People who still think Bilbo is the “female” in the relationship.

People who still think Thorin is the manly man who controls everything

People who still think Bagginshield is somehow heteronormative because of the characters’ physical appearances

Seriously tho people still think Bagginshield is an abusive ship because of what happens in BoFA

Did you even understand the movie dude.

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a character you were indifferent to until you started defending them?

oh ey! i think the meme i reblogged is for making graphics, but since i’m lazy for graphic-making, askbox answers is good too. gordon walker. i didn’t think him ~evil, ‘cos his motivations were similar to the winchesters, but he didn’t stick in my imagination either. the gordon walker tag is a cesspool, you guys.

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i don’t care if BC & Sh are married, I don’t care if they have a baby, get divorced, what ever. but the PR around this guy is fucking humiliating man. he is literally doing the opposite of everything he has said he is about. so either he was a LIAR then or a LIAR now (and we have him on tape LYING about multiple things. just ask. we can list it).

He wants it to be all about his work? ALL the promo for TIG was about his personal life. the tag lines and lead ins were ALL about his engagement. NOT about TIG

He wants his private life private? he took out an ad in the paper announcing his engagement, and proceeded to talk about it to major international entertainment news outlets for weeks. sorry. no dice

He wanted his wedding private? fucking employees were live tweeting it (there was a list of all the things we know about his wedding on TFOE, down to the sorbet. hmm, wonder why we don’t know this about ER wedding? because ER wedding wasn’t a product placement w friends and employees tweeting all the intimate details. you telling me BC could not have stopped the ppl he hired from revealing all that info?)

Again, he had supposedly been dating SH for months and months and months, some say years (even overlapping w when he was dating Anna. nasty cheat there Ben!). Well he sure had no problemm keeping it close, keeping it precious, keeping it private then. what happened? why could he have not cont on that way? he didn’t need to announce his gag in the paper, he didn’t need to have her on the RC (he hadn’t before) he didn’t need to talk about it to the pres. just cont on keeping it private and precious and not for media attention.

You think that paps hang out all day at airports, hoping that one of the 36 relevant celebs pick that day out of the 365 to fly? poor BC and SH were just caught? BS! They call them.

He said he didn’t want to be known as a tabloid whore. oopsie, he is on a helluva lot of covers!

hey, did we mention that all those super duper meanie intrusive pictures of the first half of the moneymoon were actually taken by one guy? repping one agency? huh? so BC was stalked for a week by one man, in his car and everything and didn’t notice? boy ben, better get your eyes checked. you could get hurt!

Hey ben, when did yo start planning your wedding again? was it before you were dating? aft? before she was preg? aft? how preg is she again? we have 3 different timelines. all documented. liar

She has a tiny bump? cue bora bora pics please. so who is that in the pictures? cause that is a woman w a 8mo preg belly. why were paps calling it tiny, when apparently it was so huge you could see it from a blurry pap shot from across water? someone right next to her calls it tiny, but a camera can see it from far away? physics anyone?

I wont even get into Sophie LYING about her work. confirmed, compulsive lies. lies that companies have had to come out and speak on. why is ben so ok w his wife LYING to meida over and over? If you’re famous, or married to a famous person, suddenly LYING is ok? what next? stealing money?..oh right…*cough* (anyone need a laundry machine? lets clean up for charities!)

this is all SOME shit, and im not even saying they aren’t together! there is so much more i could point out.  

liar liar pants on fire ben honey. didn’t mama wanda raise a better boy? guess not. personally, im thrilled for them to stay married. the trainwreck is hilarious to watch. its an embarrassment of riches, minus the riches.

oh, and for the record, im a gay lady, so not jealous. bens mouth sure is pretty tho, even when he is a ly ly lying ;-)


Ya my first submit! Thanks anon! :)