tiffiany watches veronica mars

so… are there like 2 or 3 episodes of season 3 that have been stashed away somewhere?!

because if not, that was like the worst season finale ever!!! there was no mystery or intrigue, it was a filler episode ending at best

overall, i like season 3. it wasn’t as good as the first two seasons, but it definitely had its good points

i’m incredibly excited about the prospect of a movie now!!! Veronica Mars really was in need of some loose ends being tied up!!!

one thing i really do enjoy about the 3rd season of veronica mars is the fact that they really delve into some of her faults

for example

  • hypocracy when it comes to logan and his behavior
  • how her mistakes can have really dire consequences 
  • her head strong and stubborn nature puts herself and others at risk
  • her instinct to use people without second thought alienates her
  • how completely judgmental she can be even though she makes mistakes all of the time
  • her dibilitating trust issues

i might not like this season as much but i definitely like this aspect of it. it really flushes out more of veronica’s character and shows how she’s not perfect