tiger print pants

back at it again with the mpreg trash

title: Stay Gold
rating: T
pairings: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
warnings: abo, mpreg, childbirth

btw y’all have no idea who i am but thanks @tomakehimfree and @n-s-f-w-sportsbaes for high key inspiring me to start writing this shit again but now just for the yoi fandom lol

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At age 18, Yuri Plisetsky certainly expected to be back at his fourth consecutive Grand Prix Final since making his senior debut. As the current defending three-time gold medalist, he has a title to uphold after all. So needless to say, Yuri certainly belonged on the side of the rink watching the free-skate unfold beside the rest of the GPF finalists – the problem was, he wasn’t actually one of them. Yuri’s pretty the ISU would have disqualified him as early as the five month mark when he started showing – now that he’s a healthy eight months and some change into his pregnancy, he’s quite sure his globe of a belly would get in the way of some of the more technical requirements involved in his free-skate routine. 

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example #5489083 of why no one tells shinhwa to lipsync.

to sum up for the uninitiated:

  • junjin (those black/white striped pants and black shirt) and minwoo (blue jeans/gray shirt) didn’t bother to even bring a mic on stage.
  • hyesung (black pants/striped shirt) started lipsyncing junjin’s parts
  • hyesung also did half of minwoo’s dance break
    • spot eric (black pants/ tiger print?? shirt) literally cannot even anymore and starts laughing on stage
  • junjin and minwoo doing fanservice stuff instead of choreography
  • junjin returning the favor for hyesung and lipsyncing to the main vocal parts while doing a lot of hyesung’s characteristic things while singing

lesson: don’t ever tell shinhwa to lipsync.

part of me wants to dress all psychedelic w/ paisley shirts n those lil scarves 60s pink floyd had

part of me wants to own a shiny tiger print jacket n shimmery pants n a glam fur jacket

part of me wants to wear a faux leather jacket with studs n spikes n patches n wear combat boots

like i just need 3 different looks to be satisfied w my wardrobe, n that’s psychedelic hippie/glam rock king/punk with too many patches n badges

royal pirates mv's in a nutshell
  • shout out (synth rock): woah floating pirate ship, funky effects and moon metaphors
  • drawing the line: moon gets slapped and hey forget this filming man let's all dance instead
  • drawing the line (band ver): fabby and hair flippy l'oreal advert ft. tiger print pants
  • seoul hillbilly: three weird but cute dorks go busking
  • betting everything (acoustic live): james singing and playing guitar and singlehandedly flooding the entire fandom with feels (which is kinda ironic bc he's playing by han river)
  • love toxic: moonsanova being a creeper ft. wingmen james and sooyoon
  • love toxic (performance ver): wOW SO MANY LIGHTS MUCH BRIGHTNESS