Ménage à Troi

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Request: Imagine a threesome with Tig & Happy

Im sorry, the storyline is trash. SMUT 💦

I have not edited this so I apologise if there are any mistakes. 


“Nah brother, I reckon she’s one of those kinky girls ya know. Freak in the sheets.”
“I dunno man, she looks pretty innocent to me.”
They both looked at her, smiling sweetly to the man in front of her as she wiped down the bar top.
Her hair was tied in a ponytail and with a pink ribbon wrapped into a bow. Her makeup was plain, all rosy cheeks and a flick of black eyeliner.
Pink cardigan and a pretty pink dress. She looked like something out of Edward fucking scissorhands.
Who woulda thought a girl like her would be.. here.
She didn’t fit in with the group of bikers, she didn’t fit in behind a bar in all honesty.
She looked like she belonged in a library or wearing an apron and baking cakes, a housewife.
Yet here she was, serving drinks to a bunch of burly bikers in the middle if the Tacoma Clubhouse.
They both watched her as she pulled a lollypop out of her pocket and unwrapped it, her delicate fingers tossing the plastic wrapper into the trash can.
She stuck the lollypop in her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Tig let out a low moan and Happys jaw clenched as they watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked on the candy.
“You think she knows what she’s doing to every one?” Tig whispered, glancing around the bar a the bunch of bikers ogling the girl behind the bar.
Happy nodded and twirled his toothpick across his lips. “She knows.”

The early hours of the morning were rolling over and the Tacoma clubhouse was slowly emptying as the party dwindled out.
You had stayed behind the bar all night serving drinks, your smile never falling from your face.
Of course you knew everyone had been watching you with curious glances. You weren’t blind. But you were used to it.
You had a mirror. You knew exactly how you appeared.
But you loved the shock value when they found out what you were really like.
“They’ve been watching you all night.” Kiki whispered to you as she slid behind the bar and grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge.
You didn’t need to look, you had felt the pair of eyes on you since they’d walked in here. Instead you mixed yourself your favourite drink - Sex On The Beach. You finished pouring in the cranberry juice and stirred the contents of the glass with your straw..
A smirk came across your face and Kiki groaned, knowing exactly what the look on your face meant.
“Can you at least try and keep it down? Ive already got a headache.”
“Better take an aspirin, babe.” You winked at her and stepped out from the bar, smoothing down your dress.
Both men perked up eagerly as you approached them, drink in hand and you threw them a warm smile.
“Didnt anyone ever teach you boys that its rude to stare?”
Your voice was like honey and it melted sweetly into their ears.
The one with the black curls stuttered an apology and you stared him down under your thick lashes.
The familiar hunger you always attracted burnt in his eyes and you smirked and turned to the other man.
He didn’t speak,his dark brooding eyes just lingered on your face.
“He’s Happy, you can call me Tig.”
You frowned, pouting your lips out and turned to him.
“I was gonna call you both Daddy, but I guess names will do.”
They were both stunned by how casually you spoke, like you were taking about the weather.
You lifted your glass and twirled your tongue around the straw before taking a long sip.
After you swallowed you licked your lips and placed the glass back on the table.
“So are we gonna cut to the chase or what?”
Happy raised an eye brow and you rolled your eyes, toying with the straw in your glass.
“You both want to fuck me. And I,” You looked between them. “Want both of you. So, shall we?”

Tig stood straight and placed his hand on the small of your back and leant closer to you.
His lips hovered above yours and you licked you lips teasingly. He could smell the strawberry lip gloss on your lips and he inched his head closer.
But you placed a hand to his chest, stopping him from kissing you.
You reached to your back and grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.
Happy had been watching closely and now you turned to him.
You stepped between his legs, your hand still holding Tigs and you leant forward and placed your right hand on Happys cheek.
You leant in close and breathed in his scent before you licked along his neck, up to his ear lobe.
You took his ear lobe between your teeth and gave it a lick and a nibble.
“You coming, daddy?”
Happy growled in response as he felt you nibbling at his ear again and he glanced at Tig.
They began a silent conversation, and after only seconds they both nodded.
Happy stood and your hand slid from his cheek down his chest and across his abs.
You were already wet, the anticipation always turned you on and you shuddered as your fingers ran over his ripped muscles.
You looked up at him through your lashes and ran your tongue along your top lip before taking your bottom lip between your teeth.
You turned to look at Tig, his blue eyes watching you closely.
“Follow me.”
You dropped his hand and removed your hand from Happy and clasped your hands together behind your back before moving swiftly through the room.
They listened and followed you into the hallway.
You threw a glance over your shoulder, smirking to yourself as you saw them walking behind you, hunting you like prey.
Finally you reached the last door on the left and you turned the handle and slipped inside.
They were quick to follow and Happy shut the door behind them, twisting the lock as he went.
You stood facing the bed, your back to them and you unbuttoned your cardigan and tossed it to the chair on the corner of the room.
They stepped either see of you, Tig on your left and Happy on your right.
You felt a hand lay on the small of your back, you weren’t sure who it belonged to and you didn’t care.
You turned to Happy and placed a hand on his chest before reaching up and kissing his lips.
His lips were soft on yours and he kissed you gently, his lips moving in harmony with yours.
Tig ran his hand down the curve of your ass and palmed himself through his jeans with his other hand.
Your body turned to face Happy as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and Tigs hands roamed over your ass.
He dipped a hand between your legs slightly, above the fabric of your dress and ran his fingers close to your core.
You moaned and pulled your lips away from Happy.
Tig acted immediately, kissing the nape of your neck. and his fingers moved to the zipper of your dress.
He pulled it down agonisingly slow, his lips leaving soft kisses along your neck and your collarbone.
His hardness rubbed against your ass, only a few layers of fabric separating your skin from his.
Your hands were on Happys chest, holding you steady between the two men and you moved them down, looping your fingers through the belt loops on his jeans.
Tig slipped his hands into your dress and ran his hands along the seams, reaching up to your shoulders. He yanked the fabric down, revealing your chest and your black lace bra.
You shrugged your hands out of the dress and placed your hands back on Happys chest once more as Tig tugged the rest of your dress over your hips  and let it fall to the floor, pooling around your ankles.
“Oh baby,” Tig moaned behind you, his eyes focused on the curves of your ass covered in the delicate black lace.
You smirked and leant back, resting your head on his shoulder. He kissed you hungrily, his tongue immediately roaming your mouth as his hands squeezed your ass.
Happy was focused on your chest and he took hold of your left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.
He bowed his head and his lips lingered on the arch of your neck.
He sucked gently at the soft skin, sure to leave a bruise and trailed his lips down to your breast.
Tig gripped your hips and rubbed himself against your ass and through the fabric of his jeans you could already feel how hard he was.
His lips were rough on yours, the taste of his whiskey on his tongue.
You moaned against his mouth as you felt Happy tug the fabric of your bra away from your right breast and run his tongue over your nipple.
You pushed your ass back into Tigmaking him growl and you wrapped your hand around Happys neck.
His lips wrapped around your nipple and he sucked gently, his other hand massaging your left breast.
You felt a calloused hand run over your right hip and by this point you didn’t know- or care whose hands belonged to who.
The hand slipped into the waistband of your panties and you spread your legs as much as you could.
It ran between your legs and you heard Tig moan behind you. So it belonged to him.
He ran a finger between your slick folds and you moaned, parting your lips from his.
“God your so wet, baby,” Tig moaned in your ear.
His index finger slid easily between your lips and he massaged your clit.
You moaned and leant forward against Happy, who left your breasts and stood straight. He cupped your cheek in his large hand and pulled you into a deep kiss, made deeper by the sounds of your moans.
Tig held your hip while his other hand dipped lower into your panties and he slid a finger inside of you, making you gasp.
“You like that, little girl?” Happy whispered against your lips.
God, his voice was sexy.
You let out another moan in answer as Tig pumped his finger inside of you, and Happy took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth as his hands found their way back to your breasts.
Tig placed a sloppy kiss to your back and suddenly you pushed Happy away.
He growled, his dark eyes burning with lust and you smirked at him.
Your hands wrapped around Tigs wrist and you pulled his hand from your body before turning to him.
His lips crashed against yours and you pushed the leather from his shoulders.
You had been around the club long enough to know how to treat a mans leather and you stepped away from him, laying his butte over the chair in the corner.
He was already unbuttoning his shirt when you made your way back to him and you pushed it off his shoulders before pulling him towards the bed.
Happy stood back, watching you closely as he grabbed at himself through his jeans.
Tigs legs hit the bed and you pushed him back, making him fall against the mattress.
He shuffled his body up the bed and lay against the pillows as you knelt on the edge of the bed, your eyes roaming over him.
His hands quickly fumbled with his belt and his hips lifted as he slid his jeans down his thighs.
You helped him, tugging them from his body and tossing them to the ground.
You threw a glance at Happy and reached behind yourself, unhooking your bra and throwing that too to the ground before pushing Tigs legs apart.
You crawled up the bed towards him, wriggling your ass in the air as you went.
Tag took your face in his hands, pulling your lips to his in a long wet kiss.
You pulled away first and kissed a trail down his neck and down his chest, only stopping when you reached his naval.
Your hand grasped around the base of his cock and you glanced at it before biting your lip and eating his eye once more.
His blue eyes were burning with an urgency and you let him out of his misery.
You dipped your head and ran your tongue along his length. He let out a low moan as your wet tongue slid along him and you wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock.
He sat up on his elbows to watch you.
You slid your lips down around him, your tongue running along the underside of his length with each movement and your hand still gripped around the base.
You pumped him slowly as you moved your lips back and forth.
Happy watched your cheeks hallow and he quietly undressed, his eyes never leaving you.
You pulled your head back, letting his cock fall out of your mouth with a ‘pop’ and you spat the saliva in your mouth onto him, using your hand to spread it along his member.
You licked the underside of his cock, from the base to the tip before taking him in your mouth once more.
This time you weren’t slow with your movements and your eyes began to water as you bobbed your head back in forth.
You moaned around him as you felt Happy take hold of your as cheeks and you wriggled your ass for him, earning you a harsh slap.
Tig hit the back of your throat and he groaned, closing his eyes at the sensation of your lips vibrating around him.
Happy rubbed the red mark that had already appeared and landed you another slap before tugging your panties down your thighs..
You ignored the sting as you felt his hands spreading your cheeks, exposing your slick pink folds.
He growled as you wriggled your hips.
You came up for air, using your hand to pump Tigs cock as you licked your lips and attempted t catch your breath.
That idea went out the window, however and you let out a loud moan as Happy slid a digit inside of you.
Your walls clenched around his finger and he reached with his thumb to massage your clit, earning another moan.
Tig cupped your chin and gently led you back to his hardness.
You met his eye as you licked your tongue around the head of his cock and you maintained eye contact as you took him in between your lips, sliding his whole length inside of your mouth.
Tig groaned and you moaned in sync as Happys fingers pumped inside you, his thumb ghosting softly over your clit.
Your back arched, exposing yourself further and you heard another growl come from behind you and he grasped your hip, holding you still as he added another finger inside of you.
Tig stroked your cheek as you moaned around him and before long the pleasure became too much. You pulled away from Tig and he took your face in his hands.
“You gonna cum baby girl?”
You moaned in response and Tig smirked, pressing a hot kiss to your lips.
Waves of pleasure rolled through you and your walls clenched around Happys fingers.
“Good girl, baby. Cum for Daaddy.”
“Fuck!” You moaned as your legs shook and Happy relentless pumped his fingers inside you, your juices dripping down your inner thighs.
Suddenly he pulled his fingers away and you whined, only to let out a gasp as they were replaced with Happys soft lips.
Tig held your head still, his eyes never leaving yours as you bit your lip, overwhelmed by the pleasure of Happy lapping up your juices.
He ran his tongue from your clit, sucking gently on the sensitive nub before licking up to your hole.
The mattress shifted slightly beneath you as Happy climbed onto the bed behind you.
He and Tig exchanged a glance and you felt a tugging of your hair.
Happy wrapped his hand around your hair and pulled your head back gently.
Your neck arched and you looked to Tig who threw you a playful smirk.
Happy lined himself up, running the head of his cock between your folds and you whined, shaking your hips for him.
He pushed into you slowly, his whole length filling you and he paused, letting your walls adjust to the size.
Tig knelt before you, running his hand over his cock before holding it out for you.
You looked up at him and he cupped your cheek, stroking your face with his thumb.
He shook his dick and you took the hint.
Happy released his grip on  your hair only slightly, his fist still wrapped around your locks and you moved your head forward, licking your tongue around Tigs cock once more.
Happy pulled out of you slowly, making  you whine at the emptiness and he smirked before plunging back into your warmth.
He placed his free hand on the small of your back as he picked up his pace.
Tig groaned as your mouth wrapped around him once more and your cheeks hollowed as he slid himself in and out of you.
He moved his hand to your arched neck, and wrapped his hand around it. He met your eye as he slid out of your slightly and you nodded.
As he slid his cock back into your mouth he squeezed your throat gently.
The tip of his cock hit the back of your throat and you fought off the urge to gag.
Happy released his grip on your hair and slapped you on your left ass cheek before gripping both cheeks in his hand and spreading them.
He growled as he watched his cock sliding in handout of you, your pink wetness wrapped around him and his cock glistening with your juices.
He thrust into you harder and you moaned, pulling away from Tig.
You gasped for air as Happy pounded his cock into your soaking pussy over and over again.
Tig grasped your elbows and lifted you up. You placed your hands on his shoulders and he crashed his lips on yours as Happy thrust into you faster.
Tig held your waist wth one hand while his other brushed over your breasts, squeezing your nipple as he went.
He stopped when he reached your throat and he wrapped his hand around it once more.
The room was filled with the sound of Happy slapping against your wetness, and your whining moans of pleasure.
Tig squeezed your throat gently and pressed his lips against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth.
You moaned and Tig squeezed your throat slightly harder.
“You like that, baby?”
“Yes Daddy!” You gasped.
Tig smirked and grasped your right breast, squeezing the soft flesh roughly.
You nodded.
“Tell us what you want babygirl.”  Tig whispered in your ear.
“I wanna cum!’
Happy growled behind you and dug his fingers deeper into you.
“What do you want baby?”
“Fuck I wanna cum, daddy!”
“Good girl.” Tig whispered against your lips and he tightened his grip on your throat.
Happy rammed his cock inside of you, and you fought back a yell of pleasure when you felt Happys fingers on your clit.
He massaged your clit fiercely as he slid his cock in and out of you and you collapsed against Tig as your body trembled with pleasure.
“Fuck, Daddy!”
Happy let out a growl as he released inside you, your pulsing walls making it impossible for him to hold out any longer.
He rode out your high, gradually slowing his pace until he pulled out of you, and you whined at the emptiness.
Tig smirked at you and pushed you away from his body gently.
He lay you down, and slid off the bed. He stood at the edge and grasped your legs before pulling you closer him.
His body hovered over yours and he kissed you roughly once more before dipping his head lower and taking a nipple in his mouth.
He sucked harshly and nibbled while you stroked your hand through his dark curls.
Happy slid off the bed and walked around it, his eyes focused on your naked form, spread out against the sheets.
Tig ran his hands up and down your thighs and spread them open.
His eyes ran to your core and he licked his lips.
A blush rose to your cheeks as you watched him looking at your pussy.
“Mmm baby your so wet.” Tig groaned.
He ran the tip of his cock along your folds, coating it in your juices.Slowly he ran his cock up to your still sensitive clit and he rubbed himself over you, making you squirm.
You clutched the sheets and tilted your head back, searching for Happy.
He stood next to the bed and he met your eye. He knelt in front of the bed.
His rough calloused hands felt featherlight on your waist as he trailed them slowly across your skin.
He stood and leant over your body before lowering his head and licking his tongue around your nipple.
Tig moved his cock to your entrance and he pushed himself into you, his hands gripping your thighs tightly.
You moaned as his cock filled you. His thrusts were hard and fast and you clutched at the sheets beneath you.
Happy teeth brushed over your nipple and he took it between his teeth gently.
He pulled away from you and stroked him self. He usually took a while to get ready for round two but with the sound of your moans and the memories of you spread open for him made his cock harden.
You saw him exchange a glance with Tig and suddenly Tig pulled out of you.
Happy looped his hands under your shoulders and pulled you towards him, your shoulders resting on the edge of the bed.
Tig knelt on the bed once more and shuffled forwards. He sat back on is legs and wrapped his hands under your ass and lifted you into his lap.
He grasped your knees and spread them wider and you stretched your legs out. He pushed himself into you swiftly and you gasped at the sudden entrance.
Happy cupped your cheeks, the cool metal of his rings soothing the heat in your face and you arched your head back, dangling it off the bed.
He held out his cock and you opened your mouth. You wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock and he thrust himself further into your mouth slowly, letting your jaw adjust to his size.
Tig picked up his pace, his grip on your legs tightening and he pounded into you.
Happy held your face gently and picked up his pace too, his grip on your cheeks tightening slightly as he fucked your mouth.
You moaned around his cock as Tig rammed his cock further into your warmth.
“God baby, your pussys so tight.”
Tigs words made you moan and you felt heat building within you once more.
Tig couldn’t hold out much longer and he leant over you. The change of angle allowed him deeper access and he buried his cock in your pussy.
Happy took your cue and pulled himself out of your mouth while you gasped for breath.
“Fuck, daddy!” You whined, your fists twisting in the sheets.
Your back arched off the bed and Tig pounded himself deeper into you.
You squirmed beneath him and loud moans left you reached your high once more.
Tig growled and buried himself deeper in your pussy as he spilled inside you.
Happy stroked himself as he watched you cum, clutching at the sheets and your body trembling.
Tigs pace slowed and he pulled out of you, collapsing on the bed beside you.
You lay still for a moment as your breath caught up with you.
Happy was cleaning himself up and Tig was still laid against the sheets the you sat up.
Somewhere during the antics the ribbon had fallen from your hair and you spotted it on the floor.
You slid off the bed and lifted the ribbon.
Both men watched you as you tied the ribbon in a neat bow around your ponytail.
You lifted your dress over your body and reached around to pull the zip up.
Once you grabbed your cardigan you turned to the men, who were still watching you with intrigued expressions on their faces.
“Nice to meet you, boys.”
Your voice was full of sweetness and if they hadn’t just seen you naked and spread open for them, then they would have thought you were headed for Church.
You walked to the door, a spring in your footsteps and blew a kiss to each of them before shutting the door behind you.
Both Tig and Happy were stunned.
Who the hell was this girl?
As if he read Haps mind, Tig turned to him.
“I need to marry her, man.”


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Sleeping Over

Combined request from two anon readers for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#18 - “You’re warm, s'great for cuddling.“

#36 - “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

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Throwing yourself down on the couch, you yawn, the episodes of today wearing you out.

Pretty much all day you’d been helping Jax redecorate the house, him deciding he wanted a fresh start combined with the fact that Abel was dying for a race car bed, so why not just give him a whole new room?

You’re probably the strongest mother figure that Abel has, although yours and Jax’s relationship is only platonic. Of course, you’d love it to be more than that, but you’re not one to push, and Jax has been through more than enough these past few months.

The man himself appears from the hallway, smirking at you before lifting your legs up and sitting down on the couch, your limbs being draped across him. “Look at you, all worn out.”

“I have been helping you since eight this morning.” you remind him, your eyes flickering to the clock on the wall. “I’d say fourteen hours of work is more than long enough to tire anybody out.”

Jax whistles lowly, his head lolling back as he looks up at the ceiling, his hands moving soothingly up and down your legs. “I guess time flies when you’re having fun, babe.”

“Easy for you to say. I’m pretty sure half of your paint went in my hair.” Jax chuckles in response, your fingers pulling at the knotted strands that are splattered with blue pigment. “I should be going anyway.”

“Or, you could stay.” Jax suggests, your cheeks tickling pink as he turns on his pleading eyes and his charming smile. Pretending to think about it for a minute, you roll your eyes, nodding in acceptance.

“Guess it makes more sense, probably easier for you to put me through more slave labour if I stay the night.” Jax smiles at you, the sight seemingly more beautiful everytime you see it. “Is it alright if I take a quick shower?”

“Sure. We could take one together, you know, save water and all that.” he says, a smirk on your lips. Sitting up, you move your legs from his lap, tapping his cheek twice before standing.

“Keep dreaming, big boy.”

You walk through to the bedroom from the bathroom, humming a random tune as the smell of Jax covers you, the combination of his shower gel and his clothes that you’re currently wearing making you smell nothing but him. Moving to the mirror, you adjust the waistband of Jax’s sweatpants, running your fingers over the inked writing on your hip.

“Woah, never knew you had a tattoo.” You almost jump out of you skin as Jax speaks from the doorway, a smirk on his lips as you look over your shoulder.

“What can I say? I’m full of surprises.“ He shakes his head and smiles before stepping back and heading into the bathroom. “You still sleeping on the right side?”

The toilet flushes, followed by the running of the tap, before Jax reappears in the bedroom. “Yeah. Surprised you still remember.”

“Of course I do, I used to stop here all the time before you started being a dirty stop out.“ You tease, your heart clenching at the idea of Jax sleeping with other women. Many other women.

“Jealousy suits you, babe. You mind?“ he asks, gesturing to his shirt. You shake your head, trying to contain the flush that’s definitely crawling up your face as his toned physic comes into view. However, the knowing look in his eyes makes you think he’s already aware of the effect he has on you.

The two of you pull up the covers, slipping inside the sheets. For some people, sharing a bed with a male friend would be awkward, but for you and Jax, it was comfortable, normal.

Once he’s turned out the lights, Jax settles into the bed, the two of you facing one another, a barely there gap between your faces. “Thanks for today. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be without you.”

You smile within the moonlit room, Jax’s expression changing to a slightly more troubled one. The struggle and hurt is heavy within his eyes, the man in front of you having seen a lot more shit than most.

“Probably dead.” you deadpan, attempting to lighten the mood. You pat yourself on the back mentally when it works, Jax’s pink lips tugging up slightly. Rolling his eyes he turns onto his back, lifting his arm up and silently inviting you into him.

You comply - obviously - shifting to rest your head on his chest, his arm closing around you as you rest your palm on his chest. He sighs, content with your position, something about you just calming him like nothing else could.

“You’re warm. S'great for cuddling.” you whisper, Jax trailing his fingertips up and down your arm as you close your eyes, the melodic sound of his steady heart beat acting as your lullaby. He hums in response, a gentle kiss being placed on the top of your head.

“Abel loves having you around, you know.” Butterflies swarm your stomach at Jax’s words, your ears open and listening, your mouth not sure what to say. “So do I. Just feels right, like everything isn’t completely shit.”

“I like being here, feels like home.” you admit, placing a small, experimental kiss on Jax’s chest, his grip on your arm tightening encouragingly. Grinning to yourself, you wrap your arm around his torso, part of you wanting to see if anything progresses tomorrow and the other half wanting to stay here forever. “Goodnight, J.”

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” Jax says, holding you close within his arms, the two of you drifting into the best sleep you’ve had in ages.

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Request: Happy Lowman series? By @homicidalteenagedream

AN: Here is the first installment of Friends Only! I know it’s not that long but it’s the start, much more to come! Hope you all enjoy💕

Word count: 562

Chapter 1

Tonight was another club party, Lyla is finally dragging Emily to a party. To let lose for once.
“You’re coming tonight Emily! No if and or but’s! Now wear that little black dress of yours and get over here!” Lyla giggles to Emily over the phone. Emily rolls her eyes and opens her closet.
“Okay Lyla! I’ll see you in a few” Emily replied back to her. Emily walked to the bedroom next to hers, her five year old son Noah sleeping away. She kisses his forehead and shuts his door.
The party was roaring by the time Emily pulled into the parking lot. A wave of nervousness crossed Emily.
Walking into the clubhouse, Emily couldn’t spot Lyla anywhere. *of course* she thought to herself when a curly haired man approaches her.
“Well hello there doll, you here for me?” He flirts with her, Emily blushing.
“I would have to know you in order to be here for you, plus you didn’t even offer me a drink!” Emily giggles to him.
“Where are my manners? Let’s go to the bar my lady!” They both walk over to the bar and the curly haired man gave her a beer.
“You know you never even told me your name.” Emily whispers to him, he made her laugh and she forgot about being nervous.
“My name is Tig, what about yours beautiful?” Tig flirts with Emily. But Emily gets distracted by this handsome man on the other side of the bar. He was so mysterious, she had no idea how long he’d been there. He was looking right at her, hungrily.
By the time Emily turned to Tig, he was long gone with a blonde girl. She shifted her eyes back to the mysterious man who got closer.
“I’m Emily, you dance?” She asks, he nods his head. Thinking about where this could go.
Happy leads Emily to the floor and she starts rubbing her hips against his. The music booming, her dancing matching the music. Sexual tension filled the air.
Emily turns around and is face to face with Happy. Still dancing she leans to his ear.
“Wanna go somewhere private?” Happy nodded his head and led her to his dorm room.
As soon as the door closed, Happy’s lips crushed against Emily’s. Each of them ripping off each other clothes, hungrily wanting more.
Emily got on top of Happy and eased herself onto him. Her gasping at his length.
“Fuck girl, you’re so tight” Happy’s raspy voice echoed. Emily started riding him fast. Both of them moaning hard. Happy flips her over and starts thrusting inside her even faster. They both reach their peaks and lay next to each other and catch their breaths.
“I never caught your name” Emily says getting up and throwing her dress back on.
“It’s Happy.” He replied back, leaning up against his bed frame. She couldn’t deny that, that was the best sex she’s had in a long time.
“Well happy, hers my number if you want to do this again” Emily says, handing him her card, grinning on her way out.

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Request from the lovely @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompt:

#78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for about 5 minutes.”

Sorry I didn’t include both prompts that you originally asked for!!! Hope you still like it x

Originally posted by journeyslegend

A whistle catches your attention, Jax smiling widely at you from across the room. Getting up, you move over to him, eye brows raised in question.

“Last time I checked, I’m not a dog. My name will do if you need my attention.” He continues to grin as you eventually end up smiling, a common reaction when faced with the man you love.

“I always need your attention, darlin.” he flirts, the playful banter a daily occurrence for the two of you. Though you expect it’s harmless on his end, you can’t help but fall deeper and harder for him, him having no idea about your feelings.

“Doesn’t everyone?” you ask sarcastically, moving to stand beside him, the two of you watching as Gemma and some of the others set the table, a family dinner about to take place. You had of course been invited, Gemma loving you like her own, you and Jax being as close as can be since the two of you met each other four years ago.

“You know how you love me?” Your heart stops for a moment, until your mind catches up and realise he’s just talking platonically, your face flushing all the same. “I need you to do me a favour.”

“Is that so? What’s in it for me?” you question, lifting your bottle of beer to your lips, Jax watching you intently. He continues to smile at you, the look of pure adoration as clear as day to outsiders. But not to you.

“Can’t you just help me out of the goodness of your pretty, pretty heart? You wound me.“ He places his hand on his chest, faux offense on his face. Rolling your eyes, you nudge his body with your own, your skin tingling at the connection.

“What do you need?” You wait for him to respond, genuine curiosity on your face. You had no idea what he needed from you, but knowing Jax, it wouldn’t be simple.

“I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.” The alcohol gets stuck in your throat at his request, an unattractive cough breaking out as you try to recompose yourself. Jax chuckles, shaking his head as he watches you with amusement, liking that he can catch you off guard after all this time.

“No way! I refuse to put myself through such torture.” you say, covering up for the fact that you’d actually love to be his girlfriend. Not just for five minutes, though. For a lot longer.

“You haven’t even heard my reasons yet!” he laughs, used to your stubborn behavior. He grabs your hand, his huge one covering your smaller one so perfectly, his skin warm and comforting as he leads you outside the back, the others not noticing as you slip away.

Once you’re outside, Jax pulls a cigarette from his pocket, offering you one in the process, you declining. “Those things’ll kill you, you know.”

“I’ve heard there’s quite a queue, they’ll have to get in line.” Jax jests, his lungs inhaling the nicotine before the smoke escapes from his lips, your fingers tightly gripping your bottle as you remind yourself to breathe.

“So, please entertain me. Why do you need me to fake date you? I’m sure you’re not short on potential candidates.” You hike yourself up onto the brick wall, your boots just about touching the floor.

“Straight to the point, as usual.” He takes a seat next to you, your thigh brushing his in such a delightful way. “My mom has invited some chick round, thinks we’d get on well.”

You feel like you’ve been punched in the gut, the thought of Jax with somebody else so painful even though you should be used to it by now, females seeming to be everywere he goes.

“You never know, you might like her. Your mom has good taste.” you encourage, trying to keep your expression as natural as possible, not wanting to let on how you really feel about this idea.

Jax shrugs, taking his last drag before throwing the stub to the floor, his eyes finding yours, you looking down from the intensity of his gaze. “Of course she has good taste. She’s been trying to hook us up for years.”

You smile into your lap, a red hot blush covering your cheeks as butterflies flutter in your stomach as Jax gauges your reaction.

“Is that so?” you challenge, the tension between the two of you rising as you look up at Jax, determined to hold his gaze as your faces stay only inches apart.

Jax hums in confirmation, his tongue running over his bottom lip. You break away, your eyes moving in front of you. His thigh moves from yours as he pushes himself off the wall, his body coming to stand in front of you as he pulls you up, you letting him.

“This is new.” you say as Jax pulls you closer to him, his hands resting on your back to keep you from moving away, not that you would. Nevertheless, you remain stiff, not wanting to make a move incase it’s too much.

Jax senses this, rolling his eyes dramatically, huffing as he leads your arms, placing them around his neck, his hands going back to where they were before as you’re pressed up against one another.

“Does that bother you?” he mumurs, the distance between you so small that even if he whispered, you’d hear it as clear as day. You shrug your shoulders shyly, your cheeks definitely a bright shade of red. “You’ve gotta get used to this if you wanna be convincing.”

You can’t control your change in moods as you realise Jax is only doing all of this so you’ll help him get rid of some chick, a sigh leaving your lips as you push at his chest, a confused expression on his face as he removes his grip from you, you stepping back to create distance.

“Is that all I’m useful for, hm? Helping you make excuses so your entourage backs off?” Jax goes to defend himself, you stopping him with your hand. “Save it, Jackson. Thanks for making it clear.”

“Making what clear? What are you talking about?” He grabs your wrist as you turn away, you snatching your arm back as if you’ve been burnt by his touch. He looks completely clueless as he studies you, you trying to compose yourself before you start blubbering in front of him.

“I’m talking about us!” you say, gesturing between the two of you. Sighing, you run your hand through your fringe, trying to think before you speak. “I get that I’m not enough for you, that all I’ll ever be is a friend. But really, asking me to be your girlfriend for five minutes before you drop me again? I’ll pass, thanks.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind! You’ve done it for me before-” Jax stops mid sentence, realisation hitting him in the face like a bus. You frown as he begins to smile, his tongue slipping out of his mouth slightly as he nods towards you. “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

You freeze for a moment, shock on your face, before you feign disgust. Scoffing, you cross your arms defensively. “You wish.”

“Don’t try and lie to me, don’t forget I know you better than anyone.” You curse under your breath as you realise you’ve stepped in a big pile of metaphorical dog shit, and you’re unable to see a way out of it. “You like me.”

“Obviously. You’re my best friend.” you say, trying to remain casual. Jax slowly moves closer to you, you moving backwards until you come into contact with the side of the house, the brick firm against your back. Jax continues to move as you stand, trapped, your palms sweaty due to your nerves.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” he teases, his hands being placed either side of your head as he boxes you in, his face hovering just above yours. “You like me, like me.

“What are you, twelve?” You keep your eyes focused on his, your anxiety almost getting the better of you. Your stomach flips when you see his gaze flick to your lips, you swallowing nervously.

He moves even closer to you, your eyes fluttering closed as he brushes his nose against yours, his breath fanning onto your lips. “I don’t hear any denial.”

“Just kiss me if you’re going to, you idiot.” You open your eyes quick enough to catch Jax with slight shock on his face, before you close them again at the feel of his lips upon yours. You grip his shirt in your fist as you enjoy the moment you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Jax sucks on your bottom lip teasingly, a moan erupting from inside of you. You’re embarrassed for a moment, that is until Jax moans in response, his hands sliding to your ass as he squeezes, lifting you up and pushing you against the brick.

“Guys-” Chibs’ voice interrupts the two of you, his sentence cut short as he sees how you’re occupied. He smirks, you red faced as Jax remains calm and collected. “Gemma is looking for you. No rush, though, take your time.”

He winks at the two of you before disappearing back inside, Jax still holding you as you wiggle to get down. Chuckling, Jax complies with your request, placing you carefully back on the floor. “Continue this later?”

You hum, slipping your fingers up his shirt, his skin warm as he flexes under your touch. Leaning up, you move to his ear, your hand drifting to the waistband of his boxers.

“We’ll see.” With that, you separate from him quickly, slipping back inside with a parting wink.

A/N - Longer than usual but I hope you guys liked it anyway! Xxx


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Pray You Catch Me  

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Just Friends 💦

Waiting 💦

Too Good

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#113 - “I prefer blondes.”

#123 - “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

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You pause outside Jax’s apartment door, your fist hovering over the wood. “Oh, is that a promise?”

“Sure is, big boy.” a female voice responds, a wave of disgust coming over you before you push it down, channelling your humour.

“Oh, Jackie boy.” you sing, bursting into the room, Jax and his half dressed companion scrambling for their clothes as you enjoy the surprise on their faces, a smirk upon your own. “Tables ready.”

“You forget how to knock?” the girl spits rudely, rushing to get dressed as you lean against the door, Jax pulling on his shirt, a hidden grin on his lips.

“Sorry, sweetheart. My mistake.” you reply in a sickly sweet tone, the girl scowling in response as she grabs her heels, throwing you a glare as she scrambles out of the room. “Nice meeting you!”

“Thanks for bursting in like that. I was two minutes away from getting my dick sucked.” Jax says, shrugging on his kutte. You shrug your shoulders, smiling proudly.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?“ you reply seductively, Jax raising his eyebrow in response. “I’ll be sure to let the guys know about your new alias.”

“Go ahead, princess. Maybe I’ll let you see if it’s true.” he winks, smirking cockily as he strides past you, your cheeks reddening as you feign repulse.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on getting the clap anytime soon.” You clap your hands together for emphasis, Jax laughing loudly as he heads away from you, flipping the bird as he does so.

The familiar buzz runs through your body as you lean against the wall, Kozik beaming down at you, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. “You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?” you tease, him grinning in response, leaning beside you. “But thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

He hums, leaning down, his breath tickling at your ear, his delicious scent surrounding you. “Fancy taking this somewhere more private?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” you whisper back, your teeth grazing his ear as he shivers, his hand finding yours as you slip around the corner, following him down the corridor.

His apartment door barely shuts before his lips are on yours, his hands slipping under your ass as he picks you up, squeezing roughly. You moan against his mouth, your fingers pulling at his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

He drops you gently onto the bed a moment later, the mattress softening the blow as you sprawl out on the sheets, Kozik crawling over you and connecting his lips back to yours.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I got here.” he mumbles against you, his fingertips running down your sides before he finds the hem of your shirt, pulling upwards to relieve you of the fabric. “How fucking sexy you are, how good you’d look under me.”

“Hope I’m living up to your expectations.” you say, flipping him over expertly, your body straddling his. You pull him up by his shirt roughly, quickly yanking the material upwards, his toned physique coming into view bit by bit.

“Expectations and more.” he whispers, his lips latching onto your neck as you grind your hips onto his hardened crotch, a hiss leaving you as he nibbles teasingly.

A loud pounding stops the two of you, the apartment door flying open seconds later. “Can I borrow your-”

Kozik stands up quickly, placing you down on the ground as Tig looks between the two of you, his mouth parted in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, you stopping him before he can.

“Careful what you say, Trager.” you warn, grabbing your shirt off the bed, turning it the right way before putting it on. “We’ll be out in a second.”

Tig chuckles to himself, winking at you and backing out of the room. You turn your gaze to Kozik, him smiling sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink. “You think he’ll tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, yeah. Get ready to be the center of attention.” you say, smoothing your hair down in the mirror. “See you out there.”

You leave the room swiftly, heading out the back entrance, hoping the cool air might clear your head slightly. You’ve only just lit your cigarette when the door is pushed open, Jax’s eyes finding yours under the dim lights.

“You know, I never thought Kozik would be your type.” he teases, the door slamming shut behind him as he heads over to you, your eyes rolling at the nickname. “Saw you as more of a Juice kinda girl, to be honest.”

“Juice? Nah, I prefer blondes.” you say bravely, holding out your cigarette to Jax as he runs his tongue across his lower lip, a surprised look on his face.

“That so?” You nod in response, admiring the way his lips wrap around the stick, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he inhales. “You gonna be making him a habit?”

You don’t miss the jealously in his words, butterflies fluttering in your stomach in response. Shrugging, you accept the cigarette back. “Not sure. Why?”

“Just asking.” he replies cooly, shoving his hands in his jean pockets before standing beside you, his foot resting against the wall to keep his balance. “Didn’t think you were one for sleeping around.”

“Who says I am?” you snap, not enjoying the judgment in his tone, especially considering he’s slept with about three hundred women. “You’re the last one to be judging me.”

“Not judging. Just trying to understand it, that’s all.” he defends, refusing to meet your eyes as he looks forward. “Did you finish up after Tig disturbed you both?”

“What’s with all the questions, Jax?” you sigh, throwing the nub down and crushing it with your shoe. You stand in front of the blonde, forcing his attention to you. “I’m single, I’m young. What’s the problem?”

“You’re worth more than a fuck, (Y/N).“ You scoff loudly, the alcohol making you more sensitive than usual. Jax huffs, shaking his head and pushing himself off the wall. “You know what? Forget it.”

“Let’s not.” you say, pushing him roughly, his back hitting the brickwork behind him. “So, you’re allowed to fuck whoever you want, yet I’m not?”

“That’s not what I mean.” he stops himself, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries to find the right words to explain himself.“I just mean-”

“Save it, Jackson. You’re so full of shit, you know that?” You laugh humourlessly, your throat thick with emotion. You turn around, your wrist being grabbed before you can get very far. “Let go of me.”

“Can you stop being so dramatic for two fucking seconds and listen to me?!” he yells, his brows knitted in frustration. You’re taken aback by his tone, your eyes wide as you stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Sighing, he releases you from his grip, turning around and running his hands through his hair, you silently observing his actions. His expression has softened once he faces you again, though he remains frustrated.

“I sleep around because it’s all I deserve, (Y/N).” You go to disagree, but stops you before you can. “Listen.”

“You’re too good to become some croweater. You deserve to be loved, shown off, showered with affection.”

“Don’t lose yourself trying to be like everybody else.” he says, his words nothing but genuine. “You’re far too good for that.”

You’re not sure what to say, Jax’s words being the kindest, most honest thing he’s probably ever said to you. You step closer to him, leaning forwards to press your lips against his cheek. “Thank you, Jax.”

As you go to move backwards, he turns his head to the side, catching your lips softly with his own. Your eyes are wide in shock as you try to understand what is happening, your body unable to respond.

He pulls away sharply, his expression just as surprised as yours. “Shit, I’m shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss me again.” you whisper, a flush creeping up your neck, though you’re too entranced to care. Jax frowns, unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Kiss me again, Jax.”

You can see him having an internal battle, both sides fighting a convincing argument. You decide to take matters into your own hands, gripping his kutte in between your fingers and holding him in place, your eyes fluttering shut as you find his mouth with your own.

He relaxes into the kiss straight away, his hands cradling your cheeks as his lips work with yours, featherlight yet passion filled.

You wrap your hand around his wrist as the kiss deepens, the slight breeze forgotten as his kisses warm you up, your body tingling from his touch. His tongue explores your mouth expertly as you submit to him, your mind foggy with nothing but him.

A/N - Wasn’t sure where this was going when I wrote it, but I hope you like how it turned out! Thanks to anon for the request and thank you for all of your support, see you next time! ❤


main characters + first appearances 

Hidden (Happy x Reader)

 “Boy’s go gather up your loves ones. We officially go on lockdown tonight. Make sure all are here before then” Clary told the men around the table before he slammed down the gavel. The men made their way out of the room one by one. Happy knew that something like this was bound to happen eventually, he just didn’t really know when. Taking out his phoned going to his dorm he knew it was time for you to come down.

You heard your cell ring from the kitchen and you started to run around the house looking for it. You thought it was in your pocket but you guess you were wrong since you found it in the couch.

“Hello” You said into the phone not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“It’s me babe” You heard your husband rasp voice through the phone “Got a problem down here in Charming doll. We’re going on lockdown and I’m going to need you come.”

“Happy really? Come on”

“Don’t fight with me doll not right now, I ain’t taking any chances with these people. I already got Kozik on his way over to pick you up so he can bring you down.”

“You’re lucky I love you Mr. Lowman or I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“Love you too doll I’ll see you soon” With that Happy hung up the phone and you leaned back. You never had much to do with the club so Happy and you agree that not everyone needed to know about you. Happy said it was better for your safety this way. You weren’t out of the dark all together since you have met and partied with Tacoma charter before, they knew who you were but weren’t going to spread it around to other charter’s since they didn’t want to deal with the Killer himself. With his moved down to Charming you both knew everything was going to change. You were going to move down there with him at the end of the month once you finished up your job then the Charming club would find out about you but you guessed now it was the right time. Better to find out if they hate you before you moved down. As you packed the last few things you owned you heard a bike come up the road. Picking up your bag you made your way outside locking the door behind you.

“Ready to go meet Mother Charter?” Kozik asked as he handed you a helmet.

“What do you think?” You told him as you placed your bag on the back of his bike. He just laughed knowing you would get along fine with them. Starting his bike back up, Kozik made his way out onto the highway, where you guys would be spending the next few hours riding. You didn’t mind it as you always loved going with Happy.

 Happy sat at one of the picnic tables by the clubhouse. He was fiddling with the toothpick in his mouth, wondering when Kozik and you were going to arrive. It was almost time to shut everyone up inside and you guys should of been here by now. Happy wasn’t nervous kinda worried but not really, he knew you were safe with his best friend and he also knew that you would still get in since you were coming with a patched member.

“You alright there Hap?” Tig asked as he took a sit next to him lighting up a cigarette. Happy nodded his head still looking at the gates waiting for a sign of you two. Tig let out a breath of smoke watching Happy out of the corner of his eyes wondering what Happy was looking for.

Happy heard the motorcycle coming up the road and then it pulled into the lot. Happy got up fast making his way over, spitting out the toothpick. All of the boys look to see who was coming as everyone was counted for.

“Who called Kozik?” Clay asked Jax and Chibs who was standing right next to them.

“Not me” Jax said as Chibs shrugged, they all look for a moment before heading over behind Happy. First Kozik got off the bike then he put his hand out for you to take. You nearly ripped off the helmet from your head not wanting to waste time. The first person your eyes landed on was Happy, with a smile on your face you rushed over. Jumping into Happy’s arms he caught you like he always did, giving you a short tender kiss on the lips. The men behind were frozen in shock and confused. Kozik walked past you two and spoke as he laugh

“You guys should close your mouth before you catch flies” Tig moved from his position to hit him on the shoulder.

“Shut up you”

You got down from Happy’s arms and turned to face the boys. You knew who most of them were already thanks to Happy but there was still a few you couldn’t place. Happy held your hand in his as he also faced his club.

“Brothers this is my wife Y/N”  All of the boys were looking back and forth at each other not knowing what to say. They didn’t think Happy was a man who could fell in love with someone obviously they were wrong.

“Damn man why haven’t you said anything before?” Jax asked as his eyes scanned you up and down. Clay looked at Happy unimpressed and Happy could tell.

“Pres you gotta understand my role in this club, it was safer for her this way. I got more enemies than all you guys combined.”

“It’s not that I was just wondering how someone could love you” Clay joked as everyone laughed. He patted Happy on the shoulder. “Better make sure Gemma loves her”

“Gemma can’t be badder than Happy” You said for the first time. Everyone looked at you wide eyes.

“Obviously you haven’t met my mother darling” Jax told you.

“Even I’m scared of her babe”

“Aww poor Killer, Where is she? I want to meet her” You asked looking around for a women on the lot but couldn’t see one. Chibs was the one that spoke up.

“She in the clubhouse follow me and you can meet her” He left and so did a few other of the men that were there. Happy nodded at you to go on so you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and went on your way.

“Seems like a good one Hap” Clay said as he watched you walk with the boys chatting to Kozik.

“She really is” Happy smiled as he saw you get along with the others. Knowing you were going to fit in well here with the others. This was now home for you both and Hap couldn’t wait to start this chapter with you. He wonder how he got this lucky. You made the Killer feel soft which never happened.