tiger and cub


(via Peek a Boo, I See You! | Suka the male Sumatran Tiger Cub by Penny Hyde | Flickr)

texastabletop  asked:

You mentioned Raptors in a question you answered... where in asoiaf are there raptors??

“Hear me. The ships of Braavos sail as far as the winds blow, to lands strange and wonderful, and when they return their captains fetch queer animals to the Sealord’s menagerie. Such animals as you have never seen, striped horses, great spotted things with necks as long as stilts, hairy mouse-pigs as big as cows, tigers that carry their cubs in a pouch, terrible walking lizards with scythes for claws. Syrio Forel has seen these things.” (“Arya IV”, A Game of Thrones)

Farther south lie the regions known as the Green Hell, where beasts even more fearsome are said to dwell. There, if tales are to be trusted, are caverns full of pale white vampire bats who can drain the blood from a man in minutes. Tattooed lizards stalk the jungles, running down their prey and ripping them apart with the long curved claws on their powerful hind legs. Snakes fifty feet long slither through the underbrush, and spotted spiders weave their webs amongst the great trees. “Beyond the Free Cities: Sothoryos”, The World of Ice and Fire)


(via Sibirischer Tiger | by Tierfotografie Niklas Mattern | Flickr)