Brisk Brillance

A little something for the parents in the group. This is inspired by my own son who, although he was the best baby ever, became known as the “sex warden” due to his uncanny ability to hear a zipper drop through three rooms and two closed doors. I am also proud to announce that through discipline and editing, I was able to bring this one in at fighting weight: 698 words!!

Category: Parenting
Rated M

It was partly Rose’s fault, to be perfectly honest. She’d been the kind of baby that made new parents feel invincible-like they’d mastered every problem inferior parents were too inept to solve. She’d slept through the night before she was a month old, switched easily between breast and bottle as her mother’s schedule required, cooed constantly, and could entertain herself indefinitely. As a result, Ron and Hermione laughed at the frustrated tales many young parents relayed: tales of fatigued and sexless days.

Then came Hugo. He was by no means an unhappy baby, just one who required constant attention. He slept little, and while awake, was content to remain forever in his mum or dad’s loving arms. On the rare occasion that he could be coaxed into a charmed baby swing or play yard, the tiniest indication that his parents were enjoying a kiss would bring about a meltdown.

So, to say that Ron Weasley was surprised when he arrived home to his lovely, although slightly frazzled, wife pulling him quickly into the kitchen for a heated snog, would be an epic understatement.

“Now that’s my kind of welcome!”

“Shhh! We have to be quiet!”

“We do?”

“Yes…Rose and Hugo are in her room watching a video,” she continued in answer to his doubtfully cocked eyebrow, “He’s obsessed with her today, for some reason…we should take advantage while we can.”

“Sounds brilliant, but we both know that kid can hear your knickers drop through two closed doors and a silencing charm.”

“Precisely why I’m not wearing any.”

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You don’t want to fall for her.

She will shower you with words, some of which you don’t even know the meaning of.

She will give you the whole universe even when you only asked for the stars.

She will exert every effort she have for you and it will be okay with her even if you do not do the same.

She is extraordinary. She is indeed one of a kind. She’s not “just another girl”.

You do not want to fall for her. She is rare. Don’t you dare break her heart once you get her, because if you do, it would be like wasting a precious gem.