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@frywen-babbles posted a friendship day post saying that where she is from people celebrate Valentine’s day by giving chocolates yo friends and call it friends dau.what a wonderful idea!!! Esp since its also my birthday 😊 HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS special mention yo my partner in crime @cottonballwithmustache my sib from another crib… my angst and prank friends @dreamsinparadise @shedreamsfiction @nikkihime @akechimitsuhidevevo whom i always tag in cute animal pics @rainbowatnight whom i always tag in rainbow pics @thedaydreamingotaku mrs.masabuns love teasing u…the BEAUTIFUL LADY GEISHA MY SISTER WIFE OF TIGER BOI OUR BELOVED MOMMA TIGER @bloody-geisha all the muns of my fav rp blogs Lady sin @sinfulinsecret great fic writers @suzunesays @sugoileo @nijigendiaries i share so many tastes with u . @kindasouta my new friend thnx for sharing kanekis’ pics with me ..it was lovely geeking out about tokyo ghoul with u.

Always A Mother

Supernatural Confession:I want Mrs.Tran to be my mother ‘cause nobody messes with Tiger Momma.

A/N: So, I saw this confession, and this happened. A hint of Dean/Reader, because that’s how I roll. I really hope y'all like this.  

AU: In which Momma Tran decided to stay at the Men of Letters bunker and continue helping Sam and Dean. From Linda’s point-of-view. =]

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Are there any songs besides the ones that you already recommended that you would like people to give a listen to? I'm a different anon, but i'm interested in your musical taste ^^

OOooh! music rec!  yes~ yes~ 
I’ll add links for you as well ^^
((… It’s a lot but I can’t stop now that I’ve started))


non kpop:

Demon!Dean's To Do List

Demon!Dean’s To Do List

1. Check on Sam.
2. Visit Hell and kill every demon that tortured him the first time around.
3. Check on Sam.
4. Track Down and kill every demon that tormented Bobby in Hell.
5. Check on Sam.
6. Bust Adam out of Hell, thumb nose at Michael in the process, tell Lucifer to kiss his ass.
7. Check on Sam.
8. Find Grandpa Creepy in Hell, torture him for awhile and then kill him.
9. Check on Sam.
10. Make sure Kevin Tran actually moves on, make sure no one hassles Tiger Momma.
11. Check on Sam.
12. Resurrect Meg. Find idiot to make Deal if necessary. Assign Meg to watch over Castiel.
13. Check on Sam.
14. Find and torture the idiot who cancelled Dr. Sexy.
15. Check on Sam.
16. Finally find out if a cupid shot him and Lisa. Take STEPS.
17. Check on Sam.
18. Make certain no one is screwing with Ben.
19. Check on Sam.
20. Find way to pay Death back for being the only decent higher power out there.
21. Check on Sam.
22. Find Gabriel and send him upstairs to babysit the other angels. Note : He’s probably hiding with Kali.
23. Check on Sam.
24. Bust Benny out of Purgatory and get him a golden ticket to Heaven, find another idiot to make a Deal if necessary.
25. Check on Sam.

1. Never allow Castiel to see him like this.
2. Never flash the eyes at Sammy.
3. Never touch Crowley, the suspense will make him crazy.
4. Never kill an innocent ( except the ones who cancelled Dr. Sexy).
5. Kill every evil things that crawls, walks or flies.
6. Wait for Cain’s summons and kill him as requested.
7. Watch over Sammy forever. Nothing gets to hurt him.