tiger and bun

Nuke: “Are you sure about this? You don’t need tp do this if you’re not comfortable with this.”

Dadila: “No, I’m not sure. But… Maybe you’re right, about people understanding.” *pulls off hoodie to reveal ears and writes on the bulletin board about what she is*

Nuke: “Well… A-alright.”


[my own art)character design)Korean monster]장산범(Jang-San-Bum)design 2

Jang-san-bum is Korean mystical creature which has white, long and thin fur. They are also called 범(Bum: This means tiger these day in Korea), 백범(Bek-Bum:White Bum), 와호(Wa-Ho:lying tiger), 하얀번개(ha-yan-bun-ge: White thunder). But they are totally different with tiger. 

This creature make a sound like the shriek of fingernails on a blackboard or human’s voice or sound which can possess human.This cannibal demon is found deep in the mountains in Korea.

People who eaten by 장산범 become 창귀(Chang-gwi). This ghost can’t be entered Nirvana. So They stuck with 장산범 and possess human who replace them.


Yes I drew this creature before but I thought there are something missing so I redesign this. And I really love this creature. They are spooky but quite pretty.

Anyway I hope you like this and Thank you and LOVE YOU!!!


Testosterone Thursday

Brandon Ellis Plays Hard To Get…

“Do You Think These Tights Make My Bum Look Big!”

No, Brandon. Your Bum Looks Just Right!

Cute Glutes, Mate!


Caramel Popcorn Kittens.

Something sweet to share for Valentine’s Day ^ - ^