tig wig

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Jd I had no idea about the macklin banana thing so whore bag did the banana after ? She makes me truly sick inside my core

Sarah did it before polo, and we thought that was so funny. My take she was reading here and got jealous and booked to polo with MA.  NYC said the photos were like JA wedding, Harry bored and trapped. MM sold those pictures for 47k, I was so mad, I tweeted KP, they stopped those pics, but she got the money shot the next day when she fought with Harry in the parking lot, she pulled her wig out. Tig wig was born. 

I have followed this since day one. I was yelling Shark after I went through her IG. 

Thanks anon 


i love this woman so much. also, i love how casual this advice is going.

“own exactly who you are, that’s what attracts people"