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How would the SF and US bros react to finding out that their S/O has a legit pet tiger? It's perfectly tame and super cuddly with people. How would they react to while they are babysitting it, it protectively lays on top of them (and doesn't let them up) and keeps licking their face until their S/O returns.

Oh my god??? I want a big cat!!


– He’s surprised. Humans can have pet tigers?? He’s only ever seen regular house cats in the movies he’s watched! Holy moly!

– Plum likes to have it around when he’s cooking or cleaning. It gives him someone to talk to (read: ramble at) when you’re not around. He scratches its head whenever he passes by and, if he’s taking a break, he’ll stop and talk about how his day has been so far.

– It’s when he does so one day that the tiger gets up to lay on him. He’s so caught up in his story about the anime him and Alphys have been watching that he doesn’t notice until the feline pushes him down with its weight.

– He yelps in surprise, but begins to laugh when they start to lick his face. He’ll try and convince them to move (”PLEASE, I HAVE THINGS TO DO!!”) to no avail. When you arrive, he’s doing his best to push it off. It’s not working, please help him.


– Cherry thinks it’s super cool. He immediately comments on how interesting it is that you chose a tiger as your furry sidekick over the usual cat or dog. (”that’s hardcore, babe.”)

– He chills with it all. the. time. You’ll find them in his bed, him using the tiger’s tummy as his pillow. He’ll watch Napstatton’s concerts on the couch while it sits at his feet. Hell, he’ll even go on walks with it. even if it’s just to pick you up from work or something. He gets to walk around and hang out with a tiger.

– He doesn’t even react the first time it lays on him. He was probably already on the floor, scrolling through Undernet on his phone. It comes over to drape its body over his, and all he does is start stroking its fur.

– He doesn’t mind the licking either, so his entire skull will end up covered in tiger saliva. When you come home, he’ll try and beckon you over for a slobber-covered kiss.


– Hunter’s sockets widen and his jaw hangs loose. You have a ferocious, potentially dangerous pet? He’s just fallen harder for you.

– He’s going to beg you to let him weaponize it, even a little. Just let him give the tiger poison claws or something, please. This may be one of the only times his eyelights change shape into stars. He’s already pictured it in battle, swiping and biting at his enemies. Stop him before he goes too far with that.

– Hunter is pulling on his boots at the door, getting ready to take the tiger out with him, when it just flops on to him. He shrieks and falls on to his face. He protests the licking and tries to shove it off.

– … He’s still going at it when you arrive. Snap a picture before you help him out, because it’s a hilarious sight to see an armoured skeleton with a boot hanging off his foot flailing around under the weight of a 400 pound tiger.


– Oh, Hound adores the tiger. They become best friends the instant they set eyes on each other.

– He cuddles with it a lot and feeds it a lot of treats (with your permission). He likes to summon his blasters and let them play together while he reads off to the side, stopping every now and then to watch them interact. Hound doesn’t even talk to the beast, they just communicate through stares and then go off to do their own thing. It’s sort of odd.

– Like Cherry, he doesn’t do anything when the tiger lays on him. He thinks it’s like having a nice weighted, purring blanket, so he might drift off. The licking is what stops him though; it’s a bit uncomfortable so he tries to push its face away. 

– When you walk in on him, he’s gonna give you a give you a slightly helpless look. He’ll tell you that he loves the thing, but to please ask it to refrain from licking him. He doesn’t like the feeling of its saliva.

I was going to do camouflage but then I got lazy vwv So let’s just pretend
24 yrs
Family: Pop (Brother), Disco Bear (Brother), Cub (Nephew)
Friends: Flaky/Felice (cRUSH), Cuddles/Clyde, Giggles/Gigi (Past relationship), Toothy/Timothy, Petunia, Handy/Hanley, Sneaky/Scarlet (Past relationship), Mouse Ka-Boom
Enemies: General Tigris, Tiger soldiers, Fliqpy, Lifty/Lamson & Shifty/Samson, Mime/Micki, Lumpy/Linus
Headcanon Voice: Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

•Philip, being a retired soldier, is almost always alert. He gets angry easily, seeing as soldiers typically need to react with violence in a matter of seconds.
•He has a strong adoration towards Felice for her kindly behavior and overall good nature. He feels horrible whenever he makes her cry, which is almost too often. Fliqpy frightened her only once, since he acted in an obsessive manner towards her, and left her scared for a while.
•He has a tendency to raise his voice at minor things, causing others to practically walk on egg shells near him due to fear.
•He smokes and occasionally drinks, as a desperate attempt to relieve stress. Another way to relax is vent to Felice because she is the only one who truly listens to him.
•He hates Linus. With a passion. He hates being neighbors with him, but doesn’t have the heart to tell him.

I might add more later but here take this abomination


~Japan and the Scandinavian products~

 FINLAND…Marimekko and ARABIA, iittala are extreme popularity. Those are considerably expensive. You can watch a lot of young people having a bags of Marimekko when you go to Japan^^

SWEDEN…H&M,Volvo,IKEA,and so on…We are crazy about it \(^o^)/

DENMARK…The General store ,”TIGER”, which the product of the Scandinavian design could buy at a low price, also opened a store in Japan ,and it become a fad!! (It’s called “FLYING TIGER COPENHAGEN” in japan.)

NORWAY…A Disney animated movie, “Frozen,” was a major hit last year. In consequence of that, a Norwegian traditional designs attract attention.

ICELAND…(´□∧□)”What did you expect?”    There is still no familiarity very much^^; I expect it for activity in the future^^

I feel myself full of passion for that Denmark and Sweden make such lovely things(^0^)

I translated the comics into English which I put on Pixiv .

Sorry , but…my translation may be wrong^^;

Savage Wolfaboo

(Forgive me if I’ve made any errors submitting. I’m somewhat new to Tumblr, but I felt the need to share this story, as it’s relevant to your blog. If anything needs to be added, please inform me, I’ll do my best to provide.)

I recently took part in a local fur convention (it was a fairly decent con, attendance of 2500 or so. Alright for something local.) I purchased a one day booth at their artist’s alley, selling a few prints of some of my particularly better works. Day was going normal, and my friend (I’ll refer to her as X) swapped out booth management for me so I could walk around in-suit for a while and try to draw some attention to my stand. Everything was going normally, and I got a decent few buyers, and a couple commissions from some congoers.

Then, out of the blue, I hear this dreadful squealing coming from the direction of my booth. I see this rather rotund girl, maybe around 18/19 years, handling one of my canvas prints. She was in some sort of, what I am assuming was meant to be Okami, cosplay. (Not a fursuit. A kemonomimi type thing, complete with badly put together hand-sewn wolf tail and ears, and a much too revealing dress/corset getup. It’s not something, in my experience, I’ve typically seen at furcons; I’ve only seen such getups at animecons, really.)

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The Crocotta is a canine beast of India or Ethiopia, linked to the hyena, and said to be a deadly enemy of men and dogs.


Strabo (64/63 BC – c. AD 24) a Greek philosopher, geographer, and historian, described the beast as a mixed progeny of a wolf and a dog (wolfdog) in Geographica, XVI.4.16.

Pliny in his Natural History (VIII.72 and 107) described the Crocotta as a combination of either a wolf and a dog, or a hyena and a lion. Of the hyena,  Pliny writes that it “is popularly believed to be bisexual and to become male and female in alternate years, the female bearing offspring without any male,” and that:

among the shepherds’s homesteads it simulates human speech, and picks up the name of one of them so as to call him to come out of doors and tear him to pieces, and also that it imitates a person being sick, to attract the dogs so that it may attack them; that this animal alone digs up corpses; that a female is seldom caught; that its eyes have a thousand variations of colour; moreover that when its shadow falls on dogs they are struck dumb; and that it has certain magic arts by which it causes every animal at which it gazes three times to stand rooted to the spot. When crossed with this race of animals the Ethiopian lioness gives birth to the corocotta, that mimics the voices of men and cattle in a similar way. It has an unbroken ridge of bone in each jaw, forming a continuous tooth without any gum.

Photios I of Constantinople, a Byzantine scholar, writes:

In Ethiopia there is an animal called crocottas, vulgarly kynolykos [dog-wolf], of amazing strength. It is said to imitate the human voice, to call men by name at night, and to devour those who approach it. It is as brave as a lion, as swift as a horse, and as strong as a bull. It cannot be overcome by any weapon of steel.

Cassius Dio, a Roman consul and historian, credits the emperor Septimius Severus with bringing the crocotta to Rome, saying this “Indian species…was then introduced into Rome for the first time, so far as I am aware. It has the colour of a lioness and tiger combined, and the general appearance of those animals, as also of a dog and fox, curiously blended.

Later bestiaries in the Middle Ages state that the Crocotta has striped gems as eyes, that could give the possessor oracular powers when placed under the tongue.

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Music

Bass thrummed through the speakers Yuri had set up in his room, making Otabek jump from shock. Yuri laughed, turning down the volume.

“What, not a Skrillex fan?” He flopped down on his full sized mattress, patting the place next to him. Otabek politely sat next to Yuri, avoiding his cat.

“I’ve never heard of them before,” Otabek said, glancing around the room. The walls matched the rest of Lilia’s house, the same ornate design continued in here. The stark contrast of the superfluous accents and Yuri’s deep purple sheets, tiger print curtains, and general messiness made Otabek smile.

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