tiger dude

kara loses the engagement ring.

ok. first off. she doesn’t like, lose it willy-nilly-unresponsible-like. like, she’s flying to fight a ten story tall alien and it just happens to get lost in the superhero-quick-change-shuffle scenario. totally plausible. totally understandable.

she really thinks that her x-ray vision can save her by the time her dinner reservations roll around but alas. a hero must always struggle.

is she upset about the last five months of her paycheck being chunked out and lost for forever? ask her later. preferably when lena’s said yes.

lena is sitting in her black and purple work outfit and she looks captivating in the fancy dinner light and the wine is good and expensive and the place is fancy and perfect and there’s no paparazzi and kara doesn’t have the ring. doesn’t have a plan. rao. clark warned her about this.

lena says something about dessert but kara’s too busy focusing on her next words, the conjugation of “hey so you wanna be my wife? because that’d make me happy” and how to make it sound not casual at all. it would really very help her if she had a ring, goddamn little expensive rock that she’s lost.

alex told her to wait. alex told her to put the black box on her shelf and not take the chance of shoving it into the emergency pocket of her suit. but wanting to not waste a second on proposals is an emergency, right? kara tells herself this as the waiter brings a tray of fancy cheesecakes to choose from. kara blurts out ‘blueberry’ without thinking and then lena’s smirking like she knows everything that’s going on in kara’s head. which, she doesn’t. she shouldn’t. kara’s inner thoughts are the equivalent of a burning room right now. lena shouldn’t know that.

the music is jazzy. the place is dark. the candles are romantic. kara’s ring is nowhere to be found.

she swallows the last of her drink. a placebo. let her live - she’s about to make the smartest or silliest decision of her life.

(ring or no ring, it’s the smartest. she knows this in her core.)

lena’s taken the last bite of her dessert when kara’s just mustered up enough courage. this is it. this is the jump. kara straightens in her seat, looks lena in the eye, and —


it’s the waiter. he looks almost sheepish to be interrupting them and kara has a crick in her neck from turning so hard but the half smile on his face gives him away. “you dropped this on your way into the seating room.” he places a small black box onto the table and bows, turns away before kara can utter a sound.

kara reaches for the box with shaky fingers, her lungs suddenly too small and her heart too open.

clark told her to wait. alex had recommended a six month plan. kara blinks, thinks of today’s and tomorrow’s and how lena makes coffee in her bare feet in kara’s kitchen, messy hair and sleepy frown brightening up kara’s day with or without the sun.

she picks up the box. lena’s heart skips a beat. kara dives off the deep end.

(later, she thanks winn for the emergency pocket design. lena recommends a zipper for the remodel.)

tigerstar: listen old dude, i think u need my help-

brokenstar: i dont need help from someone who was killed by a cat half his size and doesnt even understand that he’s the most hypocritical tyrant ever. how the fuck r u gonna make ur whole evil thing ‘i dont like half clan cats’ but fuck a kittypet. ur like half my age so get ur shit together.


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Trimberly prompt? I have a random one where Trini is secretly Angel Grove's Tiger mascot.

Dude I fucking got you.
Fuck, Trini.”

“Yes, baby?”


The girl in question nips at the smooth skin of her girlfriend’s neck, the slight pain causing a sharp gasp from her lover to pierce the air. A dull thud joins the sound as she hears her head slam back into the wall she was currently pinning her to.

“I need-”

Hands tangle themselves in her hair when she finally reaches the spot on her shoulder that Trini knows drives Kim insane, a whimper escaping the girl’s lips helplessly.


She smirks at the high-pitched plea, roughly pulling Kim from the wall and turning her toward her bed. She smashes their lips together, breaths intermingling as she backs them up toward her destination. She’s so preoccupied with the goddess she’s worshipping that she doesn’t remember the huge pile haphazardly covered with a blanket lying on the floor right behind Kim. That is, until it’s too late.

Suddenly, Kim is falling over, taking Trini with her, landing roughly on the floor. Fortunately, Kim is so far gone she doesn’t even care that they didn’t land on the bed, so Trini could just keep going.


Unfortunately, Trini hesitates just long enough for Kim to open her eyes to complain, but Trini sees her stop. She sees her eyebrows pull together in confusion.


“What was that?”

“What was what?” Trini tries to play dumb; she really does. It just doesn’t work.

“What we just tripped over.” Kim leans her head to try to steal a glimpse at it, but Trini blocks her path.

“Pfft. It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Trini goes to kiss Kim’s neck again, but Kim stops her.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Nuh uh, no kisses until you answer my question.”

“It’s nothing.” Kim narrows her eyes.

There’s a moment between them, a moment of challenge, just like that moment when Trini had stabbed stabbed her fork into the last piece of donut at Krispy Kreme, except this time, Trini knows she’s going to lose.

Kim moves first, pushing Trini off of her, lunging for the covered mass. Trini jumps back, catching her hand and pushing the mass farther away from the two. Kim rips her hand away from Trini’s, throwing a kick aimed at Trini’s chest, which Trini catches and uses to flip Kim away from her. She leaps up and runs toward the mass but is stopped by Kim grabbing her arm and pulling it toward her. The fight continues, grabbing and pulling and kicking until, finally, Kim gains the upper hand and sweeps Trini off balance, sending her crashing into her desk. It buys her enough time to rip the blanket off of the mass.

“No, dont-”

Her jaw drops.

It’s a giant tiger head.

It’s the giant tiger head.

“-do that.” Trini finishes, meekly.

“Oh my god.” Kim starts laughing, doubling over from the sheer hilarity of it all. Trini feels her cheeks aflame.

“You’re-” a gasp, “You’re the mascot?!

Trini frowns, suddenly defensive and embarrassed. “Maybe.

“Oh my god, this is gold.

“It keeps my mom off my back about extracurriculars!”

“But, baby, the mascot?” There are tears coming out of Kim’s eyes.

Shut up.

Kim stops laughing when Trini says that, and starts walking toward her.

“Oh, baby, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Trini’s frown deepens.

“I mean it, I think it’s actually kind of cute. You get so pumped for our pep rallies. I would’ve never guessed-”

“-that’s the point.” Trini was pouting now.

Kim leans down and presses a kiss to Trini’s cheek, causing them the burn hotter.

“I love it.” Trini’s eyes snap to meet Kim’s

“Yeah?” She hates how small it sounds.

“Yeah.” Kim’s eyes are so kind, her smile so loving, “Now, how about you show me some of those moves you pull at the games?”

The moment’s ruined, and Trini’s cheeks are back to burning. She shoves Kim playfully.

“Fuck you, Hart.”

“I really want you to.”

Okay, maybe the moment’s not completely ruined, if the hungry look in Kim’s eyes is anything to go by.

Who knew cheerleaders have a thing for mascots?

TMNT Flashback . . .

*after watching Alopex chop off Tiger Claw’s arm*

“Dudes, they’re getting’ away!”

“Let ‘em go.”

“Tiger Claw will never forget this lesson.”

“Yeah … ”

“And he’ll never be able to clap again.”

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Just to correct! Whale sharks can be found about as far north as Maine on the east coast of the US. They concentrate in the highest populations near the tropics, but can be found pretty far north and south. There have actually been whale sharks off the coast of New Jersey where I live starting about a mile or so out! I used to work at an AZA accredited aquarium on the Jersey Shore and we all had to keep up with this kind of information as part of our jobs. We also get whites and tigers!

…what. I realized I had forgotten about Hawaii, but I’ve never heard of whale sharks being that far north. (Seriously, they trained me in a similar facility to where you used to work and they never told me that). Thank you! I knew about whites and tigers but dude, that’s so cool. 

The best quotes of the enemy book in Zesteria

“It’s really neat how they can move around entirely through body-wiggles.”

“I’m curious, but I’m also worried the answer will keep my up at night.”

“The armadillo is famed for its ability to curl up into a ball, but it can also roll up into a ball, and occasionally it coils up into a ball.”

“I will accept as an apology a performance of the normincarena.”

“Oh, and it’s technically winged, but it can’t fly. Loser.”

“A hellionized plant. Beware! Its leaves aren’t just for decoration. It can swing them like arms and chloro-fill your world with pain.”

[Lailah] “Long ago, the whole of the earth was bunched up, until Geo Roller rolled all across the land and flattened it out. Thank you, Geo Roller!”

[Rose] “Yes, thank you, Geo Roller! We owe the very ground beneath our feet to you! ….Wait. You’re kidding here, right? Guys? Lailah’s joking, right?

“It’s a dude. It’s a tiger. It’s… Tiger Dude.”

“Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. Small ones nope. Big ones nope. Spiky ones nope. Noooope. Nope nope.“

“Your Majesty, I see thou art especially skilled at dodging my attacks. We’re I to charge Your Highness without thinking, Your Excellency is likely to riposte with a most regal counter. Verily.”

“I know what you’re thinking. “I’m sure it doesn’t hurt when that enormous death-spear erupts from the ground and skewers my body. It might be fun.” It’s not fun, supid.”

“Bloodsuckers. They suck your blood. You can try to suck it back, if that’s your thing.”

“A dragony thing that flies!”

Sorey referring to an elephant: “… bizarre face-tentacle…”

“I want a laser eye! Lailah, how come shepherds don’t get laser eyes?”

Rose referring to Ceberus: “Oh no! It’s got two heads. How will they know which one of them is the good boy?”

“If I buy you a plant, will you talk to it instead of me?”

[Rose] “What’s that? They’re talking? They say… ‘Nnnnneither of ussss… Is a gooooood boooooy.’”

[Lailah] “That’s just a cruel trick your mind plays on you! Tell them that they’re smart and creative and-”

The Goblin Cart Saga

Sorey: Oh cool, it’s riding a little cart-thing. That looks fun! Can I ride? Do you think it’d let me take a ride once we purify it?

Rose: Dude, keep away from the machine.

Sorey: It claims to be a sniper, but it’s kinda lacking in the precision department. Maybe it’s having too much fun with that cart thing?”

Mikleo: Your analysis seems shallow, but in further inspection it’s EXTREMELY shallow.“

Sorey: The wheels, the cart, the gaudy ornamentation… I love it! I love it! Ooh, I hope purification doesn’t get rid of all of the cool parts…

Mikleo: Sheesh, I thought this was supposed to be a strategy session, not an art show.

Sorey: It’s gotten better at riding, too, so we have to be more careful with close combat. Gosh, no blind spots and a killer cart to ride around on. I wanna be a goblin! Can I be the first Goblin Shepard?

Mikleo: Unlike the others, the rounds this one fires seems to inflict status ailments on us. But let me guess, Sorey, that’s not what you’re interested in.

Sorey: …Why would I be? The cannon isn’t the cool part. When I’m finally riding one of these, though, I’ll let you be a cannonball if that’s your thing.


guys….i think im watching the unauthorized hindi remake of mamma mia called mother (1997) but it’s really just a 2+ hour long advertisement for britannia biscuits. literally the first, absolutely unexplained, scene following the credits just has asrani give some dude britannia TIGER biscuits. and then lmao rekha is distributing biscuits to poor kids in Mauritius like alms…. then OMFG her fucking name is Asha Britannia!!

One Line Prompts

1. “Tell me something new.”
2. “Wood is the skin of trees.”
3. “Can you not do that please?”
4. “Tigers are so cool dude.”
5. “No you’re asking to get punched in the throat.”
6. “You aren’t as terrible as I thought.”
7. “I have to get up?”
8. “Where are we going? It’s 2 am!”
9. “They aren’t your average people.”
10. “Do you listen to your thoughts before you speak?”

stardewsebastians replied to your post: bitch is tiger for real a trans man or is that…

he’s a trans man, which is implied thru his whole “going to thailand” thing!

oh my god ????? is the thailand thing some joke or something??? i cant get over that this is like, actually real, and his transness isn’t ever the punchline?