me: There are just so many amazing female musicians in this world and they are just so beautiful inside and out.

taylor swift: aww thank y-



I wasn’t born in Ohio. I was born in Haiti. My mom moved us here when I was one. I was the only black kid in our town. Everyone wanted me to be good at basketball, but I sucked. I’m allergic to peanuts. I have a really bad sense of direction. My mom killed herself when I was twelve. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I’ve never been to Europe. I’m afraid of heights. Someday, I want a dog, but not from a breeder… the pound.


reasons why I love a certain mushroom: 3. She’s hard working

“Tiffany cannot lead in dancing or anything but she knows her weakness well, and to improve…for example if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two more hours. So yeah, I was envious of her hard working spirit.” -Yuri