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I actually have a graphics related ask for you! How do you get clean/smooth crops of characters? I'm just starting to attempt making graphics and whenever I'm cutting characters out of their backgrounds for silhouettes or whatever, the edges are always really choppy, or messy, and they look awful. Any tips on what can make the edges look a little better?

Warning: Semi-long answer.

You are in luck because I am currently cutting out people hahaha.

I have 2 methods for cutting stuff out in PS.

  •  Pen Tool (I’ve been favouring this one lately)
  •  Polygonal Lasso Tool (I’ve been using this one the longest)

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Dear fucking god my life goals all make sense now.

LMAO just from that terrible explanation of SoCal geography? I can tell you more. Refer to this map for guidance and read my beautiful descriptions.

  • There’s Hollywood (which is also comprised of West Hollywood where all the big clubs are)
  • Griffith (also known as Los Feliz, where the observatory is, another well-off neighbourhood; I used to work here for a non-profit)
  • Silverlake (home of hipsters)
  • Echo Park (new hipsters, used to be super shady but it’s getting better cuz of the baked hipsters)
  • Downtown LA which is where all the freeways meet (101, 110, 5, 10, etc.)
  • Korea Town (more commonly known as K-Town, self explanatory; you want good karaoke and Asian food, go here)
  • Westwood-Studio City-Bevery Hills-Bel Air-Sherman Oaks (rich people and UCLA)
  • East LA (which is ghetto fabulous)
  • Venice (the beach, home to many struggling musicians who street perform)
  • Santa Monica (above Venice, more touristy, less weed)
  • Pacific Palisades/Malibu (holy shit, I did photography for a charity event here, let me tell you, you think Beverly Hills is rich? Those people ain’t got nothing on this neighbourhood)

Tourist Attractions include:

  • Hollywood Blvd which is actually in Hollywood (the walk of fame is here with the stars, El Capitan where all the Disney premieres are, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where other premieres are, Kodak Theatre now known as Dolby Theatre is here, Jimmy Kimmel Live is filmed here)
  • Disneyland which is actually not Los Angeles at all and is in Anaheim which is about 45 minutes away from LA without traffic—with traffic, you’re fucked for two hours
  • Universal Studios which is off the 101 above Hollywood and next to Studio City
  • Our infinite amount of beaches. If you want to go to a beach, I recommend Newport or Laguna because they’re a lot cleaner and prettier but Santa Monica/Venice/Huntington have more tourist stuff
  • You technically are not legally allowed to go to the Hollywood sign because it is private property. Any shady tour bus that tells you it’s taking you there is probably planning on stealing your money and murdering you coldblooded.

Also, I’m publishing this because I’m proud of my lovely descriptions of LA as a resident.

EDIT: OH! I FORGOT ONE MORE THING. Almost nothing is filmed in Hollywood. Every studio is in Studio City or Burbank. They’re lying to you. Warner Bros, Disney, etc.

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Why does Derek have heat vision? I just... that's a reptilian thing not a wolf thing. And that plus the memory thing and the accelerated healing, wow alphas got it made. I kinda miss the basic wolf powers and not these random extra flashy features. It's like 3D on a movie that really, really doesn't need it.

Lmao, I agree. It seems like werewolves are robots Jeff Davis can upgrade whenever he feels like it.

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i hate the fact that everyone in this fandom worship sterek, like they've been in a room for 5/10 minutes and everyone is reading too much into that

Yeah, it’s sad. There are so many other ships to appreciate as well. As much as I love Sterek, I do agree. I don’t like that other pairings get pushed aside (especially canonical pairings). But Sterek does have the biggest fanbase, and because of sheer numbers alone, the loudest voice.

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Tumblr has this weird boner for insecurity, and if you're not being self deprecating, or saying that you're awesome in a way that's clearly facetious, you're automatically a self absorbed egomaniac. I think the only person who needs to check themselves here is the one hiding behind anonymous just to give people shit for no apparent reason.

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I don't ship Jennifer with Derek, I don't like it but I don't mind it. The way I see it is, if Sterek does happen, and that's a pretty big IF, I see Derek's relationship with Jennifer as a stepping stone for him to be ready for Stiles. Just like how I wanted Heather to be for Stiles. Sterek might not be end game, but I'll take them to being the best of friends.

I’m not holding out on Sterek becoming canon. For me, I’m completely content with making graphics, reading fanfiction, and cooing over them in my imagination. I don’t need things to be canon to ship it. That’s just me though.

I totally get you. Not everyone has to ship Jennifer/Derek. Not everyone has to ship Sterek. People don’t have to ship anything in fact. But to be quite honest, I just hate that she gets so much hate because she’s a girl. If Derek had a male love interest that wasn’t Stiles, we’d be all over that shit.

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I actually just made a post about the Threefold Death and its ties to Norse Mythology, which could very easily explain Stiles knowing about it. I'm from California as well, and we dabbled in Norse mythology in I think 10th grade, as part of the curriculum, and I, myself, became extremely interested in it and read far beyond what is necessary to learn for school, so the idea that Stiles just casually knew the Threefold isn't actually that odd, he probably just did what I did.

Yes! I’ve read your post. For others, click here. Very interesting.

Yeah, I completely agree with you. I’ve had various instances where I’ve had to study some sort of mythology (whether it’s Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc.) in school too.

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But when did Stiles learn about the threefold death though.. he didn't have time to research it and immediately was between being at the loft going to Lydia's after the body and then the hospital unless he used his phone he had to have found it while researching werewolves before maybe, hmm

He seems like the kinda guy to know random facts about the weirdest shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew about it before he actually encountered it. A lot of people are interested in mythology actually.

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what's hoechlin like?

Incredibly polite and nice. Smiliest person ever. He shook my friend’s hand first and when he turned to me, I blanked out. The way he shook our hands though was ag;lkwjer;lkaejwr. He grasped my one hand with two of his. I keep reliving the moment over and over again in my head lol.

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i just want to remind everyone that it is possible to ship sterek and not be a hateful person and bitter about the storyline this characters will go through on the desire of the creator and writer of the show.

Oh totally! I ship Sterek as well. I just think certain shippers start to feel really entitled and expect things to go their way. In reality, Jeff gave the perfect answer–shows aren’t written by the fans.