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Just by Chance Masterlist

After running away from home, (Y/N), finds herself being picked up by the Sons on the side of a road when her car breaks down. Finding herself handling the Sons’ issues better than her own, she ends up running away a little longer than planned. Living with the Sons for a year gave her more sense of family than she ever felt in her small hometown in Kansas, but a trip to say goodbye to her old life turns her plans upside down. What will (Y/N) and the Sons do when memories are forgotten?

A Chibs x Reader Fanfic Series.

Just By Chance - Part 1 

  • (Y/N) finds herself on the side of the road with a car that won’t start and a phone with no signal.

Just By Chance - Part 2 

  • (Y/N) finds herself in an explosive situation at the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse.

Just By Chance - Part 3

  • Now that (Y/N) is stuck with SAMCRO for awhile she decides to help out where she can, from taking care of the kids to lending a shoulder to cry on. 

Just By Chance - Part 4 

What this series includes is below (Spoilers)

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?-8

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Requested by @homra-the-red-clan

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of a brutal beating resulting in a miscarriage!  You’ve been warned, please read with caution!

Tig x Ava (OFC), Happy X Ava

Clay struggled to breathe, he crawled across the floor to his phone he knew he needed help. He heard the rumble of several bikes riding up to the cabin, he turned his head at the sound of boots.

Chibs, Rat, and Quinn rushed inside, seeing Clay laying on the floor. Chibs knelt at his side, checking his wounds, “Go get my medic back! Call Juice to come out with the van! Have Tara come with com.”

Rat ran out side to get the back, Quinn pulled out his phone. Chibs grabbed his medic bag, and started to try to stabilize Clay until Tara could get there. “Who did this Clay?” 

Clay closed his eyes, refusing to answer. He needed time to think of a way to cover up the things they’d done to Ava. “I don’t know.” 

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Just by Chance - Part 3

Here’s a bunch of fluffy mushy shit. 

Honestly, this chapter is total shit. Not just fluff and mushy shit I mean literal shit

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You awoke to something falling in the other room, freezing out of fear as your eyes snap open only relaxing when you heard a certain Scot rattling off a string of curses. After the whole situation last night, both you and Chibs headed up to the cabin that the club would use from time to time. You were both met by Tig leaning against the porch smoking when you got there, just like Chibs, Tig was left without a home to go to now that the clubhouse was gone. After Tig had declared he was getting the main bedroom, you and Chibs fought over who would be getting the spare bed for a good 20 minutes before you gave up, letting Chibs win.

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anonymous asked:

wait. you ship Tig/Tara? how is this a thing i did not know? do you have any head canons about them? have you written any fic for them? can you rec some good fic that features them?

Oh my lovely, sweet, precious anon. Yes. I ship them. a lot. But I never talk about it because I only know like one other person that does. I have found zero fic for the two of them and have looked pretty extensively. I do have fic for them I’ve written myself, I just haven’t put it up or finished it. If I knew people other than myself would be interested then I should get to work on it!

Basically, he would have saved her. HE. WOULD. HAVE. SAVED. HER. And like the lies and the bull shit she put up with would have been cut by like 9000%.

kimtotes  asked:

i hardcore ship tara/tig too, since like season 3. that's like the queen and her knight

You were the”one other person” I was talking about. hahaha Yeah, same here. And especially at the end, he is always there, hovering, watching, putting his hand/himself between her and danger or bad situations. Like…how could you not?

“Nothin’ touches her, boss”