tiger program

Bonjour tout le monde !

I had an idea in mind few days ago. I wanted to make one animation using two programs : Flipnote Studio and TVPaint, and this is the result !

It was an amazing experience for me because working on two programs that are totally different made me understand how I can work on each and find solutions between them.

For this animation I drew on my DSi and my Cintiq13 HD, the two screens are totally different and I had to switch each time from the larger one to the smaller and vice versa, it was interesting !

Now you can see how I animate with colors, I do love colors a lot so for this animation I used plenty of it but I have to train on them now x)
I still animate the same way even if I use another program =)

I shall post more colored one on Tumblr or even adding colored vs pixels GIFS in the futur !

Thank you for watching !! By the way, all the animation is a loop, it have no end ^^ !

And thank you for the Huge support !! I can’t describe how amazing this is and I have to thank you for everything you give me !! I will work even harder on all of my next posts !

Il faut bouger ses noix de coco maintenant =)

The title of the song is : Shake your coconut ! By Junior Senior =) !


Here’s what we know about the upcoming MNET hiphop survival program SCHOOL RAPPER:

  • 2000+ high school aged contestants tried out for the program
  • Includes MC GREE (Brand New Music), MARK (of NCT), Young B (SMTM), and Luda (SMTM)
  • Qualifying rounds are judged by the program “mentors”
  • Mentors (7):
    • Deepflow
    • Mad Clown
    • Swings
    • YDG
    • Jessi
  • Program emcees (2):
    • Jeong Joon-Ha
    • HaHa
  • Tiger JK will be leading as the music producer for the winner of ‘SCHOOL RAPPER’
  • First episode will air mid-February.

anonymous asked:

Have you handled baby tigers before??

Well, unfortunately… there might have been a bit of a ‘temporary suspension’ of my work on the tiger program I didn’t mention. 

We don’t have the capacity for more than two tigers here so the cubs were gone by the time I was allowed back. Which sucks. But I’ll be here for the next lot for sure!