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Power Rangers (2017) ~ Dinozords

How many times do we have to hear whitewashing defended with “Well the source material was full of racist stereotypes” so they cast a white person instead.

Hollywood is adapting old properties left and right and instead of reworking characters that are people of color and updating them to give them the respect that wasn’t granted to them decades ago they’re just not bothering with it at all. Like you’re literally saying “We don’t know how to write poc without being racist so we’re not going to try.”


[ARSENAL] Ranger Stick.

Japanese: レンジャースティック
Romaji: Renjaa Sutikku

Users: Tyranno Ranger, Mammoth Ranger, Tricera Ranger, Tiger Ranger, Ptera Ranger
Weapon types: Multipurpose weapon, gun, short sword
Other Forms/Modes: Ranger Gun, Ranger Sword

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger - Episode 36

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com