On July 20th 2010, Tiffiny Bray asked her fiancee Chad McGuire if he would lend her his truck to go shopping. Soon after, she texted him asking what he wanted for lunch.

But Tiffiny didn’t bring lunch, the truck or herself back home. She vanished without a trace shortly after that communication. Her disappearance sparked a frantic search, especially when four days later, a distraught Chad got a desperate message from Tiffiny.

“Need help. Somewhere in Lawton in dark room. White man. Please fucking help me. Not sure I [can] use this again”.

Police were able to trace Tiffiny’s cell phone to a motel room not in Lawton, but in Corpus Christi, more than 500 miles south. There they found the 39 year old woman alive and well.

Turns out she had faked her own kidnapping to escape her upcoming wedding with Chad. She had organized the trip to meet a man she had met on the internet, who was unaware of Tiffiny’s little scheme.

She had to pay 34,000 to compensate all the expenses wasted on her search.

alexandercruzdesign  asked:

Sure match me up with any OC's you have. I can be described as a kind friendly person who likes to cheer up others and support my friends. However i can also be a cynical stubborn person. I like my women like i like my coffee. Strong and sweet.

You’ll probably like Tiffiny!

She’s 6′ tall and enjoy’s earthy toned fashion. She likes your supportive nature but realistic viewpoint. She’s a mail deliverer for the nearby town and takes the early shift so she can spend the afternoon with her kids. 

Tiffiny likes to dabble in a lot of things but she doesn’t have one set hobby. She enjoys drinking tea and reading when she has the time. She’s grown to be a very independent woman and doesn’t often ask for assistance.

Please be careful of her wings! Not her favorite pass time but she spends a lot of her time preening and cleaning her wings. If you help her, it’ll make for great get-together time but also cuts the time by a lot.

You’ll most likely be friends with Older Drake!

Drake was a very quiet kid growing up and he still kind of is as an adult. But mainly because he doesn’t find necessity in talking a lot. When he gets warmed up to you he’ll try to converse with you more. He’s gained his cynical nature out of his own personality and also from Anon being the opposite of him.

He’ll join you in any activities you have planned. His favorite thing to do is enjoy the forest or go to an open area. He enjoys calming things by himself, but is adaptable to most and any situation.

He’ll fight for his friends. Drake has secret talents that he doesn’t find to be talents. Maybe if you prod him enough he’ll show you this cool fire breathing trick he learned.


Rainy days, stuck inside….Why not grab a guitar and cover the song that’s been stuck in your head for 2 weeks?!?  Right?! ;)  This is my attempt at Elvis’s “I can’t help falling in love with you”…