tiger dna

Tiger Johnson

Name: Kay ‘Tiger’ Johnson (most people call him Tiger)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 5" is his normal height, but with his powers it can range from that all the way to 150’
Personality: Hot-headed to the point of being temperamental, Tiger’s quick to get angry over almost anything. And whenever he isn’t fuming, he’s almost always in a grumpy mood the rest of the time. He always tries to act like a tough guy, but he’s way more sensitive than he wants to admit. He does have a softer side though, which he doesn’t show often.
History: Tiger used to be a real innocent and sweet boy. Despite being adopted, he viewed Aria and her husband as his parents, and could never imagine life without them. He grew close to them both, especially his dad. He wanted to do practically everything with him, and often listened when his dad told him about God. But it didn’t last forever. When Tiger was 9, his father died in a hovercar crash. Devastated, Tiger withdrew into himself, rejecting both God and affection from his family. Then one day at school, when a classmate was messing around with him, Tiger suddenly lashed back and viciously attacked him, shocking everyone. Ever since then, he continued acting out angrily, getting into enough fights to get himself expelled from 3 schools. When his powers began to surface…well, it’s not hard to imagine the trouble that caused.
Powers: Tiger’s power is the ability to change his size, taken from a mutated form of gigantism. The genes of a giganotosaurus (taken from preserved tissue), and the siberian tiger were spliced into him to help support his skeletal structure, heart, and lungs, as well as a badger to increase his pain tolerance, keeping him going even when heavily wounded. As mentioned above, he can grow from his normal size all the way to a staggering 150 feet high. He has a great deal of trouble controlling it though. His powers react strongly to his emotions, especially anger, fear, and sadness. And needless to say, he can do a lot of accidental damage when he’s not being careful.
Natural Skills: Though it seems completely out of his personality, Tiger is able to play the Irish flute. Though he doesn’t do it often now because it reminds him so much of his father (who greatly encouraged it), and fear of being teased at school, Tiger will practice with it if he thinks he’s alone.
Notes: Never EVER give him chocolate. It makes him go insane. Seriously. Don’t do it.

Here are 5 extinct animals that science could bring back to life:

1. Tasmanian tiger

In 2014, scientists in Melbourne found a fragment of the Tasmanian tiger DNA and inserted it in mice.

2. Woolly mammoth

Scientists spliced woolly mammoth genes with those of an Asian elephant. If all goes as planned, scientists hope to implant a woolly mammoth embryo into an Asian elephant and execute the first woolly mammoth cloning in 2018.

3. Passenger pigeons

Researchers said they could be able to bring passenger pigeons back to life in the future via genetic engineering. That’s only the half of it: The resurrected birds may be a hybrid creature that will have to be trained to act like a passenger pigeon.

4. Quagga

Professor Eric Harley reported that his project to bring back the quagga, a subspecies of zebra, from extinction is going as planned. Harley has already successfully bred six Rau quaggas and is working toward breeding a population of 50.

5. This breed of frog that has been extinct for 30 years.

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