tiger print nails


Yuri Plisetsky! So smol so much angst.

(though tbh i’m leaning more towards Yuri Katsuki…)

The animal prints are water transfer decals but the lines are freehanded. Didn’t want to have too much black so went with the white tiger+red instead of tiger+black.

Colours used:
cirque carpe diem
nails inc 043 baker street
nail holic sv002
catrice ultimate nail laquer 19 fred said red
maybelline colour show 220 blackout 

(Random yay I’ve managed to grow out my nails hopefully i can keep myself from biting them from now on)

i also did Victor’s and Yuuri’s stammi vicino pair skate and Yurio’s On Love: Agape!


Creative Freedom at #PFW: @naominailsnyc’s Bold Nail Art

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Nail artist Naomi Yasuda (@naominailsnyc) moved to New York from Japan eight years ago to learn the most cutting-edge techniques. The big surprise? Nail art hadn’t caught on in the US. “Nobody was doing what I was doing in New York at the time,” Naomi says. Soon, her disappointment shifted to excitement — she recognized an opportunity. “At first, I did have some struggles as I couldn’t speak any English and I didn’t know anybody. I printed posters and flyers and went all over the city putting them up.” Today, partially thanks to Naomi, nail art is no longer uncommon, but she continues to elevate it to uncommon levels. For the Kenzo (@kenzo) show at Paris Fashion Week this season – Naomi’s seventh time working with them – she designed the lavender nails with tiger prints and blue nails with tiny irises. “Humberto and Carol, the designers, give me complete creative freedom,” says Naomi, who once did Blue Velvet nails for a David Lynch-inspired Kenzo show. “They are always open to my crazy ideas.”

I was super a$$ tired last night n wanted something bright n quick…..I originally painted zebra but didn’t like it much, so I switched to tiger n I love it….quick, ez and bright….WIN! This was an untried $1.25 Billie polish I scored at Dollartree…..I got a ton of good ones there….this one is called electric coral n I’m fairly positive its a dupe of a nina polish I forget the name of….I haven’t tried them all yet, but so far awesome formulas n colours…..def a good buy!

This is as true to colour as I could get……I didn’t use my lightbox because I took this outside at work….I wasn’t expecting the colour to be the best outside on a cloudy day and snapped it for fun! She’s a gorgeous neon and as most of u know neons don’t play nice with cameras….its a tad brighter in person n slightly more coral but this is pretty close!

Welcome to all my new followers and thanks!!!!!!