tiger taylor

Look, Ed’s a really smart dude. I think we’ve all gathered that by now. We are all hoping that Ed will turn on Babs, Butch, and Tabitha. It’s more than likely. I was thinking and I thought of something I haven’t seen anyone else say.

Sure, Ed has basically ruined Oz’s career, but he used Oswald’s father. Ed isn’t stupid. If he really wanted to get under Oswald’s skin, if that was his true intention, Ed would have used Oswald’s mother against him. That would have destroyed Oswald. Can you imagine loving and trusting your mother as much as Oswald did, then having her come back from the grave just to tell you that you will never amount to anything and that she will hate you FOREVER because you weren’t able to save her. That would have hurt m u c h more than using Elijah against him ever could have. And that’s why I think Ed WILL end up turning against the lion, the tiger, and the bear.

Oh my~

 "Remember when we couldn’t take the heat/ I walked out and said, ‘I’m setting you free,’/ But the monsters turned out to be just trees/ And when the sun came up, you were looking at me.“ Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 04 Out of the Woods

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I follow all of Roger’s kids on Instagram and Lola posted a picture of her at school and I was just thinking, imagine if you went to school with the daughter of a world wide rock god? Imagine that, like its sports day and they’re playing we are the champions and she’s just like “yeah that’s my dads band” imagine people just singing bohemian rhapsody and her just casually sitting there like “yep that’s my dad” or people banging the beat to WWRY like yep that’s my dads drum pounding in your heart whAT how mad would that be if the blood of a rock star was just at your school oh my I’m thinking about this way too much


A nice little documentary released in ‘84 (filmed in ‘83). Highlights include fragments of live performances of The Reflex, New Moon on Monday and a bit of Is there something I should know (here’s an extracted NMoM and Reflex). There’s also short interviews with John, Nick and Simon. 

Everyone’s favourite question on how long they expect the band to last gets asked I get emotional cause even back then they wanted to stay together 5ever

Simon steals the show telling the blood curling tale of the murderous wombat. Here’s the Duran Duran and Australian animals segment he mentions, the wombat M.I.A by that point, only the kangaroo and possum left.