tiger & the Duke

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your viewing pleasure:

Why does this exist?  Well sit down my buddy friend chum pally pals and I’ll tell ya!  I’ve been doing Zootopia voice-dub work over the last few months and thought to myself “I wonder if anyone has thought of pairing The Bloodhound Gangs’ ‘The Bad Touch’ with Zootopia?”  The beautiful image of Nick Wilde singing “you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals” whirled around like spicy dancing tigers in my mind’s eye, and thus I began piecing together this pet project of mine over the last two weeks!

And with that, my homelike-breadslice dawgs, I leave you with this labor of love; let me know if there are other songs you’d like to see the Zootopia/other movie casts sing for ya!


Kiaa Presents: 3rd Annual Son Sunday (College Edition) 🔥🔥🔥

🔥Isaiah Briscoe
🔥Derryck Thorton
🔥Corey Sanders
🔥Antonio Blakeney
🔥Jamal Murray
🔥Brandon Ingram
🔥Tyler Ulis
🔥Chase Jeter
🔥Ben Simmons (👅)
🔥Elbert Robinson

@briana-chaney I added your baby this time 💙

2017 Top Games of the Week Recap: Week 5

Another week in the books! There’s lots to discuss so let’s get to recappin’.


Top Ten Games of the Week

10. #4 Penn State 45-Indiana 14

This game wasn’t quite as the score indicates. Indiana actually had nearly as many yards as the Nittany Lions and the Hoosier moved the ball pretty well for certain stretches. They did commit four turnovers, which kept the game out of reach. Penn State is still undefeated and climbing the rankings.

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Soulmatejjp's Fic Rec

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know I added some more fics to my fic rec page. New fics will always be added at the top. And though I recommend all of them, I especially recommend you guys read:

  • Untitled #4: a soulmates au with a unique ending (trust me, you want to read it till the very end)
  • Radio Signal: For those who love jjp idol verse/future fics like Between Us
  • Compass Calling: Sugarbowl’s new ongoing pirate au featuring incompetent pirate captain Jaebum and Peach Blossom Prince Jinyoung
  • The Tiger & The Duke: I’m sure you’re all already reading foxxing’s sugar daddy au but if you’re not, get on it