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I suddenly lost my will to be productive so gonna do a short ramble on my squid kid Rey Nohr since @crystalline-caverns did one on hers : 3 We got some of the same concepts going on and I think that’s perfectly fine. Especially since we haven’t been talking about our squid kids haha. Honestly I get kind of annoyed the fandom in general tends to make 90% of inklings from Inkopolis especially since we do know that Callie and Marie are NOT from the city. I can’t even remember where but yeah XD I’ll get to my ramble.

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Had a dream that Jane was at Emma’s office, who knows why because you just know they probably wouldn’t get along that well. Anyhow, they were meeting, & Emma was blabbering about all the fancy coffees they have, even a machine that makes a latte in house. Which, you know, is cool. But then Jane was all “Actually…I’m more of a tea person.” Which, for whatever reason, made Emma have that wide-eyed “Oh great I have been bested I am not the smartest smart person that ever was I am supposed to be prepared for these things” look on her face.

And then I woke up. Laughing, because of course it would never happen, and I can’t even conjure up a situation in which it would take place. If anything, LBD’s Jane & AOJE’s Jane would be BFF. Tea and cute things and being adorable. It would be great.

I’m a Liz fan. I’ll be the first to admit that if Liason were to have happened fairly & honestly, I would have been on board.

BUT–I do not like how she’s gone about this. I cannot see at all how she can turn this around on Sam & make this her fault. No, Liz, it’s not. Your boys deserve a father, yes, but you know who else does? Danny. And who are you to deny him that, to act as if your children are somehow more deserving?

None of this is Sam’s fault, honey, & I hate that you’re trying to spin it that way.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate on Damon so much? Yeah he's done bad things but as for the "free will" thing, isn't Stefan and Elena being forced together because they're doppelgangers the same thing? Might wanna review the show before you go saying things like that. :)

lol dear anon, how much time do you have?

First of all, I don’t hate Damon. I don’t hate anyone in real life, so why would I spend time hating a fictional character? Do I think he’s been demolished character wise & that he’s not exactly the greatest guy ever? Yes.

Now, for the second question? Hahaha how about no. Where Damon is concerned, both with the sire bond and now with the serum Katherine injected Elena with, he genuinely doesn’t care. He’s told her before that she doesn’t get a choice, that what she wants doesn’t matter. I could also go on about how he’s killed Lexi, Jeremy, not to mention everyone else. Or I could talk about what he did to Caroline. Or I could talk about how he seems to be obsessed with every girl Stefan falls for—Katherine and Elena, specifically. Point blank, I wouldn’t call what he feels for her love so much as obsession. He’s told her (although technically it was Katherine at the time, but he didn’t know that), that she’s the only thing that makes him want to do good, effectively trying to guilt trip her into being with him. How is any of that healthy? 

Now, have there been moments in the SE ship that aren’t the healthiest? Perhaps so, but for you to come into my askbox even suggesting it’s close to the same thing is ridiculous. Stefan and Elena being linked together because of being doppelgangers is in no way abusive, manipulative, or controlling. Are they drawn to each other because of it? Yes, but the difference here lies in that Stefan actually acknowledges the fact Elena has a choice. The difference is that he loves her enough to let her go, if that’s what she really wants. He loves her and wants to be with her if it were up to him, but the difference is that he’d never force or guilt her into being with him.

I could keep going, but I’ll just leave it there for now. So…yeah. You may be the one who needs to review the show before making comments like that, dearie. 

Is it bad that I felt kind of…“meh”, after today’s episode? Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. I loved Grace, and it was actually good to see her breaking down like that, as sad as it was to see, because what person in her position right now wouldn’t be feeling that way? 

And it’s not even me waiting for Rochester (although, let’s be real, that’s at least a part of it). Is it the fact the end is near, and so it’s my way of emotionally distancing myself from it? 

But really, we had this big emotional high, what with the almost kiss and then Grace showing up, and that whole episode with her telling Jane what happened to Thornfield before Adele’s call about Rochester. But right now (and I don’t mean this in a bad way, it’s just an observation that’s probably just my opinion), I just feel like after that things have been moving kind of…slowly? Nothing really seems to be happening. 

I get that Jane’s being more distant, what with everything going on in her life. It makes sense. But at the same time, I feel almost like she’s pulling away from us before the story’s really ended. Which is fine, in the vlog sense. But looking at it as a show and not just as a vlog someone could run, I just want her to be honest and to vent about ALL THE THINGS. 

Quick Question:

Considering both Diana & Mary have seen Jane’s videos, wouldn’t they have recognized Grace? I mean, I suppose it could’ve been a bit strange to say “Jane,Grace is here to see you”, as if she were the neighbor wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. But still.

Was he in an accident? Did the house burn? Does anyone at Thornfield know where he is? And oh, Jane, poor Jane, suddenly caught up in all of this.

As an English major, plus as someone who just marathoned all of AoJE the other day, I feel like admitting I’ve never read the book is probably something I shouldn’t do. None the less, I’m officially on break from work, and so I plan on reading it as soon as I can, probably starting tonight. The fandom has done a great job of just referring to what’s about to happen as THE THING or SPOILER, which is good. But again, I feel like it’s a book I need to say I’ve read, so if you see any posts about it, that’s why.

I’ll admit at one point I could have seen DE as an actual ship to support. Like, I didn’t ship them myself, but I could see why other people would support them. But now? I mean, ship what you want, but if one of the characters has to have their free will stripped away just to be with the other person and then said other person chooses to not even care whether or not the person can actually consent? Sorry, but that’s not a ship I can get behind. 

The fact they banished Katherine, which, yes she has done terrible things (with perhaps her last act being the worst), but Damon at this point is far worse than her. 

In ~10 minutes, tickets go on sale for the Garth show in Orlando. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money this week on necessary things (because life sucks, & my car payment/cell phone bill/other adult things) are all due at the same time.

But like…I need this. I wish i could describe to you how incredible it felt, being mere feet away from the man who is single handedly (or double considering Trisha, too) responsible for getting me through some of the worst moments of my life. To lock eyes with him while singing the music that has literally been the soundtrack to my life. To see him point at my Trisha shirt, point at it, then draw a heart on his chest & mouth “thank you”. Like…it would take a lot to top Jacksonville from two years ago.

And the thing is? I’m not even asking for that. I’m not asking for floor seats (although seriously, to be that close again would be nothing short of amazing. But I don’t need it. Other people deserve that feeling, too. But ugh I want to be in the building, to be dancing and yelling and feeling the music in every bone in my body. To sing the third verse of FILP & excitedly catch streamer as it comes from the canons. To feel the thunder when the third verse comes through on TTR. To…yeah I need to stop there.

So, yeah? Ticketmaster. I am going to need you to not screw this up for me. Please. I really do not ask for much. 

In light of recent goings on, I just wanted to say thanks to the lovely folks  AoJE fandom for being so welcoming. I started watching I guess three weeks ago? It may be a month now. The point is I don’t know that I could’ve gotten through the last few episodes without having others to share the excitement with.

And now it’s raining & cool out. Perfect tea weather, wouldn’t you say? I’ve drank more of the stuff in the past few weeks than I have in a long time. If someone has some ficcage suggestions to go with they would be greatly appreciated. :) 

Spent my morning finally catching up on AoJE. And long story short: FEELINGS.

Like, I just want more. And even though I know things aren’t perfect, and I know that there is a something about to happen, and I just want to take them both in a room and make them sit and listen and just talk to each other, I’m enjoying it.

So basically, I’m caught up and now I don’t know what to do with my life.

I think this series has ruined me. Or, really, magnified my already sensitive ability to get creeped out easily.

I’m home by myself for the day, and it’s really windy outside. The sky isn’t too gray yet, but it’s supposed to rain/maybe storm later. Anyway, it’s super windy and every time there’s a huge gust the windows will rattle and sometimes whistle, and my screen door doesn’t close completely because the latch is broken, so it creaks.

So you should know where I’m going with this, but I can’t help but think of a-ghosts, or b-(channels my inner Grace Poole) teenagers.

I try to not post too much personal stuff on here, mostly because I feel like if I do I’d be annoying about it, but also because well..personal.

But my dad, who is arguably one of the nicest and most easy going guys that would do anything to help out if he was able to, got laid off yesterday. And he’s outwardly positive about it, but I know that he’s not really sure what to do to fix the situation. His boss wasn’t malicious about it, but the company simply wasn’t making enough money and someone had to go. So he was it. 

And on a more positive note, I have a friend who I have known for a very long time but have yet to meet (thanks, time zones/technology/etc etc) is preparing to have her first baby very very soon, possibly today even.

All of this to say, if you pray, could you please lift these people up. And if you’re not, send some healing/positive/healthy vibes out into the universe. Anything would help at this point.

I mean this sincerely:

I would legitimately sacrifice so many ship things if it meant Mulder & Scully could be happy at last. I have other OTPs, yes, & I love them very much. They deserve happiness, too. But MSR has dug its hooks into my fangirl heart, & I’m not sure how I can explain it other than that. They have suffered so much & denied themselves so much, & long story short? No matter if this is “the end”–of the world (in canon) or of the show, they deserve a soft epilogue. They deserve to face whatever comes next together.

As a fan of Castle (and someone who looks through the Castle tag sometimes only to find posts and posts of actual castles), I can only imagine what people of Nashville feel like after an episode of the show by the same name.

No seriously, I love the show (and the city), but I feel like naming it something so common 1-kind of pigeon holes the audience (it’s not JUST about country music, people!) and 2-probably annoys some actual Nashvillians (though presumably not all of them)