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I’m really angry about the terrible story line with Pennsatucky in Season 5. I was really hoping that they wouldn’t continue on with her getting close again with that piece of shit rapists, but instead they had her falling in love with them and ended the season with them being all domesticated. This is so wrong on so many levels and such an insult.. The show has had some many great stuff going and the writers decided to do this bullshit. Plus this really ruins Pennsatucky as a character. She had grown so much before since late in Season 2. I feel so insulted that the writers would put out this bullshit on the show. The only way they can make this right is by having Pennsatucky see Coates for the piece of shit that is and remember what he did to her. In fact i have a feeling that he’s gonna do something to set her off (i.e. hit her). Of course i really hope that this will cause Pennsatucky to finally snap, attack Donuts, tie him up in a bed and burn him to death. I really would love to see this happen, because it’s long overdue that bastard pay for what he did to her. I want to see it happen as early as possible in Season 6, because i do not want to see any more of them being lovely dovey.

First Impressions -- Act Four

I suppose these aren’t really first impressions anymore since I’ve had an hour to think about them, but here we go anyway.

That was completely phenomenal. I feel so proud and happy, especially of Theo. Samuel was tearing up at curtain call and he just looked so overwhelmed with joy.

I love the interplay between Thomas and James a lot. They have some hilarious little moments that just work so well. I also love how Thomas is with Rakie. They just glow as a couple. It’s beautiful.

Scorbus is real. I don’t really know what else to tell you. There were some truly unnecessary hugs in Godric’s Hollow, and in the penultimate scene, when Albus said ‘Better ask Rose if it’s the right thing to do’, he walked his fingers up Scorpius’s outstretched arm. Also, when Rose showed up, Scorpius started patting Albus on the shoulders like 'we’re just bros being bros, this is what bros do, we’re totally chill and not at all being awkward and talking about how you pity me’, but it just wasn’t the sort of thing you start doing when the girl you fancy appears. Not at all. Oh, and in the slow mo transition into one of the church scenes, Scorpius started waving at Albus like it had been ages since they saw each other and he’d missed him.

Theo is going to be really funny. He was tonight. He had some brilliant little moments. When they couldn’t understand the station master he stepped back and gestured to Scorpius like 'you deal with this because I cannot’. And when they were hiding from Bathilda he sort of leant against the wall and attempted to look super casual. Also he started laughing when Scorpius said he thought he might make the Quidditch team eventually. Apparently he has zero confidence in Scorpius’s Quidditch abilities. And most importantly, he nailed the pigeon racing line.

James Howard was great in all his scenes. Some super cute moments between him and Samuel. Also I like him with Jamie. Great farmer’s market line. Also, I think he handed Scorpius Delphi’s wand? He definitely did something, but Scorpius was looking at his hands like he’d just received something amazing and terrifying in equal measure.

Jamie. Jamie Jamie Jamie. I just enjoyed him. He got more shouty and angsty as it went along. The scene in Harry’s office will be great, and I loved how he listened to Dumbledore. He was fantastic during the Transfiguration part. The opening Incendio of the duel was bang on. And the last scene was sweet as hell. Just lovely.

Ginny gave Albus an extra hug after the initial one when they arrived in Godric’s Hollow.

I adore Rakie. I think she’s great.

April and Rupert were absolutely wonderful as Lily and James, and I loved the interaction between Lily and Albus. Albus started off hiding, but then walked out when he saw the blanket, like he couldn’t resist, and Lily waved back at him in confusion when he waved to her.

Annabel was on fire. Even John Tiffany thought so. She was simply incredible. Absolutely came alive as evil Delphi at the height of her powers.

Honestly, I just love everyone. This show is in safe hands. I feel so confident in every one of these cast members. I had so much fun tonight. And everyone is so sweet at stage door.

I was talking to Sonia at stage door, and she was saying that she’s in the business of creating families. A cast is a family. And this is a really wonderful family who have so much time ahead to bond and grow. They’re going to be, already are, amazing.

Watch this space for a full recap once I gather my thoughts and stop flailing!


Tyler Joseph X Reader (a lil bit of brother Josh)

Request: reader has massive crush on Tyler and one day he’s hanging out with this girl and he seems to stop talking to reader and reader confronts Tyler about it only to have her heart shattered in some way ;)

A/N: just so it’s a little easier to read, the italicized part in the middle is a flashback, the bold and italicized is the reader’s thoughts as it replays thru her head. Also just btw this is a fic i have written before, i just changed a bit of it and added a shit ton of things to it. I saw this request and i saw really thought this fic matched. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! PLS REBLOG

Warnings: mention of depression, thoughts of suicide, being hospitalized, etc.

Journal Entry 1

Here’s the thing. I’ve been best friends with Tyler Joseph for forever. I remember knowing him ever since I started walking. I started to fall in love with him when we were in high school. He’s perfect. How could I not fall for him? His perfect chocolate hair, those dreamy cocoa eyes, his beautiful angelic voice that makes me melt inside. He was talented, good looking, and had the kindest heart. He always stood up for me. Whenever I was dumped, had a fight with my friends, he was always there, comforting me. Falling in love with him was practically inevitable. My parents always thought we’d end up together. But why would he settle for me? He could snatch up any girl he wanted. He’s in a famous band, he’s good looking, and talented. I’m always going to only be his best friend. What was I thinking? Why did I ever think that I’d have a chance with him? Maybe the fact that I’ve always been there for him? I don’t know… Maybe I should stick it out a few more years… For now we’re just… buddies I guess… I don’t think I’m cut out for this anymore.

I shut my journal tightly, falling into my bed sighing. I hated myself for falling in love with my best friend. I hated seeing him with other girls. He’d always choose them over me, and I always had to pretend like I didn’t care at all. Over the years, we had developed a tradition of having movie nights every Friday night. I can’t tell you how many times he has cancelled on me because he met some beautiful girl a couple years back. He didn’t even have the decency to call me. He would always just send me a text, saying that he’d have to cancel. I knew what he meant. I knew that he was getting tired of me, and I didn’t want to believe it. For a long time I’ve been trying my hardest to get him wrapped around my finger, but nothing ever worked. He didn’t think of me that way. He never will.

I grabbed a pillow and covered my face. I screamed into it, frustrated at my heart and mind. I looked over at my clock. It was only 5 PM. Tyler is supposed to come over in half an hour. I scoffed, assuming he’d cancel on me again because he was with her or something.

Luckily, he didn’t cancel. I heard a knock on the door and quickly went to get it. “Hey!” I said, giving him a hug. He returned it, but quickly pulled away. He walked into my house, slamming the door shut behind him. He was obviously upset for some reason, and I had a hunch of what it could possibly be.

“You okay?” I ask, cautiously making my way over to him. He’s been in a committed relationship for a while now. It hurt my heart to support him, but he was happy. I didn’t want to be the reason he ended up single, and it felt pointless to tell him the truth now.

“No, I’m not okay! I’m upset because Tiffany is angry at me for spending so much time with you!” he exclaimed, slamming his hand on the wall. “She called it off with me today.”

I shot him a glare.

“Excuse me? You haven’t been spending nearly as much time with me as before. Ever since she came along, you’ve been blowing me off for months. So she needs to calm the fuck down!”

This was a repeated pattern in their relationship. She would get angry at him because of me, when quite frankly, we’ve been growing apart. She would break things off, and he would come screaming to me about everything, and then he’d take it out on me because he was angry. I really wish that he’d realize that she doesn’t deserve him. I would always get hopeful that he’d come to me because he realized he was in love with me too, but it was always because he was alone again. She was beautiful, I was always just too stubborn to admit it. The minute he met her, she had him hooked. Something I never knew how to do. Every attempt I’ve ever made has failed, and I’m hoping that if I can hold out for a few more years, we could finally work out.

Tyler looked at me with piercing eyes. “Look I’m sorry for cancelling so many times, but I don’t want to lose her! She means everything to me, and you know that!” he retorted.

I looked down at the floor, tears filling my eyes.

“And what about me? You’d be okay with losing me? I’ve been here for you for years and all you can say to me right now is that she’s your world? Holy shit, Tyler! It’s like you don’t even care about me anymore!” I choked out. “You always come to me to complain about Tiffany, and it’s all you can ever talk about! You never take the time to ask me how I’m doing anymore!” I said, my voice growing with every word.

Tyler looked at me, his eyes softening.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I know! I’ve been a dick lately. I’m sorry. I just… Tiffany is different than any other girl I’ve ever dated. She’s just so perfect, and she’s so out of my league. I just don’t want to lose her. Please understand.”

He started walking towards me, and I backed up. I always ended up forgiving him, when he clearly didn’t deserve it. I never could help myself when he embraced me. I felt safe in his arms, and he always gave me the warmest hugs.

Those were the arms I grew up in. Every time I had a bad day, his arms would be open to me. I could always go to him, but lately, he’s been too busy with his girlfriend.

That brings me to the next point. Tiffany hates me. I never did anything to her, but support her relationship with Tyler.  Whenever Tyler invited me to the movies with him and her, she would shoot me death glares when he wasn’t looking. She’s “playfully” slapped me a couple times when he was out of the room. She called me names, and she’d always tell me that he was going to forget me when he left on tour with her. I was upset, but I never did anything back because I knew she’d tell Tyler about it, and he always took her side. He was never with me on anything anymore. Tyler doesn’t know the way she bullies me. He probably wouldn’t believe me if I told him. Tyler thought Tiffany was an angel sent from above, but in reality, she was Satan’s mistress in disguise.

“I understand, Tyler. I do. But I just don’t know how much more I can take of you blowing me off, and you and her fighting because I’m apparently a threat to her. She knows how our relationship works and if she can’t handle it, then I don’t know what to tell you because you’re my best friend, Tyler. And I’m not going to let her take you away, but you have to make an effort to stay in my life, too.” I said.

I started pushing him away as he tried to give me a hug. “Please don’t.”

Tyler frowned at me, stopping in his tracks. “I really am sorry… Please forgive me?”

I looked up at the ceiling, trying to prevent my tears from escaping. “I don’t know, Tyler. I’ve been trying to be strong with all these complications, but maybe I’m just not as tough as I thought I was.”

I knew that I shouldn’t have said anything. I shouldn’t have gotten so offended. I should’ve just sucked it up and held back my feelings. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I blew up. I can only take so much before breaking down.

Tyler looked towards me with concerned eyes. “What is that supposed to mean, (Y/N)?”

I looked down at my feet, the tears finally escaping my eyes and hitting the floor. I didn’t say anything.

Tyler looked at me, his eyes looking like they could light a fire. “Well? What does that mean?” he asked again, his voice growing in frustration.

“It means what it means, alright?! Look I think you should just go. Good luck with Tiffany. I hope I didn’t ruin the only good thing that came into your life.” I replied, a little too harshly. But at this point, I didn’t care. I grabbed his arm and pushed him out the door. I slammed it shut and locked it, finally breaking down. I slid down the door, hiding my head in my knees. He was completely oblivious to my feelings. It was like I was a nobody.

As much as I wanted Tyler to leave, he wouldn’t. He kept banging on my door, shouting my name.

“Come on, (Y/N), open up. Let’s talk about this. Please.”

“What is there to talk about it, Tyler?” I croak.

“I don’t know, this? What did you mean… ? I’m worried…”

I laugh to myself and shook my head.

“Oh, now you’re worried? That’s absolutely wonderful. What about all the other times I needed you? Those days when I was at my lowest? Where were you then?”

I ended up getting so angry that I finally opened the door, meeting Tyler’s concerned eyes with my own rage-filled ones. My eyes were beginning to get blurry as the tears kept flowing down my face.

Tyler looked at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about.

“That’s right. You were too damn busy with Tiffany to know that I had relapsed with my depression. You were too busy with her to realize that I had to be sent to the hospital so I could be watched because Josh was so worried about me being alone. You didn’t even realize that he was the one who was visiting me in the hospital all those weeks I was there because you didn’t have time. So don’t go telling me that you are worried! Because you never actually are!” I screamed.

“Now, get off my porch.” I say as sternly as I can without faltering.

“Wait, (Y/N), this isn’t fair. You can’t just lay that all on me and then tell me that I don’t care? I do care! You know that. We grew up together. I’m always going to care for you-” he starts to say.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you’re the same guy I grew up with all those years. That guy wouldn’t have ever ignored me like you are doing now. You literally only care now because Tiffany isn’t with you. So please, do as I ask and get off my porch. I don’t want to see you right now, and I don’t want to talk to you.” I say as I fold my arms.

Tyler takes a step closer and I step back.

“LEAVE!” I shout. I start to push him repeatedly until he was a ways away from me. “JUST GO AWAY!” I kept saying. I had reached my breaking point. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I needed to get away from it all. I had to.

Tyler frowns at me and gets in his car and gives me a concerned look before he drives away. I wipe at my eyes and walk back into my house, quickly gathering some of my things before leaving to stay at a motel outside of town.

I text Josh to let him know what happened, and that I was leaving town for a couple days. He simply tells me to think things over before making any rash decisions. I agree to his terms and stop messaging him, deciding to write a letter to Tyler before plopping down on the bed in the motel, closing my eyes. Flashes of the day he met her starting going through my head like a plague.

“Josh, have you seen Tyler around?” I ask loudly due to the loud music that was playing at the after party a friend hosted for the launch of their new album.

“No, I haven’t…” he lied. He had a guilty look on his face, and I had been friends with him long enough to know when he lies.

“Josh…” I say again.

(Josh knew how much I liked Tyler. There were several instances when he would try to help set us up, but it never quite worked out the way we wanted it to. We had gotten close, and to be honest I don’t remember why it didn’t ever work. Either way, I knew he was trying to protect me from seeing things, but I didn’t care. I needed to talk to Tyler. I needed to tell him how I felt. Maybe that’s why I felt like it was my fault for letting him go. I never told him. And I was too late. Someone else already had him around her finger.)

He sighed and shook his head.

“I don’t think you want to go over there… I tried to stop him…”

“Josh I need to tell him. Where is he?” I say louder.

Josh looks at me with apologetic eyes and points in the direction Tyler is.

I look over, and to my disbelief I saw him dancing with another girl. And he was definitely getting cozy with her. I even saw him sneak in a couple of small pecks to the cheek and neck.

(I should’ve trusted Josh. I shouldn’t have looked. That probably would’ve saved me a lot of heartache. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to tell him how I felt at a party. I don’t know why the hell I didn’t tell him any sooner.)

I quickly maneuver through the crowd and walk outside, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. It felt like it was shattering inside of me, the emotional pain making it hard to breathe.

(Tears were welling in my eyes again, as I started to remember the part that was coming up next. It was like the whole entire world decided to conspire against me all in one day.)

As my phone rang, I managed to grab it out of my pocket before the session timed out.

“Hello…?” I answered in between breaths.

“Hi, is this (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” a woman replied.

“Yes… who is this?” I asked, concern filling my voice.

“My name is Rebekah, I’m a nurse at St. Mark’s Hospital… I’m calling to let you know that your parents have been in a very serious accident, and the impact was too great… they died shortly after they were taken to the hospital for treatment… ”

I hung up the phone before falling to my knees in the middle of the sidewalk. Rain started pouring down on me and I looked up at the sky, screaming into what seemed like an endless, dark abyss.

(At this point all I remember is seeing Tyler leave the venue with that girl, and Josh was the one coming to comfort me. He was the man who introduced me to Tyler. He was the one my parents relied on to take care of me when they were gone. He was like my brother. He was always protective of me and he came to my rescue that night. Not the man I wanted to come. The next thing I knew was being taken to the hospital where I had to see my dead parents, lying on the table. Honestly, I must’ve shut out a lot from that night because everything’s a blur.)

I looked at the tables that held my parents, body numb from the pain and anxiety. I stood over them, thinking to myself that their daughter has outlived them. And that was something that no child ever wanted to hear. I didn’t know how to react. I stared at them as if they would come back to life and tell me that it was all just a sick joke.

All I wanted was to be embraced by the arms of the man I loved. The same man who broke my heart tonight. But nothing happened. I ended up being carried by Josh back to the car, and into his house. He put me down on his bed, and tucked me in, as he went to sleep on the couch.

(I don’t think I got an ounce of sleep that night. I remember just staring at the ceiling, losing myself in the process. I became unresponsive in the morning, probably due to all the emotional stress I had gone through that night. I was taken to the hospital and was let out one day to attend the funeral that Tyler ended up paying for because he felt so sorry for my loss.)

I stood under the black umbrella that Josh held up for me. I stared at the two caskets that were being lowered six feet under, side by side. A hand squeezed my shoulder firmly and I knew in an instant that it was Tyler. I looked up from the ground and gave him a small smile, even though I could see that girl was on his arm. I quickly look away from him and pull my jacket closer, walking out from under the umbrella to throw my flowers in with the caskets.

I open my eyes and grab my phone, seeing 16 missed calls from Tyler and a whole lot of voice messages. I delete every one of them and throw my phone back down on the bed, wishing my mom was here to give me advice. Wishing that my dad was here to hold me in his arms and tell me that it was going to be okay. But they were gone.

I curl into a ball and hide my head, only to be disturbed by a knock on the door a few moments later. I groan in exhaustion, slowly getting up from the bed. I walk to the door and look through the peephole, seeing Josh on the other side. I sigh in relief and open the door. I give him a small smile and step aside, letting him inside.

“How are you feeling…?” he asks quietly as he walks to the bed and sits down.

I shrug my shoulders and and sit down by him, picking at my nail polish.

“I wish I could answer that question. I want to be okay. But I don’t even know what okay is anymore.” I whisper. “I know it’s dumb to overreact so much, but I’m so tired of being ignored by him. I’m so tired of him pretending like it’s okay for him to take out his anger on me whenever she breaks things off with him. I’m tired of him acting like I don’t exist when she’s around.” I creak.

Josh sighs and looks at me lovingly, scooting over and gives me a tight squeeze.

“I know that it sucks. And I know how hard you’ve been trying. If I’m being honest, I really think you need to let him go. For your sake. I know how much you love and care for him, but he is only breaking you down more and more. And maybe, in time, things will finally work out between the two of you, but you need to take a break from him. You’re both my best friends, and I don’t want this to come between the two of you. Maybe you being away for a bit will make him realize that he is in love with you. I mean, to me I honestly think he does. I think he’s just too afraid to admit it to himself because he thinks that you deserve so much better than him. He may seem happy with Tiffany now, but I know for a fact that he would be so much happier with you. You just… get him. On a level that she doesn’t, may I add. Just… take a break. Go live with your best friend for a few months until you feel better enough to come home to us. Yeah…? I’m going to talk to Tyler. He’ll come to his senses eventually.” he smiles at me and kisses me on the top of the head.

“So as your ‘brother’, I say you take a break from us for a while. That’s my expert advice. I’ll keep you updated on the whole situation. I promise.”

“Thanks, Josh. That really means a lot. I think I’m going to take your advice and travel for a bit… I have a bunch of money saved up. If you think it’ll be good for me, I’ll go. I think it’ll be good for me too… but first, could you give this letter to Tyler after I leave…?” I ask quietly. I get up from the bed and walk to my purse, taking the envelope out from the pocket, handing it to Josh.

“I will. Don’t worry.” he says.

I gave him a nod and walked him to the door, giving him a tight hug before saying “see you later” for a few months.

Tyler’s POV

I opened the door after Josh knocked on it a few times.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I say silently, rubbing my face due to the events of this week.

“I came over to give you something.” he replies, holding up the envelope that had my name on it. I recognized the handwriting immediately. It was from (Y/N).

I took it slowly, scared of what I would find inside.

“Josh… I left her. For good. She was right… (Y/N) has been with me for years… and I thought about it a lot and I really was a jerk to her, wasn’t I…” I cough out. I shook my head in disbelief as I remembered all the dick moves I pulled on her. The many times I cancelled on her to be with Tiffany. How long it took me to realize that she was toxic… and that the person I truly wanted to be with… was about to leave me for real.

Josh sighed and gave me a broken expression.

“I’m glad you finally realized it, man. But you need to read this letter. I promised (Y/N) I would give it to you. I really hope things will finally be okay between the two of you after this.” he responds sternly. He pats my shoulder before leaving me alone with the letter in my hand.

I shut the door slowly and walk to the kitchen, grabbing a knife and opening it. I walk to the couch and take the paper out of the envelope, getting a whiff of the perfume I had bought her a few months ago for her birthday. I unfolded the paper and look at the beautiful handwriting that was waiting for me to read on the inside.


I know we’ve had our ups and downs lately. And I really wish that things would always be nice and smooth-sailing. But unfortunately, life has a way of making things hard on us for reasons we don’t understand. You’re my best friend, Ty. And you always will be. But here’s the truth: I’ve been in love with you since junior high. I was just too scared to say anything. And I regret it every day of my life. You and Josh started to get big, and I didn’t want to ruin anything. I was scared that if I said anything, that you would think differently of me. I was going to tell you that night. The night you met Tiffany. When I saw you with her, my heart shattered into a million pieces, and the death of my parents didn’t help.

But the thing is… I realized that I had been wasting so much time worrying about our relationship that I didn’t realize how far I was spiraling as far as my mental health goes. It’s kinda funny how the person you love can also be the person who breaks you the most.

I’m leaving town for a few months. Maybe even longer. I don’t know. I saved up a lot of money so I could travel, so I could come with you guys on tour. And I’m going to take this time to start over. I’m going to heal myself first before I try to salvage whatever is left of our relationship after today. I’m hoping that this trip of mine is going to help me open my eyes. I want it to clear my head.

This doesn’t mean I hate you, Tyler. Because god knows I could never hate you, even if you’ve put me through my own personal hell. This doesn’t mean goodbye. It means that I’m saying “see you later”. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anymore, because I do. And I always will.

This letter means that I don’t love you like I did yesterday.”

Forever and always,


I wanna wake up on a Monday morning with you. Too rushed to even speak, brief kisses on cheeks before running out the door forgetting my keys. I don’t know what I’m doing. 

I wanna wake up on a Tuesday morning with you. Hot coffee and messy hair, taking one too many minutes in the shower. You wore my jacket out the door today. It always looks nicer on you.

I wanna wake up on a Wednesday morning with you. Pretending the week is almost over even though its barely just begun, debating simple politics over breakfast foods you adore. You hold my hand as you eat cereal and I think I fall harder. 

I wanna wake up on a Thursday morning with you. Seven a.m. Ben Rector dance parties in our kitchen I spin you around one more time and you grin as I kiss you goodbye. 

I wanna wake up on a Friday morning with you. Early morning journaling as I lay against you. You hold me closer, remind me things I never thought I’d believe. 

I wanna wake up on a Saturday morning with you. Breakfast in bed, sleeping in way past nine but that’s alright because the only place we have to be is right here. 

I wanna wake up on a Sunday morning with you. To burrow my head in the crook of your neck, to kiss your tired forehead, to finally know what it feels like to be home.



// thoughts she took from my head and put into words

Bloody Hell

The whole “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” thing…..

If Alison is supposed to be Holly, and ‘A’ is supposed to be Paul Varjak.. then Ezra looks an awful lot like 'A’, doesn’t he? 

For those who are not familiar with this classic by now, Paul Varjak is Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn) neighbor. He’s a forgotten writer who hasn’t been published for years. Paul, nicknamed “Fred” after Holly’s brother, and Holly become very close as the story goes on, and Paul eventually develops long lasting feelings for her. But when Paul’s wife confesses to him that she thinks she is being followed, he investigates and finds deeper truths than he imagined. He learns that the person following his wife is in all reality, Holly’s husband Doc Golightly. Holly’s real name isn’t Holly, it’s Lula Mae Burnes, and her and her husband have been married since Holly was almost 14. Doc gives Holly an ultimatum asking her to move back home to Texas with him and she refuses, wanting to stay in New York City. They then separate and Holly sets her sights on a rich friend, Jose, which angers Paul. Holly and Jose begin their relationship but it hits a rough patch when Holly finds out that her brother, Fred, has died while in the Army. Holly lashes out destroying her apartment in grief and it frightens Jose. After this, Paul moves out of his apartment and separates himself for months until Holly invites him over for one last dinner, since her and Jose have plans to go to Brazil and be together. Only, Holly and Paul are both arrested for their connections to a drug ring and Holly ends up spending the evening in jail. The next morning once Holly has been bailed out by a friend she finds Paul awaiting her beside a Taxi with her cat and a letter from Jose explaining the end of their relationship. Holly is upset and insists on going to Brazil anyways and lets her cat out of the taxi, all the while Paul is confessing his love for her and begging for her to rethink her life and leaves her with an engraved ring and runs after the cat. She then runs after him and they kiss and live happily ever after.

If 'A’ is remaking this story and is acting as Paul and treating Alison as Holly, then what does that mean? What would be his motive? Love? Revenge? Hatred? 

Back when Ezra was still a suspect Mrs. Grumwald said that someone that has also touched one of the Liars is the one that Alison fears the most. That he’s the one who is looking for her and hoping one of the Liars would lead him in the right direction. Once Ezra’s name was cleared for only being a writer, I think everyone forgot about this little clue that Grumwald gave us. 

What if Ezra is Paul Varjak? A mysterious forgotten writer who hasn’t been published in years? In the film, Holly even gives Paul a typewriter as a gift. And we know that Marlene has hinted at the typewriter being an 'A’ clue and Ezra is the only character in possession of one that we’ve seen. 

Alison even says in “A is for Answers” that Ezra told her that she reminded him of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and that he said he was going to write a story about her..

I find this connection very, very intriguing. 

Ezra might not be Big A but he is certainly guilty of something. He has a hidden agenda. He knows more than he shows. 

The Cursed Child

I just finished reading The Cursed Child and I feel so betrayed. I’ve been avoiding spoilers and haven’t read any reviews so I have no idea how the majority of you feel but if you ask me my thoughts, they basically boil down to this: I’m gutted. I wasn’t really looking forward to The Cursed Child to begin with so I sort of did expect it to let me down but the script is an abomination. There are so many inconsistencies and SO MANY people have been excluded from the narrative (Remember Hagrid, Weasleys other than Ginny and Ron, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Teddy Lupin???) It reads like badly written fan fiction. A play script (which isn’t written by J.K.R) isn’t what a new HP story deserved. It isn’t what we, Harry Potter lovers, deserved. 

(MAJOR SPOILERS ahead): Maybe the title of the story should’ve been Harry Potter and Playing Around With Time Turners. Because that sums up the whole thing perfectly. And can we talk about what in the name of bullshit was this whole Voldemort’s child thing about and how absolutely RIDICULOUS it is??!! A baby born in Malfoy Manor and DRACO FREAKING MALFOY DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT IT? lolwut. Can we all just collectively bang our heads against a wall? The Bellatrix/Voldemort coupling thing is what fans have been writing about since forever– it feels like the canon narrative is ripped off of readers’ imagination. And can we talk about the queer-baiting please? It was absolutely maddening. CAN WE ALSO TALK ABOUT HOW RON WAS REDUCED TO THE MOVIE VERSION OF HIMSELF? That drove me to the edge! Ron Weasley, so important to the trio, serves only one purpose in The Cursed Child and that is to bring comic relief. Everyone else also felt like a caricature of their past selves (save for Draco Malfoy). While reading The Cursed Child there were moments where I forgot that Harry had other kids besides Albus. How convenient! And there are so many other things that I’m angry about, I can’t even begin to put them into words..

The Cursed Child was a mistake and maybe I’ll take a time turner, change the history and create a reality where it doesn’t exist. But for now, I refuse to accept it as part of the HP canon. 

you see she’s in a chaos
and you didn’t get it
she was open, an artwork,
maybe, your biggest opportunity
and you’re so much in a hurry.
that you decided to leave
and to never retrieve
the beauty of exploring this maze,
of chasing this race…
man, is this how you lost your faith?
—  Tiffany Ashlae Cayetano, is this how you lost your faith?
The Quietest Are Always The Craziest

Character: Taeyeon (SNSD)
Word count: 1428
Summary: Taeyeon asks the girls for a favour: “Will you try and find out if (Y/N) likes me?” | #fluff

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“Hey, girls?”

“Yes, unnie?”

“Can I ask you for a favour?”

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Make You Mine (Part 7) - Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : FWB!AU, fluff, slight smut, angst (?)

Word Count : 3K (I’m sorry)

Description : Only when you had lost Jungkook, someone you never ever want to lose, you realize how irresponsible you had acted. You want him back. You want to call him as a friend again and not someone who used to be that. You want him back. But what if it is already too late for you two? Can you possible find comfort in the arms of your best friend Taehyung instead? But is he really the one you want to be with in the end? 

previouspart VI | the end 


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