tiger can town

Tigercon’s Can Town Project Chapter

Where: Tigercon, at the Towson University Union
When: December 8th, 2012; 10 AM to 10 PM

Basics: There will be labeled bins left at the two main entrances to the Union, the one on the first floor and the one on the second.  They will be there all the way from 10 AM to 10 PM, just in case we get early drop-offs that cannot stay or late drop-offs that couldn’t make it earlier. 

  • Please, bring your cans in a bag or box or somehow otherwise grouped together with your email address or tumblr username or whatever the best way to contact you is.  This is important so we can tell who brought how many cans.
  • The actual meeting to build the can-town will be at 6 PM, outside the 2nd floor main entrance (unless it is taken, in which case we will migrate to outside the first floor main entrance).
  • At the building of our can-town: I, necroMatador, and Gretchen, miraclesuprise, will go through the cans, count them, and hand them over to the person or persons who brought them to begin their own construction.  (You may build however many buildings you can with your cans, or you may team up with other groups if you have only a can or two, and pool your cans into one or two buildings.)
  • Individuals who bring 5 cans or more will receive either a Dave or a Roxy print that Gretchen and I will be making special for Tiger Can Town.
  • Individuals who bring 10 cans or more will receive both the Dave and Roxy print.
  • If you cannot stay but want to be in the can count drawing for prints, leave your cans bundled in one of the drops.  This is why we ask you to keep them bagged together and with a reliable way of contacting you.  You should also probably be okay with giving us your mailing address when we contact you so that we can get your prints to you.

If we think of more information you need to know, we will post it up here at the Tiger Can Town tumblrRemember, any information that cannot be verified by visiting this tumblr is likely false, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  It may be something we didn’t even think of.

Hey! Hey everyone!

I’ll be running the Tiger Can Town thing at Towson University’s Tigercon again this year, barring anything drastic coming up!

If you are interested, please keep an eye on the “official” tumblr blog for updates and information!

In the future I may be asking for help running the event, but for now as far as I know, I’ll have myself and a certain friend of mine who just started officially attending Towson as well!

Anyway, last year we got 65 lbs of food.  Let’s see how much we can get this Tigercon on December 8th!

So during the meet we passed around my sketchbook and people wrote down their tumblr usernames!  I’m fairly certain this isn’t everyone, but here’s who we have:

  1. rachelthehouseelf
  2. ohnoitsahomestuckblog
  3. spectraloasis
  4. crackedheartcontainer
  5. greyscalearmageddons
  6. alosbothe
  7. kikkun
  8. polskiskiski
  9. punisherpumice
  10. songbirdsonata
  11. twistedcaliber
  12. adiostoreadumb
  13. saturdaithe14th
  14. inverts

Also, here’s our first picture of the main architecture of Can Town, courtesy of Polskiskiski (actually I took it with their camera).

More photos up throughout the week!  And if anyone else has photos of the Can Town meetup, do let me know and I’ll reblog them, or submit them (the submit box should be open, also let me know if it’s not)!



I’m going to try to open submissions so that everyone that was there can submit their own photos.

I apologize for the bit of a problem at the beginning where we didn’t quite know where we were going (the 3rd floor 3rd room thing was weird since I hadn’t heard anything about that until just that moment).  I also apologize for not being a very good leader (Egbert I am not), but thank you all for listening more or less to both me and my friend Mel (the pink-and-black lolita) and generally being pretty well-behaved over all!

It was fun and we got enough cans to fill up one whole bin, which is quite a fair amount!

Last announcement of 2011

With the end of school and finals I managed to get the cans over to Maryland Food Bank (okay, my dad managed to get the cans over, so lots of thanks to him).

We got exactly 65 lbs of canned food!

I will also apparently be receiving a thank you card???

So when/if that comes I will scan and post it.

On the paperwork he had to fill out my dad put the donor and organization as “Can Town Project” and “Tiger Can Town”.


A reminder that Tigercon is Saturday, and that Tiger Can Town is happening again.

Information can be found at this post!  Please if we could get that post cycling around, since nobody has reblogged it save, like, two people.

I’ve added a list of food we need, which I am also including below, since we didn’t have time this year to make up an informative poster (sorry about that, the con snuck up on us).

  • FOOD WE NEED: canned fruits, canned meats, canned beans, canned vegetables, canned soups, canned sauces, infant formula, evaporated milk, peanut butter

I also added the below to the original post:

This started and is largely a Homestuck fandom thing, but we welcome members of all fandoms who want to participate.  The most important thing is to help people in need of food.  Surely we can put aside petty fandom differences for that.  That said, anyone of any fandom causing trouble of any kind (bullying/harassment, purposeful defacement of cosplay or can town collecting bins, assault, theft) will be told to leave and, if they do not, reported to whatever authority need be alerted.

More detail about the potential Reward System.

So Gretchen and I are thinking of implementing a reward system for donations to, perhaps, stimulate more interest and participation?  Keep in mind that this is still being discussed and decided on and the final way it works may be different from what I mention here.

We were thinking of making prints for rewards to anyone donating a certain number of cans and up (at the moment we’re thinking 10 cans minimum and then every 5 cans above, but this is subject to change).  Gretchen has already called dibs on making prints of the alpha kids, while I suppose I’ll be making prints of the beta kids.

We are also entertaining the idea of making little Equius “STRONG” pins either for anyone with large amounts of cans who carries them in to us OR for those that help us carry the bins to wherever we’re constructing the final can town.

Tiger Can Town: Successful!

Wow, guys thank you all so much who attended and donated and who helped us with carrying things!  I have a bunch of names of people to thank and all sorts of stuff to post up about the actual building of Can Town (photos mostly), but man I am TIRED.

Stuff like list of attendees will be posted tomorrow.

Photos will be posted sometime next week (I’ve got my first couple final projects due on Monday and Tuesday so they may take until Wednesday).

But oh my gosh I am so impressed by how smoothly it went.  Besides a few people just kind of abandoning their can bags, everyone was there with their cans.  And even though there were some small labeling problems, you all listened to Gretchen when she read the rules and to me when I moved us outside (I also apologize that I had to have Gretchen be the one to yell at you all; I am not a loud person and have some problems judging my own volume so I tend to think I’m yelling and actually be talking quietly).

You all were really good about getting your cans and orderly lining up to get them counted and claim a prize, and you were all very good about building the actual Can Town!

Also, extra-special thanks to everyone who asked to and actually did help us carry cans/bins or re-pack the cans into the bins after Can Town!  We had 25 of the super-special surprise magnets printed up to give out to those who were “STRONG of heart” and we gave out 15 of them!  Also, you all were way overthinking the super-special surprise clue, but I suppose that’s only to be expected of the Homestuck fandom!

The newest version of the poster complete with mention of Tigercon and it’s running time.

The actual building of the Can Town will be around 6:30 or 7 PM, not 10.  The exact location…will be decided once I actually manage to get over to scope out the West Village Commons.  I have never actually been there.  But it will, hopefully, be inside and not outside.  I’m considering seeing if I can get us a panel room to do this, but we’ll see.

We will, however, leave the donation bins up until 10 PM just in case we get some last minute people donating.

Rock on!

Welcome to our first four followers!

Aquadyne, Twister468, emperoralek, and especially karklesomalley who has volunteered to hang posters once I get them designed.

I plan tomorrow to go to the TU (Towson University for future reference) Info Desk at the Union to see who I need to talk to about those posters.  I’m sure there are rules about what can and cannot be on them and all sorts of stuff I have to figure out before I can post any posters on campus legally.

But!  I have on good authority that we’re completely free when it comes to the ground, so sometime closer to the date of Tigercon I may have to take some chalk to campus.

Hey all!

Poster design and information will be posted TOMORROW.

Remember, unless it comes from us here at THIS TUMBLR, it is incorrect information.  There were some rumors last time that got started and I’m not sure how or where, but yeah, anyway…

So yes, once the info comes out y'all can help out by spreading the word.  And let anyone who plans to take part in the Tiger Can Town know to follow this Tumblr for updates or (if they don’t have a Tumblr themselves) to just keep an eye on it.