tiger embroidery

Hey guys it’s been a while, gotta huge amount of work done this month, hopefully some of which I will be able to share with you over the coming year. For now I wanted to show you guys the new cover I’ve been working on for  Four Barbarian Generals by T.A Miles, which just got revealed for pre-order.  (If you haven’t checked out the series so far I totally recommend doing so! It’s an epic fantasy with well-researched pan-asian themes & aesthetic which is pretty rare.) This one went through a lot of changes and has a much less ‘natural’ colour palette than the rest of the series, I really enjoyed working on this though- especially on the small details like the tiger embroidery etc. So much fun!

I hope to be doing some personal work to show you later this month as I intend to take some time off before industry workshops to work on my concept art portfolio.