider that a warning.” Flash gestured his head and the jocks released him. Peter fell slack to the floor, cleaning spilled tears with the sleeve of his grey jacket as he rested on a locker. He sniffled and pulled out his phone, and dialed the first number he could think of, his Dad.

    “Dear god pick up please.” Peter tried to hold back tears until the repetitious tone broke to the subtle voice of his Dad came through.

    “I-I Got it God Tony I know how to use this. Sort of.” The familiar voice of the super solider cut in.

  “Dad.” Peter’s voice cracked as he cried.

    “Oh, Peter what’s the matter?” Steve asked worriedly

    “I-I need you to tell Father to send me a car.” Peter kept sniffling.

    “Of course. Peter honey why are you crying?” He could hear the pure care in his voice. Peter’s vision began to blur. “Peter tell me.” Peter coughed out more tears.

    “Flash h-he cheated on me. H-he called me a phase.” He could hear his Father gasp in the background. “I’ll tell you more when I get home.”

“ok bye safe sweetheart.” Peter sniffed. “I love you. We love you.” The phone clicked silent. Peter waited out of the building, when a slick black Jaguar rolled up. At this point peter didn’t care about how expensive the car was since most the time he threw a fit about being picked up in a nice car, but not this time. He slipped into the passenger seat, of the fully self-drivable car.

“Thanks Jarvis.” He thought as he felt himself shaking with emotion as they drove out from Queens and into Manhattan, it all felt like a sickening blur, yet somehow peter ended up at the door of The Avengers’ tower’s living quarters. When he opened the door, he was immediately bear hugged by his Dad. Peter almost squealed as a sharp pain rammed his skull by the tight hug.

“Peter tell me everything that Bastard said!” the blond let him go as Peter huffed and related the entire event. In mere moments he was crying hard and felt both his parent hug him.

“Tony plan significant other is a go.” Cap whispered rather audibly loud.

“For reals? Sweet I get to square this kid up with a little Hulk Buster action, oh I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks.” Tony chuckled darkly “You mess with a Stark-Rogers you mess with us all.”

 "Do what?“ Peter lifted his head up from his Dad’s shoulder.

“Oh, you know how your father is when things happen to you.” Steve ran his fingers through his son’s chocolate locks and kisses his forehead, while humming some old war tune.

“God Steve there is something so sexy about you and the way you are with children.” Peter felt his dad slightly tense under him as he kept combing Peters hair.

“Tony not now, and no you cannot blow the kid up, or decapitate, burn, cut and/or lacerate. Him are we clear?” Steve let go of Peter to get up.

“Wow Mr. Rules.” his father rolled his eyes.

“Huh someone’s got to be the responsible one.” Steve groaned “Now, let me make Peter some cocoa.”

“well you know me and responsibility.” Tony slapped the super-soldier’s rear. “I love playing with it.” Tony pulled a smolder and cap blushed

“Oh my god I’m not seeing or hearing this sexual foreplay. “Peter grimaced and ran to his room.  When he shut the door, sadness began to bloom in him once more. The stuffy, cold, headache kind of sad. Where you’re too tired to care.  It came in a crippling wave as he noticed his memory board, full of pictures of him and Flash. With tear burning eyes, he ripped down every picture he’d ever taken of that stubborn jock. Until he reached the last one.

The lighting so perfect. Making his blond hair almost golden in a halo, blue eyes pulled up in a curious look, while his lips twisted into that soft tough guy smirk. Peter noticed a drop of water “plip” onto the Polaroid.  He soon found his body shaking with sobs. Peter bit his lip as he shredded the photo. Removing his glasses as he got into bed making sure to pull the comforter over his head.

He woke up zombie like again. No feeling, just numb and confused, confused on love, confused with his team, and trying not to get noticed at school. Peter trudged through his morning routine only to find his Dad sitting at the bar with his cup of coffee. Red rimming around puffy blue eyes, sniffling quietly before realizing Peter was watching.

“Hey sport.” He spoke with a weak chuckle. Peter felt a sinking feeling. Not only was the family going through a hard time with the recent media, but it was affecting them.

“Dad are you and Father okay?” Peter looked quietly at the counter as he side hugged Steve.

“yeah yeah. “he sniffled again and wiped his eyes before smiling rather forced. “ We’re ok your Father’s just in his lab. It’s just the politicians’ makings jabs left and right, but when aren’t they trying to push us down?” His Dad shrugged as Peter looked at the news which was filming right outside their house, where protesters carrying signs saying. “Red, white, and blue NOT a RAINBOW!” and something like “Superheroes GAY?! IT’S NOT OK!”

“Huh why won’t they just leave us alone.” Tony waltzed in and clicked the tv off before he kissed his husband. “You shouldn’t have been watching that.” Tony mumbled roughly.

“I have to…” Peter was about to walk out when Tony caught him by the shoulder.

“No, you don’t, Peter your Dad and I have been talking and well if you’re still thinking about switching schools, we could send you to Switzerland.  Wayne was telling us how he’s sending Damian there next week.” Tony looked at him kindly, a soft glow hitting his face from the arch reactor on his chest as Steve hugged him from behind.

“What Wayne’s actually forcing that spawn of Satan into the Alps?!” Peter gave them a look of shock that in turn made the adults laugh.” well as much as I’d enjoy getting chewed alive by Damian, I’ve got a team to look after.” Peter swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked up at his parents.

“Well it’s your choice, if you want to leave we’ll support whatever one you choose.” Steve smiled warmly.

“I know, and I love you both so much.” He hugged them tightly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a robotics tech class I need to get to.” Peter smiled and walked off. Sometimes it hurt to smile, it made him feel like a liar, but his family had so much on his plate he couldn’t help but stay quiet. Deep angry reddish black slashes crossed over his arms. Covering and lacing over silver, Peter quickly shoved his sweater sleeve down farther.

He walked into school and adjusted his thick black rimmed glasses. The air around him nauseating, and stale. The day groaned on cold, lifeless, numbing. Peter did his best to blend in, which having friends like Ava, Danny, Luke, and Sam was hard, but they always helped.

“What alien slag is it this time?” Sam groused as he pulled out his digital game player.

“Ew Sam! Why can’t you just say it’s meat surprise, so I don’t feel like I’m eating intergalactic barf! Ava growled as she smacked Sam in the back of the head.

“OW! Watch it.” Sam glared as he rubbed the back of his head staring at the feline. “it’s true.”

“Whatever… Bucket head.” She hissed and plopped the colorless food into her plate. Peter couldn’t help but smile slightly as he just finished paying for his lunch when. SMACK!

He ran right into the first person he was trying to avoid. Flash Thompson. Beans, corn, gravy the whole lot came smashing down on him, mucking up his jersey and making him look like a belligerent fool.

“I… I’m so s-sorry.” Peter’s eyes widened in shock as he tried to wipe it off, but his wrist was caught, he felt a strong grip squeeze over scars and scabs tightly.

“What’s this nerd? Trying to get attention for being queer?” Flash growled “bet you did this to fill your own dirty…” Ava slapped him across the face.

“Fuck off, Flash you hurt him enough!” Sam barked as he grabbed Peter from the stunned jock. “Stupid Terran.” He mumbled as he began to look Peter over.

“Oh, I’m stupid? Says the kid whose parents are freaks.” Flash jabbed, Peter could feel the solar flares rippling across Sam’s body as he tensed.

“That’s it!  Screw my damn protocols!  You can mess with my friends, but bring my family into this and It gets personal!” Sam punched flash in the jaw. There was a sickening pop, that echoed from Flash’s skull and a slight burn skinned under his chin. “Consider that a warning from the Guardians kid.” Sam glared and picked up Peter. Who hid his cuts under his sleeve?

Oh, by the way did I fail to mention that Sam is Nova, protege of the Guardians of The Galaxy, and um Rocket Raccoon’s adopted son. Trust me they made a big scene at parent teacher conference.

“Come on let’s go.” Sam dragged Peter off while doing so flipped the bird at Flash.

“Dude Fury’s going to shoot you.” Peter shook his head and stated stared at Sam surprised.

“Well I don’t give a damn Fury can bring it up to the Nova Corps if he really cares.” Sam shrugged.” Enough about me Peter. Are you okay? You haven’t been talking in weeks, we’ve been getting worried, Peter you have to tell us things we’re a team that’s what we are for.” Sam smiled awkwardly and gripped Peter’s shoulder. Peter felt more guilt twist in his stomach not only was he making his parents worried, but also Nova and that takes a lot.

“Yeah of course.” He said nervously as he plastered on a fake smile, while he thumbed over the harsh lines on his skin.


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