tiger seven


Peter: I’m kinda training them for Phil. Since I’m the senior hero and all.

Sam: Oh please you’re barely three months more experienced than us!

Ava: He has saved the city twice single handedly.

Daniel: And is a Avengers consultant.

Sam: Oh wow thanks guys. Like he didn’t have enough to brag about.

Luke: He’s still short.

Peter: Hey!

  • Seven: Give me half an hour, and I’ll have that pesky cricket out of the kitchen and inside this gecko.
  • MC: I see. So, we set a lizard loose to catch the cricket? Then what? We get an owl to eat the gecko? Then, we get a tiger to eat the owl? What eats the tiger, Seven, tell me that!
  • Seven: An alligator for one, smart girl! But that’s not going to happen, and you know why? We’ll put a little harness on the gecko, so it doesn’t run away.
  • Saeran: Oh, this just gets better and better.