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Anon requested: For a chubby self conscious reader being teased for being fat and they say no one could pick her up but Gadreel over hears (she lives w/ the Winchesters) and gadreel picks her up so easy and snirks at the dickheads. And walks back to Dean.

A/N: I’ve never written Gadreel before: he’s probably horribly ooc, but I’m satisfied with the result. And anon, I hope I didn’t butcher your request too much: I kinda ran amok with it… And I hope you wanted a Gadreel x reader, because that’s what I wrote.

Let me know what you think. I thrive on feedback. Also, let me know if you want me to tag you in future stories :)

Word count: 3564

The hunt was over. Fucking finally!! After three gruelling weeks, night upon sleepless night of research, and one face palming epiphany, the three of you had reversed the curse that had turned the whole town into mindless zombies more or less.

Of course, Gadreel had helped you out. He spent most of his days in the bunker or on the road with you anyway.

At first, Sam and Dean, but especially Sam, had been super uncomfortable, but the angel had apologised and apologised, doing his best to earn forgiveness. Eventually the Winchesters had grown used to him being there, and you suspected they even began to enjoy his company.

This made you very happy. The angel had grown on you too, and after a few months you realised that you had developed a teensy crush on him. All right. It wasn’t a tiny one: maybe you’d even go so far as to say you were in love – and although you’d never say it out loud, Dean had asked you why you were always humming “that song from Hercules”.

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anonymous asked:

But imagine when Bishamon visits the saniwa, Kuraha happily entertains some of the younger/childish swords in his regalia form. Letting them ride on his back as he roams around the citadel. Kuraha definitely has a soft spot for kids and I feel like he'd bond with Gokotai a little bit and ask him about his tigers. Hasebe almost flips his shit though when he comes out to see a freaking LION running around the citadel. How tf did a lion get in here? Ichigo has to explain its one of Bisha's shinki.

What a cute request! Ty anon. Sorry it’s short you didn’t really ask anything and I didn’t have a ton of interaction in mind.

• Gokotai might be a bit shy but there’d definitely be a bit of bonding and it would be cute.
• But imagine Shishiou he’s our favourite sword lion. But honestly human form he’s a bit of an oldie so Shishiou’s instinct to take care of the elderly kicking in.
• Think of Midare just loving Bishamon and wanting to like play with her hair and stuff.

Roman Reigns confession

It made me laugh at how multiple times Roman would do something amazing during the match at Extreme Rules like when he did the Tiger Knee or flipped AJ over him through a table and the crowd would cheer then realize they were cheering for someone they claim to hate and start booing

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