My first vlog~

Okay so, this video starts with me being awk and just happy and it progresses to me becoming really emotional, like, I’ve never cried on a video before, and I was going to edit it out, but, it has a very emotional attachment to me and what I’m like and what I’m about, so. If everyone could give me feedback or like this if you watched it, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Trigger Warning: I talk about depression, eating disorders, abuse, and suicide in this video. 

Love you guys.


I don’t normally do these, but I really wanted to this year since I turned 18. The bottom left selfie is 4 ½ years old, and the modeling ones above are 3 ½. The middle ones kind of amazed me, I did the same thing 3 years later without even knowing. And I don’t look like I aged a day in my selfie. That’s growth done right. c;

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