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I’ve been putting the book together and these guys are too good to not share. It’s a collaborative project I’ve been doing with my 4 year old son. One day he was playing and he ran over to me and held out an abstract sculpture made out of LEGO and said, “this is Fire Tiger Robot’s spaceship. He lives in a cave and shoots aliens.”


I asked him to tell me more about Fire Tiger Robot and that’s when I found out about Freeze Tiger Robot, Rock Tiger Robot and Laser Tiger Robot. The descriptions were detailed and full of sound effects. He then said, “Hey dad, can you draw me a Fire Tiger Robot?”

Heck yes, son.

Over the next few days and weeks we would carve out a little time to sit together in my studio and draw Tiger Robots. He’d describe them as I drew. He’d point out that I drew something wrong so I’d have to fix it. A few things I would push back on and try to convince him it was cooler this way. Eventually we settled on these designs.

Oh, and his little sister wanted in on this, so he added Flower Tiger Robot just for her.


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they offered me the job I wanted


I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am going to like, not believe it’s true for a few days, until I sign the agreement, and then a few months, until I actually pass the first three months (which is the trial period I forgot how you call it in jobland) but like FUCK YES



@Yoonmirae - Get It In (ft. @Smokey_Robotic)  Dope track and music video production! @lumpenss

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