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the 20 must watch anime of the 2000s (2017)

a business magazine, Weekly Toyo Keizai featured articles about anime industry in the latest issue.
20 anime titles in this list (in order of which they were released), “the 20 must watch anime of the 2000s” was chosen by anime critics.

1. 攻殻機動隊 S.A.C. (2002)
Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex

2. ほしのこえ (2002)
The Voices of A Distant Star

3. パプリカ (2006)

4. コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ (2006)
CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion

5. ヱヴァンゲリオン 新劇場版 (2007, 2009, 2012)
Rebuild of Evangelion

6. けいおん! (2009)

7. 四畳半神話大系 (2010)
The Tatami Galaxy

8. 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ (2011)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica

9. TIGER & BUNNY (2011)

10. 輪るピングドラム (2011)

11. アイドルマスター (2011)
The idolm@ster

12. ガールズ&パンツァー (2012)

13. PSYCHO-PASS (2012)

14. おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (2012)
Wolf Children

15. COPPELION (2013)

16. のんのんびより (2013)
Non Non Biyori

17. SHIROBAKO (2014)

18. 響け!ユーフォニアム (2015)
Sound! Euphonium

19. ラブライブ!(2015)
Love Live! The School Idol Movie

20. おそ松さん (2015)


For those who have not seen the Sound of Tiger & Bunny short, “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” is up on YouTube.

I still encourage everyone to purchase the blu-ray release for the short and the fabulous live orchestral music of the series.

Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures held their panel at New York Comic Con on the 8th November. Not much new info came out of the panel, mostly reiterating their chosen script writer, Ellen Shanman, for the live action movie and that they aimed to release the movie between late 2018 - 2019. They also spoke very vaguely about still having more “plans” for the franchise.

Picture source: https://twitter.com/hypebot9000/status/784858048645005312

Source: https://twitter.com/dreamcasthats/status/784868313201532928

Tiger and Bunny Are Super Shippy (Part 3)

(warning: spoilers)

Part 1
Part 2

- In ep 16, Bunny notices Tiger is depressed.  Not only that, he abandons his own party and /goes after him/. And smiles cutely and tells stories about his childhood and dreams, and encourages Tiger.

- Unrelated, but poor poor Yuri.

- I like that Legend dealt with his declining powers by stealing arrests and punching his wife, and Tiger deals with it by giving arrests away to Bunny.

- In ep 17, Bunny is super supportive of Tiger’s vacation.

- Tiger watches Bunny on TV while he’s sulking at home.  Also, Bunny has gotten way less into the whole “points” thing and more into the “saving people” thing, and it’s clearly mostly Tiger’s doing.

- In ep 18, Tiger follows Bunny into Kriem’s room like it’s totally just the way it’s gonna be and no one finds this weird, even though the doctor says she asked for Bunny specifically and Tiger just showed up out of nowhere like five minutes before. 

- Tiger tries to comfort Bunny, and can’t bring himself to tell Bunny he’s leaving because he knows Bunny’s already upset.  And he proceeds to help Bunny research Jake despite having no personal stake in finding out the truth. 

- And then Bunny tries to be comforting and supportive back, despite being really upset, just because Tiger seems worried.  It’s a never-ending circle of cute wibbly love with these two. 

- (I think Samantha ships it.)

- And in ep 19 Tiger is cooking food for Bunny and visiting him in his apartment and taking care of him and trying to help him.  Tiger even says “I want you to be your usual self again” like this is the cheesy moving scene from some romance. Also Bunny shows Tiger his glasses-less face, when normally he uses those glasses as a wall.

- Apparently “helping Bunny remember” means “taking Bunny on a date”.  And buying matching pins.  Meanwhile Bunny is resistant, like “we can go on a date some other time”.

- And then Tiger decides to sacrifice all of his plans because Bunny is crying.

- And Bunny is so /hurt/, but it’s mostly because Tiger didn’t trust him enough to tell him. And he lashes out and Tiger gets so upset that Bunny is trying to drive him away and then Bunny runs away and this is basically every fight scene from a romantic comedy ever.

- Aww, Bunny tells the interviewer he admires Tiger and wants to be worthy of his trust, and Tiger immediately reacts like “I MUST GO TO HIM”.  Seriously, this is a very accurate reenactment of a romantic comedy. 

- Of course Maverick knows he can hook Tiger by telling him it’s about Bunny. 

- And now in ep 20 they’re all concerned about each other while Maverick makes every attempt to keep them apart.  Bunny is being super cute about how worried he is about Tiger.

- I love that the other heroes basically just treat Tiger and Bunny like an old married couple. 

- Ep 21.  Okay, so Tiger is suddenly a fugitive, on the run, pretending to be a bum to avoid capture, his friends don’t remember him, and his only current ally is Lunatic–and when he sees the news on Bunny his first reaction is to get all happy: “Bunny!  He’s safe!”

- Episode 22 is adorable and sad at the same time.  Watching Tiger take Bunny back to all of their memorable places and being like “remember our bond?” and Bunny’s like “no!”

 - Nothing in this show ever happens for no reason.  I think the beginning of ep23 where they break Good Luck Mode by using them on each other is intentionally symbolic. 

- No one remembered him before either, and Tiger wasn’t driven to crying.  But for Bunny–it’s the pain of friendship, right? 


- And now they’re hugging and bantering and it’s so adorable it hurts. 

- And just, without question or pause, they fall right back into their partnership. 

- Ep 24: “Kotetsu-san!” and panic and run toward Tiger when Tiger gets hit, just for Bunny to to also get hit himself.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

- I really love that their combined Good Luck Mode involves an electronic voice saying “Tiger and Bunny: Over and Out!"  Their suits call him Bunny? 

- Bunny is trembling when he goes to shoot the android.  He is /terrified/ of hurting Tiger even though this is their only chance. 

- Bunny just breaks when he thinks Tiger is about to die.  Like, he has only ever gotten like that about revenge for his parents and Samantha. 

- They argue about Tiger’s declining powers. Like, Bunny is intensely upset he didn’t notice so he could take care of Tiger.  And Tiger’s just like "well, that was the /point/”.

- “When you started calling me Kotetsu, I got so happy I went out drinking by myself.”

- Okay, clearly since there’s a Tiger&Bunny: The Rising movie being released this year (and admittedly from reading stuff with spoilers), I know Tiger lives.  But when Bunny says “I’m learning how to make fried rice so you have to try it sometime!” I burst into tears anyway. 

- Tiger (while dying): “You have pretty long eyelashes.”

- When Kaede gets there, Bunny is just holding Tiger in his arms and sobbing. 

- In all the previous episodes, no matter how terrible things got, the “next episode” section always had Tiger or Bunny being inexplicably cheerful and rattling off some random fact about themselves.  This time, Bunny doesn’t bother, and he just sounds so heartbroken.

- Episode 25: Bunny is just so relieved and actively hugs Tiger, which has basically never happened before.  I also kind of love that Tiger doesn’t question Bunny hugging him but is confused when Blue Rose does it. 

- Barnaby: “There’s no point to being a hero without you."  !!!

- And then the princess carry appears again! 

- And Bunny decides to come back because Tiger is coming back.  His reasoning is literally "Because I’m your partner.”

- They don’t actually get out of the princess carry for a good portion of this conversation…. ^^;

- Unrelated again, but holy shit that stinger.  They had better give us more than just a couple movies.

Final thought: this entire show is structured just like a typical romance plot: Girl meets boy, they don’t get along at first, get to know each other, end up in a close relationship, get into fight over trust, girl runs away upset, boy drinks his depression away in a bar, something bad happens, amnesia may be involved, and eventually they declare their undying love in an emotional and tragic moment. 

The artwork for Blu-Ray box set released has been revealed, drawn by series character designer, Katsura Masakuza. The box set will have 6 discs across the series and 6 additional disks to include all the CD dramas, that was with each individual blu-ray release. The box set will include a new drama CD, which is a continuation of “Blue Rose’s Midnight Ice Cream” radio show. 

The box set will have both the Japanese and English dub, along with English subtitles for the Japanese dub. 

Other features will include the Side Tiger and Side Bunny commentaries and will have some new live footage from stage shows. 

 This will be released on 26th October 2016 for 30,000 yen.


Week 2 of INKTOBER

I became very artistically (and mentally/physically) lethargic this week, so I missed two days. One day I spent painting pumpkins, the other I couldn’t work up the will to draw even something small… But, I tried my best to draw a little something as much as I could. Not very satisfied with what I put out this week, but at least I tried.